German PEZZELLA of Fiorentina out of Argentina team with injury


German PEZZELLA has suffered an injury and is out of the Argentina team.

The official Argentina Twitter account has tweeted out that PEZZELLA suffered a muscle injury and will not play against Mexico. Per the tweet, the Fiorentina defender suffered a muscle injury during training on Tuesday.


  1. What is Mexico squad???

    Look at our opponent—

    Goalkeepers: Jesus Corona (Cruz Azul), Hugo Gonzalez (Necaxa), Guillermo Ochoa (Standard Liege)

    Defenders: Edson Alvarez (America), Jesus Angulo (Santos Laguna), Gerardo Arteaga (Santos Laguna), Nestor Araujo (Celta de Vigo), Diego Reyes (Fenerbahce), Miguel Layun (Villarreal)

    Midfielders: Jesus Gallardo (Monterrey), Luis “Chaka” Rodriguez (Tigres), Javier Guemez (Queretaro), Erick Aguirre (Pachuca), Victor Guzman (Pachuca), Jesus Duenas (Pachuca), Isaac Brizuela (Chivas), Erick Gutierrez (PSV), Javier Aquino (Tigres), Roberto Alvarado (Cruz Azul), Marco Fabian (Eintracht Frankfurt),

    Forwards: Henry Martin (Club America), Alan Pulido (Chivas), Angel Zaldivar (Chivas), Raul Jimenez (Wolves)

  2. Pavon should never be on Argentine team.He does not have even basic skills of a winger.First ,he is not mature or intelligent enough to read the game( even in WC 2018),he can not pass the ball safely in penalty box,if he is surrounded by incoming defenders always lose the ball in this area he should learn from Acuna.
    Jacquain Correa is best for us.He is far better than this shitty Pavon.Sampoli made many mistakes Pavon is one of them

    • “he should learn from Acuna.” ??? Acuna is a wasteful passer too, he miss 5-10 meter basic passes regularly, garbage, Pavon at least fast and young, Acuna is older and so average, zero creativity and technically even worse than Pavon, yes hardworker but we are Argentina not Peru or Venezuela right?

  3. Unfortunate but not the end of the world, still have Mammana, Foyth and Kanneman all of whom could use NT experience. Also Scaloni could call Defensa’s pair (Barboza-Martinez) even though I see no way of that happening.

    • No problem
      Still we have balls
      Mammana Foyth Kanneman F.Mori are there and Mercado too can play there…we need such versatile players in emergency situations….

      It is very bad to lose so many players due to injury

  4. one unwritten rule from the past teach us that the players that come from Europe mostly
    their clubs forbid them to play in the national team friendly games because to avoid the risk of injury and lose them to their club games.

    i don t believe that Pezzella is that much injured that he can t play.
    probably Fiorentina make this agreement with AFA to avoid the risk of get injured more.
    the same way i believe exist for the half of the so called injured players we have.

    it is very simple really. in 10 days that the championships will start again if we see that one player play normal to the club game it means that his injured wasn t big just they trick us.

    if not play it means that the injury was serious.

    always i use this way to understand the truth.
    so in 10 days i will know the truth.

  5. Nothing new really! Everytime a match for our beloved team is just before to start, i am sure that before i visit this site i will read a new injury! Almost all of our core players with whom we are supposed to build our new team are out, the same that happened against Brazil, despite the fact that the so called “mighty” shitty yellow team fielded their best 11 and still hardly managed a victory agains us!

    Irritating to say the least!

  6. What the hell is happening? 60% of our core players are injured. What if this happens just before the Copa ?? I hope the clubs aren’t forcing our coach and management to not play their valued players . These friendlys are very important for us to build up chemistry!! Damned!!

    • my friend you believe that this is coincidence?
      i don t think so.

      the clubs don t care about our national team but probably AFA can t do something about that.
      Scaloni can t do something too.

      believe me before Copa like before every big tournament nobody pretend the injured because everybody want to be in the squad.

  7. this team should be named as INJURY albiceleste, looks like most of the argentine players are made up of glass Because everythime this happens , when the time comes to for argentina 4-5 players get injured.

  8. To be honest I’m happy that our main CB pair Otamendi pazella are out from friendlies, now these friendlies can give clear idea for bench strength, all eyes on Foyth now plus kanemaan

      • Bro I don’t see problem pezzela
        Not playing against Mexico
        I want see how mammana and
        Foyth play together because
        Those two more likely to be
        Our future center backs along
        With Romero but no make
        Mistake about it pezzela will be
        Our leader in the back next
        Few years as well

          • @ebo my friend
            You know there ‘re certain players
            Will be going copa America if they
            Stay injury free regardless
            1 Romero
            2 Armani
            3 pezzela
            4 otamendi
            5 saravia
            6 Taglafigio
            7 acuna
            8 paredes
            9 lo celso
            10 palacios
            11 dybala
            12 icardi
            13 l martinez
            14 Pavon
            15 ascaciber
            16 mammana
            Weather our friends here agree or not
            Those will definitely going to copa squad
            That is me be logic you know
            I already gave you the list i would
            Take if i was up to me
            But we must know what want and
            What the coaching people want ‘re Absolutely different

    • Ill get hate for this but if I were “EMPORER” CHORIPAN, id going with following:

      1) KP – Romero
      2) KP – Armani
      3) KP – Gazziniga
      4) CB – Otamendi
      5) CB – Pezzella
      6) CB – Mammana/Foyth
      7) FB – Tagliafico
      8) FB – Saravia
      9) FB – Mercado
      10) FB – Acuna
      11) MID – Paredes
      12) MID – Lamela
      13) MID – Lo Celso
      14) MID – Palacios
      15) MID – Ascacibar
      16) MID – Banega
      17) FWD – Dybala
      18) FWD – Messi
      19) FWD – Pavon
      20) FWD – Di Maria
      21) ST – Aguero
      22) ST – Icardi
      23) ST – Martinez

      I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone or at least have time picking instead like Foyth, Pity, Battaglia, Pererya

      3 KP
      3 CB (Mammana can also play FB)
      4 FB (Mercado can also play CB, Acuna can also play mid or wing)
      6 MID (missing extra destroyer like Battaglia)
      4 FWD
      3 ST

      (3 goalie rule is stupid. I bet 99% of all tournaments only 2 were used)

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