Atletico Madrid coach Diego SIMEONE on Boca vs. River: “A fantastic match”


Atletico Madrid coach Diego SIMEONE has spoken about the upcoming Copa Libertadores final involving Boca Juniors and River Plate.

SIMEONE is no stranger to the Superclasico, having coached River Plate in 2008 for one season. However, now coaching in Europe, SIMEONE gave his thoughts on the final. Speaking at a press conference in Madrid, here’s what SIMEONE had to say about it.

“As an Argentine, very happy because last season Lanus represented us in the final of the Libertadores and this year, it’s a repeat (of Argentine clubs) with Boca and River. It speaks very well of the grows that Argentine football has had the last few years. It’s very good for all Argentine’s.

“It will be a fantastic match, with a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of passion and hopefully in peace.”


  1. Its easier to comment from Outside(He didnt sya about the NT i know) than get inside and try to solve it by yourself Simeone. If there is one thing I respect about Sampaoli is that, He did put his career online and jumped into our Sinking Ship and supported the Nation and tried to keep the Hope of Millions.

    Well it didn’t go well at all, That’s another question. Who can predict future. No one.. Shit happens for everyone.

  2. Lautaro tamed a difficult ball which fell to Vecino who failed to score and then it fell to Icardi who was virtually invisible all game until he he used his chance.

    Gazzaniga also had a good game and is slowly getting more starts and will probably soon surpass the number of starts Romero and Rulli get for their clubs. Should be considered for the NT.

  3. Icardiiii….Such a beast. Nice work by Latauro leading to the goal.
    I forgot i am a Crazy Barca Fan. My Argentine Duo worked for that goal. I was jumping. Visca Barca.

  4. ” …. and hopefully in peace”

    we both know Diego that this wish is empty speaking.
    there is no such a thing like peace in those games.

    Especially now that we don t speak for just one simple championship game or Copa Argentina game.

    there is no anything bigger than that.

    in the last time we play game for Copa Libertadores in the chicken house of Bosteros
    some pigs of them throw pepper spray to our players and the game abandoned in half time.

    what we can expect now Diego? peace?

    no way my beloved Diego Simeone.

  5. Gazzinaga starts for Tottenham against PSV. A must win game for them.
    Lamela has been dropped as Ali returns from injury.
    Foyth was left out of the CL squad.
    Speaking of the superliga, I’m really excited at the possibility of Defensa actually winning the league. It would be a lot of welcome spotlight on guys who deserve it along with their coach.
    And Thiaga Almada, I believe could be our answer to Mbappe, Sancho, and Vicinius jr.

    • Defensa of Beccaecece with all his youngsters is going to be in Top 5. It’s pleasure to watch the team. Barboza, Lisandro Martinez, Miranda, Togni, Blanco – best of the team. While GK Ezequiel Unsain (2 years ago was close Olimpic Games) deserves to be considered as the fourth from Superliga after Armani, Andrada, Herrera to consider. Scaloni and Samuel were on the stadium yesterday and call up for some Defensa player is not hard to imagine thesedays. Defensa, Talleres and Velez are the teams depending so much on youngsters. Talleres and Velez already got call ups (next are possible) so why not Defensa… However yesterday mostly Velez was the dominatig side.

      Almada, De La Vega and Matias Palacios – the youngest big prospects.
      Almada was playing strange false 9 position yesterday.

      • Almada needs to continue playing there since Velez don’t have a decent striker.
        And Gazzanigga has already been beaten in 2 minutes.
        Speaking of Velez talent, what on earth is happening with Romero at PSV.

      • Oh yeah Defensa are fantastic! It’s really heart breaking what happened to them in copa sud. I keep saying that Barboza deserves to be in the NT while Licha Martinez and Miranda should be watched because if they keep up their form till the end of the season then they should be called up, infact Licha Martinez is far more deserving of a call up than Foyth IMO.

        Gonzalo quote:
        [Defensa, Talleres and Velez are the teams depending so much on youngsters]

        Don’t forget Estudiantes Gonzalo, they have interesting young prospects like Pelligrini.

        • Yes, Mamoun I remeber very well Estudiantes: Pourtau, Mura, Colombo, Ayala, Ivan Gomez, Cejas, Pellegrini, Erquiaga, Apaolaza, Lucas Rodriguez, Cascini – number of talents. I just want to say Defensa, Velez and Talleres are depending more on youngsters than Estudiantes when it comes to starting eleven.

        • Licha Martinez is playing exactly everywhere in midfield. I saw him as CB, LB and RB. He might be called up as Tagliafico sub.

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