Paulo GAZZANIGA of Tottenham Hotspur called to Argentina team


Paulo GAZZANIGA and Gaston GIMENEZ have been called up to the Argentina national team.

The Tottenham goalkeeper receives his first call-up to his country at 26 years of age. This means that all three Argentine players at Tottenham have been made the Argentina team. That is to say Erik LAMELA, Juan FOYTH and now Paulo GAZZANIGA.

Velez midfield Gaston GIMENEZ has also been called by Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI to the team.



  1. Gaston Gimenez plays in double pivot in Velez now. But in Godoy Cruz he was atacking midfielder, enganche, playmaker with No.10 on his T-shirt. Today he plays more like DM but still I can hardly name his role just like defensive midfielder. Some really impressive attacking moments.

  2. Only successful persons have haters noone give damn about mediocre reason Cr7, messi, Neymar, Hazard, Mourinho, Pep etc have maximum numbers of haters as well as admire, only they can be criticized not firmino, Gabriel Jesus, scaloni etc. But Mourinho as Argentina coach just a dream, Mourinho is born winner who can beat peck barca in UCL, defect in la Liga by winning, one of the most successful manager in the world, his tactics not worked is silly arguments just watch Juventus vs Man Utd and quality of squads between two teams it Mourinho who beat Juventus not man utd

  3. 26 to 27 is a Good Age for a Goal keeper, Gazzaniga, Andrada, Rulli, Guido Herrera all comes under this age group bracket. I would like to see Andrada more. He looks like the best among the 26-27. Armani and Romero are 31 which is not a bad age group for a Goal Keeper. But I think they should be maximum considered till the Copa. After that we should choose someone of the 26-27 Age group who can carry on for us for long period may be beyond the 2022 WC.

    By the way(Off Topic) Why all our Goal keepers looks similar?? Same lean and Tall look with the Ridiculous short haircuts. Isn’t there anyone like Abondanzieri (Who was little bulky like Oliver Kahn who looked real intimidating guy), (Guzman looked tough) May be the trend have changed. Armani has at least little different hairstyle and of course Caballero :)) (Goshhh)

    Messi, Aguero, Paredes, Palacios, Pity, Dybala, Icardi, Otamendi, Pezzella, Tagliafico, Lo Celso etc etc. Everyone has this short hair style.. Where is the Long hair legendary look in general (I don’t see any of our players having long hair nowadays, Something like Cavani) Bati, Ortega, Canniggia, Crespo, Sorin, Burghos, Ayala, Pochettino etc etc. Sighs’ It used to define the Argentine footballers.

    • Everyone has this short hair style.. Where is the Long hair legendary look in general


      I miss that. Especially Argentina had always few players with lonh hair style. Different times, different styles

      • Not few. There was a time that 90 percent of our players were long hair apart from Veron.. Lol.. I liked Batigoals 1998 WC look a lot. And if there is a Goal Keeper with long hair. Wowww. Burghos was a monster guy. Saying that Romero had some cool hairstyles. Now he looks crap by the way.

  4. Mourinho won ucl with inter, uel with man utd and several league cup too, Man utd not spend like man city or Liverpool so winning league isn’t possible still Morhinho won EPL more than any Menegar, Argentina is sure shoot world cup winner as Mourinho head coach

    • Romance , are you mad from where does mourinho comees here, he is out of the box , european coach is not going to coach argentina, no doubt mourinho is a world class manager, gallardo was the best option.
      Lost hope from argentina , when heard about scaloni is going to continue, whatever i have seen from last friendlies zero tactics , just parked the bus against brazil, just selecting young and new players doesnt make him a good coach, anyone would have done the same thing in selection at this stage , even peru is playing better football than us besides having average players. AFA is the worst football association in the world and they blame players for the debacle even tapia is doing the same thing as segura.
      Anyway vamosss River Plate for but i am expecting a good game from cristian pavon.

      • I’m not so fatalist as you to say “all hope is lost” but I agree that Scaloni hasn’t shown anything tactically. Calling new players isn’t my priority….tactics are and I haven’t seen anything to get excited over.

      • Mourinho won ucl with inter, uel with man utd and several league cup too, Man utd not spend like man city or Liverpool so winning league isn’t possible still Morhinho won EPL more than any Menegar, Argentina is sure shoot world cup winner as Mourinho head coach

  5. Someone here was laughing at me when I was talking (yet when he was in Godoy Cruz, playing in Copa Libertadores) Gaston Gimenez deserves call up. Scaloni was going for Defensa – Velez game to watch first of all Nicolas Dominguez. But Dominguez had worst game in this season while his teammate partner in double pivot was outstanding. Then that crossed my mind wheter Scaloni will not be impressed enough to call him up. And there he is. He is not old still. Pereyra, Pezzella age.

    He is great on technical skills. Absolutely great. His long passes are on Paredes level. I suppose it might be really good choice. The only thing Gimenez sometimes iritate me are his frivolous driblings and tricks on the ball instead quick pass. He really like to have the ball.

  6. I always said about Gazzaniga before. Its a superb call up! He should be called up regularly in the nt & given playing time. Besides, Juan Musso of Udinese must be monitored. He is a fantastic GK too! Both of them can be our bright future! Overall we r on right track, just need time! Good days r coming in shaa Allah!

  7. I said while ago I’m scaloni in
    Even thought I didn’t like
    How we set up against Brazil
    That is only one game thought.
    I have excuses For him
    I really understood why he set up
    Like that .. but Mexico game
    We must play better than we did
    Against Brazil.. Argentina is
    Too big to play defensive footy.
    for me if we real want to see
    how good our offensive players re.
    We must play attacking football
    We must retain the ball

    Most of us want scaloni
    Cose he put in the the team
    New fresh players which is realy
    Good.. I agree with that 100%
    But I also want to see Arg
    Playing entertaining footy
    You guys knows how depressing
    Is to watch your team defending
    90 minutes that is heart breaking
    for me

    @ebo all respect bro i don’t know
    how you watch your team atletico madrid. For me they ‘re boring
    to watch that is why I never want
    simeone in the Nt…

    • Simeone’s 4321 is a mix between Italian traditional Cantenaccio and Uruguayan football. It’s not fun to watch but easy to set up if the players are disciplined and quite efficient. France just copied paste this concept and we saw the results. It’s always easier to defend than to create.

      For Argentina I don’t know if it’s the right path. It may work better for a team with 2-3 super stars and the rest run for them. The NT got the best result with Sabella when they played defensive and counter attack. There is no shame to do so but as a football fan, I want to see something more elaborated, want to see Argentina play with a style. Our main strengths are not defenders and defensive midfielders. Defending deep will kill the team. Me I think Sevilla style is better for us.

      • @candien spot on that is what
        I mean bro you understood me
        Argentina players will never
        Suit diego simeone stlye
        It needs a lot sacrifice..
        I will doubt our stars will
        Embrace it as well..

  8. this is a very good decision, as a spurs supporter ive been watching his progress and he is now the number 2 their with him being viewed as lloris replacement, some spurs fans are asking for it sooner rather then later.
    hes still young at 26, is 6ft 5, commands his area and has no problem yelling at the defense but note he’s not the finished article yet but few keepers are at 26, usually its about 30 for a keeper to be in his prime.
    atm he is without a doubt the n/t 2nd or 3rd spot but their is no reason if he keep up his great form we cant be viewing him as a potential number 1

    for me rulli has to drop out of the 3 as atm hes offering some thing lose to nothing and is not even getting playing time for his club, im a big rulli fan but hes just not good enough these days but I still have hopes he will rediscover his form as he does have potential.

  9. Gaston Gimmez of Velez for Battaglia

    Gazzaniga for whom

    Gazzaniga Musso are in good form …musso is a starting goalkeeper..
    Gazzaniga is impressive
    Sad for Rulli as he was not called at his prime time..
    Good days are coming

    • These callups will make sense if Ruilli & gazziniga play 1 match each against Mexico. Hope scaloni dosent end up playing romero again. Romero is a known commodity & above average. Worst case we can start copa with him or Armani. But giving proper time against quality opposition to youngsters like Ruilli & gazziniga will help know what they are actually worth & can we look at them as our starting goalie for wc2022.

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