Argentina to play Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Peru in U20 Sudamericano


The draw has been made for the U20 Sudamericano (South American Youth Cup) and Argentina’s opponents in the group stage have been known.

Argentina have been drawn in Group B alongside Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador and Peru. Group A will consist of Chile (the hosts), Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia and Venezuela. The tournament will take place between January 17 and February 10 of next year.

Teams finishing in the top four will qualify for the 2019 FIFA U20 World Cup which will take place in Poland. The top three teams will also qualify for the 2019 Pan American Games.

Qualification for the 2020 Summer Olympics will take place in the Pre-Olympic tournament to be held in 2020 to determine who will make it to the summer games.

Argentina will play their opening match on January 20 against Paraguay. The second match will come on January 22 against Ecuador. Two days after that on January 26 they will play against Uruguay before finishing the group on January 26 against Peru.


  1. Isn’t Scaloni the coach we all dreamed off? He calls the inform players. The freaking inform players in their respective clubs. Which is logically the perfect thing. He called Gazzaniga. Wow.

    Let’s find a dependable Goal Keeper for us. Romero, Armani, Andrada, Gazzaniga, Rulli Bring on the competition.Let’s up the Goal keeping department. He know it’s the weak point of us finally someone who acknowledges that. Damnnn

    On Player selection Scaloni is 10 out of 10.

    • At least, after a decade, a coach shrugged of stubbornness and calling the in form players to check out whether they suit or not. For the last few years i never seen an Argentina NT coach giving opportunities to young guys. Kudos to scaloni. Hope for the best outcome.

    • I aint that excited and the difference is down to preferences. Right now, i see many prioritizing calls ups over tactical aptitude. The NT can have all the right inform players but the results will be poor if a coach isn’t able to solidify an identity. So far, scaloni has not performed to a level that gives me confidence. We were pretty bad against the only strong teams. 30% – 40% possession, tons of missed passes, tons of backwards passing, very little service to our strikers. our midfield looked lost Lo Celso, Dybala, Icardi are all suffering as a result. The defense looks great but a he should be able to focus on the entire team at once.

      i do love the call ups but i’m more concerned with tactics. Unless its Messi or Aguero, any call ups might have marginal returns. Time to see what Scaloni can do offensively.

    • I’m torn by this. Unless he impresses in a major way, he won’t get the minutes. On the flip side, hell develope at one of worlds best clubs and get exposure to the highest competition. With this said, I think Id rather see him start off in another club.

  2. Superclassico final put Argentina
    football On the map again
    In Europe they ‘re keeping
    Talking about that game
    I hope they play entertaining
    Football not fighting and kicking
    Each other i hope palacios montiel
    Pity and povon all have great game

    • football is not theater too in same time my friend.
      we are not English or western European either.

      football without passion is soup.
      i don t say we should fight till blood come out but i don t want we arrive be Europeans too.

      the best way in my opinion is one balance between those two.
      anyway my friend.

      i hope too we will have one very entertaining and great game
      and in the end ….. River wins hihihi πŸ™‚

    • It will be nervous tactical affair with teams trying to avoid mistakes rather than take the game to the opponent. Champions league finals are never entertaining. It will be the same here.

  3. This will be the best counter attack team vs Brazil

    ####Joaquin Correa
    Ocampos#########PITY MARTINEZ

    • Sub:




    • Joaquin Correa still need to be more consistent and diversify his style in order to be part of the starting 11 even though I like very much his profile. I won’t use him as 9 because he’s more an inverted winger who need freedom. I believe De Paul is currently a better option. Ocampos, as a winger, I find him average but appreciate his fighting spirit. He could be used as Icardi’s sub. I am always a big fan of Pity but honestly, Vazquez is really on fire with Sevilla. Hard to ignore his recent performance. There is also Lamela’s come back plus Dybala and Icardi.

      Otherwise it’s a good lineup.

    • @Richard, old horses did play a part in Lo Celso’s world cup outster… shame on those old idiots… lost us a good world cup chance. Hope these old horses don’t come near NT anymore.

      • > shame on those idiots

        The only shame is from dumbass supporters that say stupid shit like what you just said. Shame on stupid supporters. Ill still wait for explanation.

      • I will never call anyone who plays for the NT ‘Idiot’, a failure or any other name.
        People who do that are simply not supporters of the NT.
        WE only can offer our opinion tactically, not personally.
        All the Players ( young or old, Seniors and fresh) deserve our utmost respect.
        That’s what you call a TRUE SUPPORTER.

          • You know my friend, It’s a shame when some one does not get behind the team, regardless of who plays. If the coach makes a decision, sometimes wrong sometimes right, WE have to support the players, because at the end, it was their choice and their love of the country that made them play, no one force them to accept the call up to play for their country. THEY ALL PLAY BECAUSE THEY LOVE THE COUNTRY. Example: Messi could play for Spain, Higuain could play for France, Icardi could play for Italy. But they chose Argentina, and they all could win European and world cup trophies if they did not play for argentina, but they rather play for Argentina, yet some non appreciating individuals are calling them failures and idiots. Go figure.

      • > Well Sampaoli had no choice, he had no power and the only thing we can blame is he had no ball to say no to those senior guys.

        Are you really blaming players because Lo Celso didn’t play?

        • Yeah, of course. When you have people believe that Lo celso did not play because he passed the ball between Messi’s legs, You might have people believe that he did not play because his left nut was swollen and got bigger than his right, which got in the way of him running at full speed. I read that on some blog on the net, it must be true, hey it’s there on the net, can’t you see that?

          • Well star players have power and coach is not the only one who decide , even several former Man United players claimed that Roy Keane took the final decisions on the team.

          • @canadienroyal
            WE are talking about a club and a national team, 2 different atmospheres.
            The seniors of the NT had given it all, just for some fans to discredit and paint a bad image of the players, and many just get behind the wagon.
            you said, many players ‘claimed’, claiming is not a given fact. any one can ‘claim’ but is it a reliable source?
            Our issue is not MU here, but the actual meaning of ‘claimed’ I don’t care if it happened or not at MU.
            But for the NT I will not just keep quite when someone hurt the morals of the players. give me one ‘Reliable Source’ that proves your ‘claims’ of the stars running the show.
            Again, rational,logical thinking, proves otherwise.
            Until someone who is credible and from the inner circle of the NT, -and not such tabloid or non reliable media pundit- comes out and say it loud and clear, I will stand by my players, regardless of the names.
            ALL past players and coaches, said the opposite, but some still are full of hate towards certain players. I tell those guys just to STOP SPREADING WHAT YOU HEAR OR READ and think wisely before judging. PLEASE don’t hurt the moral of the NT ANYMORE.

        • @canadienroyal

          what does Roy Keane have fuck all to do with you making the claim that the Arg senior players prevented Lo Celso from playing? Wheres is your proof? If you don’t have it, admit youre making up bullshit and don’t further spread lies.

          • @canadienroyal

            How many matches Lo Celso played for the NT?
            7 matches, right?
            how consistent was he for the NT- I don’t care how plays for his club- If that is your criteria, then all the seniors have to stay in the NT because they all play very good for their clubs.
            WE all know that Lo celso have not been consistent in his form. So maybe, just maybe, Sampaoli did not give him time to play brcause of that, did you ever think of that possibility?
            Same goes for Dybala, WE were all asking why Sampaoli did not let Dybala play? now people should know why, how consistent and effective Dybala was for the NT in the last matches?
            The truth is right their, in front of people, but they choose not to see it.

      • to refresh your memory little Sampaoli lost the dressing rooms of team after game with Croatia when the idiotic choices of Sampaoli make them make “coup”
        to save what could be saved back then.

    • He has more playing time now. I hope the lazio coach realize that he is the only player who can make the difference by his pace and dribble. But still need to learn on playing with others. Sometimes play too solo.

  4. AcuΓ±a is starting as left- back for Sporting. He’s been playing in that position more often for his club which can only be a good thing for us, to make him a more adequate backup to Tagliafico.

      • Celso had a great game but he needs to be more consistent with his performances because while he’s been excellent in the europa league he’s very inconsistent in la liga, blowing hot ( vs celta) and cold (vs Getafe). Caseres also had an excellent game with Villareal and having such young, talented midfielders can only mean good things for Argentina.

        • @Mamoun,
          Agree with you. At times, Lo Celso is a bit reluctant to press and the game easily moves away from him. I think with time, his coach will convince him to work harder.
          And Caseres is just a pleasure to watch. Such an stylish player.

          • To be honest imtiaz I think it’s the opposite, I think Gio over works himself and then goes into following match exhausted. I think this is what happened following his MOTM performance against AC milan, he gave it all he had and then had nothing in the tank for the Celta game, but it’s nothing to worry about since he’s still 21yrs and has lots of time to grow and learn to pace himself.

            Agree with you on Caseres, truly a ball moving DM, reminds me of Busquets abit.

      • As an added bonus, J. Correa can also switch flanks during transition. Somebody
        here (i forgot his name) compared him to Liverpool’s Firmino a few months ago. I think he was right.

    • Now let’s hope betis can stay in Liga for long. This team is full of great talents: Tello, Canales, Bartra, Carvalho, Guadrado and Lo Celso, play great football but cannot much occasion. Need a striker for the finish.

      • I’ve just checked La Liga point table: 14 – Real Betis, 15 – Valencia, 16 – Villareal πŸ˜‹ I think all three will stay in La Liga in the end. Betis and Villareal both struggle to finish off their chances. Both of them are great to watch.

  5. Would be best if the team for Sudamericano was the same as the winning team from COTIF. Team cohesivness over stars participance.

    Pourtau, Mura, Balerdi, Avila, Pereyra, Ayala, Almendra, Moreno, Gaich/Colidio, Barreal, Maroni – were the starters.

    Problem is that after the winning tournament Balerdi, Pereyra, Almendra, Gaich, Barreal and Maroni changed status from reserve team players (who are easily accesible for NT) into players that are getting regularly some minutes in Superliga. So now they will not so easily accesible.

    We have also other interesting options: Almada (17 yo), De La Vega (17yo), Matias Palacios (16 yo), Maxi Lovera, Matias Pellegrini, Benjamin Garre, Alexander Diaz, Francisco Ortega, Alan Marinelli, Ivan Erquiaga, Tomas Chancalay, Cristian Ferreira, Agustin Obando, Aaron Molinas, Leonel Rivas, Julian Carranza…

    But still I think the players from COTIF should have priority.

    • Man from where do you keep info about all these young players ? Your research is quite appreciable ,we in India don’t have much acccess to argentine football news because of language barrier ,so I want to thank you for giving us info through mundo
      Bdw I have been a supporter of Argentina since 2006 and it is very much disheartening that we haven’t achieved a single trophy for such a long period (last was 91 I guess correct me if I am wrong ) ,I hope that we can win copa this time which looks difficult because of less preparation and past poor management of afa and what we lack now is quality creative midfielder like riquelme and attack minded lb and rb who can defend along with fast influential wingers

      • “Man from where do you keep info about all these young players ? Your research is quite appreciable ,we in India don’t have much acccess to argentine football news because of language barrier”

        Munawar Choudhury
        I understand the barriers and see there’s a lot of interest from India about the deepest level of Argentina football not only the well accesible one from Europe.

        My knowledge is actually updating everyday and seriously only problem is sometimes to impose time limitations to myself on digging in backyards of Argentina football πŸ˜› It’s addiction no doubt. I mean: watching sometimes full game of reserve Argentina league is real exagerration πŸ™‚

  6. U20 is important, during 90s till early 2000s, Pekerman did a great job and we can see after he left, no more new genius generation. Some are talented but no team spirit or no discipline or few tactical sense. We need someone who can educate the young players.

  7. Off topic :- I love Uruguay management ….they are playing Brazil and France in the national break…..good opponents to test their young talents like valverde, torreira, bentancur etc…..
    I m not saying that argentina is not playing against quality opponent….but my point is playing against top 5 European countries the young players have the best chance to make a name for themselves and to get a big money move in top 5 euro leagues…’s good for both AFA and Argentine players.

    • Interesting, yes they have decent players but highly concentrated in the midfield. And all defensive midfielders or box to box. In attack, I don’t see anyone who can be closed to Suarez and Cavani(which is very hard I know). In defense neither but we all know Uruguay is a small country. Its already exceptional for what they have achieved during the past 10 years.

      I like the new Argentina generation, very balanced: Foyth, Mammana, Palacios, Lo Celso, Ascacibar, Lautaro, Cervi, Simeone.

  8. scaloni should continue with u20 team, Argentina NT need world class coach like Simeone, Mourinho, Gallardo etc

    • Mourinho= world class?………let the past be the past.

      Forget about Simeone, he ain’t coming.

      Gallardo is a possibility but honestly I would like to see scaloni continue the rebuilding process.

    • With coaches you have the same as with players. For you it’s all about fame and big name. Scaloni might be world class in future. They deserves the chance first.

      • Argentine coaches are among the best in the world, I don’t know why he still thinks that Argentina will hire non Argentine coach.
        Scaloni & Aimar team is the most reasonable and logical choice right now.

    • @Godin, hope that we can play with a certain style most importantly. We both hope to see Bielsa style can be used: intensive pressing, playing high and impact bloc, fast passing, etc. To me, during the last 2 decades, the best football of Argentina was that of Olympic games 2004. 2006 was not bad too.

      • Yeah bro that is way forward
        For me exectly what you said
        I love attacking football
        I don’t mind if we play one
        Game or two to set up differently
        But to play like mourinho team
        or Inter Milan stlye will make
        Angry.. I don’t know if you aware
        Best team to watch right now
        Is leads Utd cose of bielse

        • Watching inter is painful…hoof balls and crosses. good defense but dreadful in attack. Would like to see Icardi and Martinez move and further develop in Spain. Icardi to Real and Martinez to mid to high table like Betis for constant playtime

        • Yes exactly! Besides results for U20 is just a bonus. They need to learn playing this intense football. Will be beneficial for long term. It’s easier to teach Bielsa’s football to young lads but harder if players too old.

          • I think that is what afa will do very soon
            If you look the youth coachs we have now
            Under 15 ’17 ‘re bielse students
            I mean Diego placente and Pablo aimar .
            Bro as I told you before I love attacking
            Football with intense that is why
            I like watching leeds Utd and man city
            Tottenham .. my wish is to see Argentina
            Playing attacking football and winning
            Copa and world cup .. i geneouly believe
            That will happen very soon .. starting
            Copa in Brazil..

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