Juan FOYTH of Tottenham named Man of the Match for Argentina


The young defender was named Man of the Match in Argentina’s 2-0 win against Mexico on Friday.

Juan FOYTH, who started alongside goal scorer Ramiro FUNES MORI and captain Nicolas TAGLIAFICO, was awarded the trophy. Speaking after the match, here’s what the Tottenham man had to say:

“It’s always beautiful to represent Argentina and I’m leaving happy with the win. There’s a great group, we are enjoying it here and we’re doing well. The team did a great job.”

FOYTH collided with team mate Walter KANNEMAN in training prior to the victory and received six stitches but was still started the match. Argentina will play Mexico once more on Tuesday night.


  1. GK: Romero
    Def: Saravia, Foyth, Otamendi, Tagliafigo
    Mid: Locelso, palacios, Banega/Di maria
    Attack: L Martinez, Aguerro, Messi
    Extra: Gazzaniga, Dybala, Pezzella,Funes Mori, Paredes, benedetto, Pavon, Icardi, Funes mori, A Correa, Lamela, Lanzini

  2. @ebo @gonzalo-pity-martinez @godin11 @cox4

    Alright guys i think this survey will be fun. its a blind survey so no knows who votes for who. only take a few minutes to complete. I have two surveys: 1) to select 23 squad and 2) to select starting 11. I need your input before i post survey.

    Gonzalo aka scouting guru, is this list complete? if not, let me know and i’ll add it before it’s released. Godin, Ebo, and Cox, check out list as well and let me know if i missed any.

    I don’t want to post the surveyplantet.com link quite yet so ive copied the names here.
    RB – Mercado
    RB – Saravia
    RB – Bustos
    LB – Acuna
    LB – Tagliafico
    CB – Foyth
    CB – Kanneman
    CB – Fazio
    CB – Otamendi
    CB – Funes Mori
    CB – Rojo
    CB – Mammana
    CB – Pezzella
    MD – Paredes
    MD – Battaglia
    MD – Pizarro
    MD – Ascacibar
    MD – E. Perez
    MD – Vasquez
    MD – Banega
    MD – Gimenez
    MD – Palacios
    MD – Vargas
    MD – Pererya
    MD – Di Maria
    MD – Lanzini
    MD – Lamela
    MD – De Paul
    FW – Cervi
    FW – A. Correa
    FW – J. Correa
    FW – Centurion
    FW – Salvio
    FW – Messi
    FW – Pavon
    FW – P. Martinez
    ST – Simeone
    ST – L. Martinez
    ST – Aguero
    ST – Icardi
    ST – Benedetto

  3. The defense is good, midfielders are good, but we still need a goal scorer, out of the friendlies no foward impressed, so I’m sorry we need Aguero so the youngster can feel the pressure to perform.

  4. Rumor that either boca or River coach will be the next Argentina manager so copa Liberatories final winner most probably given note

    • hey Romance King (aka kidadulthood)
      Please leave this site and go to rosebrides.com

      You can find your Argentine girlfriend there. Hell, you can even order yourself a mail order bride and produce the next farmer that plays for our NT.

        • That’s ok, now that you know about rosebrides.com I expect you to come back to this site in 18 years and tell us about your kid playing for the NT. Talk to you in 18 years pal, or you better wisen up and stop calling these players farmers.
          Sorry your dream team of “stars” couldn’t win shit for my country, but football is a team sport, and they should serve as a cautionary tale that all the fame and reputation can’t win anything if you don’t show up to play.
          The real farmers were the guys who kissed Messi’s ass instead of helping the poor guy on the field.

      • In India there are many matrimony sites like sadi.com but I’m student can’t marry at moment, i just need a girl who is die hard Argentina fan and you must help me bro. Regardless to farmers topics tell me a single team win world cup with mid table club players or outside top 5 legs or even reach at final this century, every world cup winning team has players from top club starting XI, playing team game with farmers at best case quarter final material like Colombia or Suizerland or Argentina between 1994-2006

    • I know why we like scaloni
      He called up fresh faces that’s
      The main reason we want him
      To be honest is afa decision
      To call up young and fresh faces after disastrous world cup
      Scaloni is turning to be sabella…
      I hate to see Argentina play like
      Ugurauy.. but that is the way
      It looks like under scaloni…

  5. After the Mexico match I seriously doubt the ability and tactical awareness of Scaloni. His team selection has been good and balanced. I like most of us here praised him for it. After all it was the most controversial parts of almost all international campaigns in last 5_6 years. Batista, Sabella, Tata all were continuously making serious mistakes, especially with their favouritism. Remember the substandard players like Clemente Rodriguez, (ahead of Basanta, In form Ansaldi) Sosa, Federico Fernandez etc getting continuously called on by Sabella ??

    Now it’s not been a problem under Scaloni any more. That’s a good thing. But said that considering the talent pool decline in recent times, these are little obvious and doesn’t need the brain of a brilliant tactician.

    Other than the team selection, in my opinion Scaloni didn’t contribute much to the squad. He obviously has limited ideas to personally help players to develop into the squad. And till now he didn’t show any tactical brilliance during the game or even in building the team.

    Now after these 4_5 games, I am sorry to admit, Scaloni is yet to convince why he should be continued for Argentina. There must be a minimum quality to sit on this prestigious chair. Every player now in and around the team has that, but unfortunately our NT manager doesn’t have it. He needs to improve a lot.

    The team only will suffer because of his poor ability during the next tournament. I hate the idea of Changing a manager just 2_3 games before Copa America. But In my opinion appointment of a proper manager is unavoidable to the team. This team must continue, youngsters are talented. But it need a normal manager, who can contribute something to the team.

    To give a serious shot at Copa, I believe along with new manager, Messi & Agero should step in. Because so far this youngsters haven’t shown any quality in upfront. With Palacios, Battaglia, Perdes, Lo Celso.. midfield is now in better shape. But need serious value addition to front line. I hope Messi, Aguero n may be Di Maria will return. Because we don’t have a quality winger other than Maria, right now.

    Transition to 2022 December has enough time. There’s no point in driving the team to one more humiliating tournament (2015,2016 copas weren’t humiliation) with knee gerk reaction thinking about 2022… Copa win will be a major boost to all including leo. It’s very much achievable with a Proper Manager, (even with Scaloni) and the current midfield with Leo Messi, Icardi/Aguero attack.

    • “I hope Messi, Aguero n may be Di Maria will return. Because we don’t have a quality winger other than Maria, right now”.


      First of all Di Maria IS NOT quality winger in NT for some time. One nice goal with big dose of luck in WC tournament is not enough. He did completely nothing in Russia. He was disappointing most of NT performances during last WC, friendlies and qualifiers. So, he is not guarantee of quality anymore. No doubt past his best. And even in his prime far to be consistent.

      Second thing to your statement above is on what base you say we don’t have other quality winger with Pity, Cervi, De Paul without even 2 full games in NT, with Pavon being used mostly on the other wing than his favourable and still not enough chances. Or also with prospects like Joaquin Correa to give a chance.

      • Please don’t let me start di Maria
        Worst play last 10 years
        He waste the space all
        He was doing to block
        Other players getting chance
        For me that was criminal
        Against other Argentina players

        • Yes, he was ocuppying the place for 10 years and sometimes just blocked do not showing enough quality regularly while still new competitors were not given the chance.

        • my friends, this question is for all the ADM haters…you and gonzalo and anyone else that would like to chime in. 🙂

          i’ve asked this question so many times and i always get vague or no response.

          Who would you have picked instead of ADM for the past 10 years?

          • Choripan,

            we two were talking about the question some time ago with long posts.

            I may answer the same: possibilities always are emerging if only new players getting NT call ups. Just like with Palacios case who emergend almost from nowhere. Never shined in Superliga. His stats never were much impressive. The same with Tagliafico case. First he got call up. Then went to Europe.

      • > One nice goal with big dose of luck in WC tournament is not enough.

        I get that you hate ADM and will take every opportunity to trash, but don’t twist reality and straight up lie about his contribution.

        i wont argue that he was wasteful in WC 2018 but that goal was anything but lucky. The ball landed at his feet, he controlled it, took a few steps, and put the ball exactly where he intended. LUCK had nothing to do with it. Pavards goals was more luck that anything. ADM goal was perfect, not luck. go watch one more time, and again, his goal kept us alive and we could have advanced thanks to him. he does step up and that wasn’t the first time either.

        • vast Majority of shots from outside the box has a certain percentage of ‘luck’, many times the players hit the post, do you think they aimed at the post?

        • I know he aimed somehere there but with that beautifull goal you always need a bit of luck. He had also left by opponents players incedibly huge space around.

          • I think Di Maria has 80% chance of being there in Copa.
            Pavon and Pitty are the Only ones currently who might , I say might, take his place. If he will be called back to Copa19, Scaloni has to use him as inverted winger along with Pavon on the left. If Saravia revolves into a good RWB, He will do fine.

    • “Transition to 2022 December has enough time. There’s no point in driving the team to one more humiliating tournament (2015,2016 copas weren’t humiliation) with knee gerk reaction thinking about 2022… Copa win will be a major boost to all including leo. It’s very much achievable with a Proper Manager, (even with Scaloni) and the current midfield with Leo Messi, Icardi/Aguero attack.”

      I really like these words. I think Scaloni has a plan B for Copa

  6. You can never built a team for Argentina National Team and the New York Knicks.
    Fans of these teams always want shiny toys at all costs.
    Always begging for washed up stars.
    Impatient, panic and fear.
    Get this to your head:
    – A lot of players overstayed their welcome.
    – They had their chance and failed.
    – don’t make the same mistakes and not rebuilt.
    – the time for rebuilding is now.
    – we will not look like world beaters right now.
    – we will have bumps on the road.
    – we will not be favorites or maybe not even contenders at the Copa.
    – get used to testing players. Our aim is to test players and not like previous coaches’ aim winning friendlies. We are friendlies champion but have zero trophies.
    – Slowly we will built a team and in 3-4 years we will be great.
    – Fans should love the team more than the players.
    – Pezzella, Foyth , Tagliafico, Paredes, Lo celso, Palacios, Ascacibar, Dybala will be the backbone of the team.
    – Others will grab their chance like: Mammana, Martinez Quarta, Montiel, Saravia, Lamela, Pavon, Pity, Lautaro, Almada, Maxi Romero, Vargas (don’t give up), and Icardi will be useful.
    – Other younger players like Balerdi, Almendra, Romero, and many others will rise.
    – Messi will come back so please stop crying
    – Some veterans like Otamendi, and Aguero should not be discarded.
    – The only position that worries me is the goalkeepers.
    – Be patient, rebuilding is the only right way to go.
    – We can go back to the veterans and we will probably make it far but we won’t win anything and all we have done would be lose time in rebuilding.
    – If we go back to the veterans and lose the next 3 competition then don’t cry! Don’t blame anyone!
    You begged for your own misery.

    Still waiting for your tactical knowledge, your enlightened mind, your tactical know how, my life is not complete until I learned from your knowledge about football.
    I know your busy teaching and spreading knowledge but….
    ….Please accept me as your student and teach me tactics, and about football.
    Thank you my teacher

    • Argentina will always play with on centre fowward and one false striker( messi or dybala), for that formation we need world class full backs ( argentina dont have one).or decent inverted wingers, hope you know these are the basics of football, in your there is a single good inverted winger, i am not satisfied with pavon ,so atleast till di maria should be in 23.

      • Mrinal,
        Let Di Maria retire at peace! He has contributed a lot in the last 10 years. But he is a shadow of his usual-self now. He was horrible at the wc. I have always been a huge fan of his. But his peak years are gone. Let someone else play for the NT and use this experience for the future tournaments.

          • Right now, we only have players that have “potential” to surpass ADM.

            In terms of quality, no one on the roster is his direct replacement yet. Maybe one day, sure, but not right this minute.

          • After the last batch of friendlies, I wrote that I am worried about our options on the wing and there’s no one like a young Di Maria. But it doesn’t mean that I want Di Maria back in the team. He won’t get any younger and he isn’t on top of his form either. My hopes are on Joaquin Correa, not a regular starter at Lazio, inconsistent at the moment, i know. But he is young and talented. Nicolas Dominguez of Stuttgart might be an option in the future. TBH, i dont see much options right now. I just hope we will discover someone all of a sudden.

            We have a very dynamic midfield now which can cover our lackings on the wing. Calling up Di Maria and watching him struggle won’t help us in finding any solution for future. Let some other player have a shot at it and prove his worth. We wont always have quality all over the pitch. Some hard working, less talented players will do wonders if they can properly complement the talented ones.

    • i don t know about New York Knicks because i don t interest about NBA but as about Argentina
      we had build great teams in past many times and we will do that again as usual.
      Argentina fans is so many and you can find every kind and type inside them.

      the rest you say is your opinion.
      some of them i agree some of them not but this is not important,

      everybody can get in head whatever he wants IF he wants.

    • > Always begging for washed up stars. Impatient, panic and fear. Get this to your head: – A lot of players overstayed their welcome. – They had their chance and failed.

      Begging for washed up stars?

      A supporter would to be mentally retarded to not want Messi back. How’s that for crying?

      Aguero, Messi, Otamendi still best, no one has the talent to dethrone right now and NO it’s not because they weren’t given chances. Hell, even Di Maria still better than most… Don’t get upset because people don’t think new gen not as good yet and still want their support

  7. Good win and Congrats. One thing in particular that I did not like. Icardi is still being wasted. Not once did I see an executed play for him. Team must find a way to give him good services. He just sit in there lost and that fall in coach laps. Give him, the team, a real chance.

  8. Please don’t get offended guys
    I have been reading all the
    Comments hardly seen any
    Positive one I wonder why arg is
    F…d thier fans no patient every
    One of them wants be to coach
    Some of us so loved the old guard
    If anything go wrong the new
    generation they ‘re so quick to bash
    Some of us want the local players
    We keep mentioned odd names
    Any good young player who may
    have two or three good games
    We want to be in the team so urgently
    If the old guards or any other player
    Who plays top European clubs have
    Good few games we want them in
    so quick otherwise complaining
    Start … my humble opinion that isn’t
    The way to build a good solid team
    Especially the Nt who needs long
    Run good solid project continuity
    Love or hate we are in long had run
    Most of us do overrate our players too
    Personally I get tired of reading
    B…s.. comments and I love albicelestes
    I’m not enjoying the stlye of play
    Scaloni trying to put the nt team
    Which is defend first.. give up
    Possession even if we playing
    Against Colombia or Mexico
    I’m scaloni in but I didn’t like the way
    We played against Brazil Colombia
    And Mexico. I will stay positive
    Maybe onice they gave him the job
    Full time or up to copa America
    He may change his approach .
    Love albicelestes stay positive

    • my friend i will give you one advice.

      stop care so much about who is writting what.
      everybody here don t know about football.
      other know little other know more and other think that he is proffesor in football but in reality don t have idea.
      exist everything.

      keep love the team pure as you do till now and ignore the dozens of nonsense you read

      i am doing that and i am speaking only to those that i can speak logic.
      to the rest i don t give attention and i ignore the stupid posts.

    • There are 3 sides here. You highlight just one side. The other extreme side wants to ban senior players. The 3rd side wants a mix senior and new faces. The first two are not balanced

  9. We have to fix our tactic and 23 member squad after Mexico friendly for the sake of copa(I badly want Argentina to lift a trophy) and continue these players to build a chemistry and we should use one gk after Mexico game in order to build an understanding between gk and defenders .Gk should be either romero (who has always been decent for us) or gazzaniga (I don’t like Armani because of poor positioning ,penalty weekness) and I think dybala and ageuro/icardi should play upfront with messi as creative midfielder in 4-4-2 role it will surely work

  10. Just finished watching the match and……….it was disappointing. Now don’t get me wrong I’m happy that our boys won but the team didn’t play all that well. First there were the huge defensive lapses that led to Mexico’s 2 golden chances and throughout the first half Mexico were countering quite well. Argentina got settled around the 20min mark and to their credit took control of the match but they still didn’t create a whole lot of clear cut chances.

    To me Celso and Dybala were MVPs, Acuna did well initially but then faded as the match wore on, Paredes didn’t do a whole lot offensively but defensively he was impressive especially with that spectacular tackle that stopped a likely goal.
    Lautaro had an off night, especially with his decision making and poor Icardi continues to get no service.
    Angel Correa was absolutely useless and I think he’d do alot better if he came on as a sub against a tired defense.
    The defense, apart from the first 5min and Mori’s slip up (literally), did well.

    Overall this team is still a work in progress and will continue to be until (and maybe even after) copa and that’s fine cos 2022 is where it’s at! Still Scaloni needs to work harder on the offensive side of his game, which may improve when Palacios and pity come back to the team. Scaloni also needs to implement a counter attacking mentality because the team is full of pacey, skilled players since I noticed that there is hardly any rush in the team’s game, which only encourages the opposing side to attack.

          • Cervi, Pity, Pavon – yes, they are enough fast. Besides, fast without intelligence is often useless. Headless chicken Di Maria proved that many times in NT

        • Pity and Cervi. I like Correa(Angel and Joaquin), I think borderline for him. Pavon not good enough technically even though he is the fastest. Vs the other players, Pity is much more playmaker. I am big fan of playmaker and I like his style so I will always include him in 23 no matter what. We need Cervi because his crossing and corner/free kicks are among the best. He can play as winger back(like Acuna) or winger. The 2 Correa are excellent dribblers and we need pace in attack.

          You may also realize that most of our wingers play on the left(Pereyra, De Paul, J Correa, Cervi), only Angel and Pavon usually play on the right. Fortunately we have Dybala and Lamela who are 9 half slightly on the right.

          I would actually put De Paul in front of all wingers you mentioned except Pity.

    • People who read my posts know that I am huge fan of Lo Celso but I expect much more from him. During this game, as usual, he had his genius moments but not enough influence on the game, not enough intensity on the opponents. He was just “decent”. I expect him to be the next boban or next seedorf.

  11. Thinking of which how on earth Pezzella was not in the 23 for the WC.. Was he injured or something.. I don’t think so.. Wholly Mother of God Sampa…Genius..

    2 players we can’t afford to lose in defence is Pezzella and Tagliafico. Which is scary to think. Hopefully Foyth, Mammana, Kanneman etc etc can cement their spot as his Back up or partner. What about LB backup Acuna well 50 – 50

    • Pezzella is the best CB WE have right now, I don’t care if some don’t like Tagi, But he is doing great.
      Acuna is good because he can cover anywhere on the left.
      I expect very much main CBs will be Pezzella and Mammana
      Midfield will include Ascacibar and Paredes
      The above four are a must for each match.

  12. Few members here are like flag in the wind.
    Pezzella, Otamendi and Mammana should still be our first choice CBs.
    Foyth played good, fine. You can not call for him to replace any other player until he is tested against the same teams – in which other players that he would replace – played against.
    Ok, he has good talent, he showed that against Mexico, but does that warrant him replacing the rest?

    • i’m skeptical of mamannas fitness but yes, those 3 best. I do like what i’m seeing with Foyth though..guess im a bit flaggy.

      on a related note, you had a good idea recently (or maybe it was godin but pretty sure you said it) of voting for 23 squad and starting 11 so i took a few minutes and created a survey using surveyplanet. Survey done, just need to post here but not sure if permitted.

      (also someone should look at list since i may have forgotten a few)

      • “guess im a bit flaggy.”
        you got me chuckling. 🙂

        I said let us make it as a game and just throw ‘expectations’ not who we want to play, since I suggested to do it end of November early Dec. and no way to judge on all players performance by then. cox4 and godin agreed.

      • Plus do you think I will be spared the mockery here if I include half of the senior’s team? maybe gonzalo and godin will come bashing at me through the screen 🙂

        • Why u all babbling about mammana ?….he also hasn’t proved anything yet…..he has done silly mistakes for zenit since coming from injury
          He also should be tested first.

          • of course, He should be tested, but sometimes you get that inner feeling that there is potential in some player, but it’s not a given fact. and someone might be wrong.
            Watching him play in Zenit tells me he is great NT material, and he has good understanding with Paredes. WE lack players who are playing for same team they can be lethal sometimes.
            no one plays without mistakes, specially coming back from injury

          • @Ebo, you are absolutely right about Mammana. He has a great potential and he is young and versatile, plus he was around since 2014 though he was selected for the NT a handful of times. But his latest injury worries me a lot and I didn’t watch him since he came back from the injury. Let’s see how he fares against the skillful and Pacy Mexican players. I hope the injury hasn’t affected his fine form!

        • @ ebo bro I have ultimate respect
          For you we may disagree things
          I will never bash you or anyone
          Else in here I come here to
          Express my opinion peacefully
          Without no emotion..

  13. It’s great to see Foyth whose playing in a position in which rarely produce World Class players. Compared to what we produce on attacking side. Hope he keeps on improving so that we can build our defence around him.

  14. Watching Italy against Portugal and they have a great midfield! Verratti and Jorginho are just 🔥

    With Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil underperforming, it appears at the moment the best footballing nations are in Europe, with Croatia, Spain is always deadly (we of all people should know), Netherlands, France etc. Even England look very strong which is just frustrating!

    We need to improve bc rn European teams look like the best at the moment IMO. That is something you couldn’t say 4 years ago

    • Italy will have the team to win Euro in my opinion: Jorginho-Verratti-Pellegrini plus Politano and Insigne as wingers plus sure value like Florenzi and Bonucci. Most importantly this team has a style of play, based on Sarri’s work.

    • Spain only passed World cup quarterfinal once since 1950. ONCE.

      They looked good before 2018 WC started and then crashed out in second round just like Argentina , except Argentina was the only team that came close to beat the eventual champion.

      You mentioned Netherlands and I dont remember they even play in recent World cup, or do I miss something?

      England statistically only won 3 games in 7 games they played. The only decent team they beat was Sweden lol. Croatia might beat Argentina but Argentina put better performance against France than Croatia did.

      Oh, dont forget Germany everybody no.1 favorite and they got spanked by S Korea and Mexico. Football isnt a mathematic.

      • No, Netherlands didn’t get to the World Cup… but they’re on their way of toppling the world Champions into the Semi Finals of the Euro Nations.

        England also beast Spain 3-2 soooo…. they’re strong like it or not… and most like the ones to knock Spain down to qualify for the semi finals as well.

        Also, had Aguero started in place of Pavon, nobody would be taking about France right now, but it is what it is.

        My point is at the moment, European teams look better than South American teams.

    • I think France, Netherlands and Italy will be the top 3. I believe that Germany will also be great again with Reus and Kroos as leader and the generation Sane, Draxler, Gnarby, Kimich, Sule and Werner.

  15. Solari monitoring him already. And Almada.
    Speaking of transfers, Monaco have Gallardo as their number one target. They approached him earlier but he declined. Now that Henry is struggling, Monaco could come back for him. Gallardo stance could change if he lifts the Copa with River. Gallardo, ofcourse helped Monaco to a rare title win and was named French player of the season. The following season he had trouble with coach Deschamps, who out him on the bench, and Gallardo returned to Argentina without continuing in Europe.
    Similarly, OM will talk to Heinze, for next season. Heinze also was outstanding as he and Lucho helped OM to their only title win in 25 years.

    • Gallardo did return to ligue 1 few years later and joined Psg but it didn’t work well as expected. He was old.

      When I was kid, Gallardo, Micoud, Rui Costa, Boban and Zidane were my favourite playmakers. Ortega was a great dribbler but to me, but Gallardo has this vista to be the real 10. I would have put Veron and Redondo as DM, Gallardo as 10, Ortega and C Lopez or Caniggia as wingers and Batigol as 9.

      I remember Heinze-Sorin played together psg never lost a single game. I hope to see soon Heinze as coach

      • Gallardo was another case of wasted talent with the NT. More cultured and level headed than Ortega on the field. I would have loved to see him longer in Europe. And Rui Costa, what a player he was. Bati and Rui Costa were a match made in heaven.

      • RFM is very shaky and I can’t trust him anymore. He can’t play the ball with confidence and he alwys looks like uncomfortable on the ball. Foyth made an amazing debut and I hope he continues developing and improving.

        I like Mammana but I don’t know how he is doing after that lengthy injury. I hope Mammana starts in the next game to see whether the injury affected him badly like RFM or not.

      • @ebo pezzella is there…..I did not select my favourites. But I have a hunch these 4 are going to make to the copa america….there are 4 spots for CB, if I am not mistaken

  16. ………Romero…….

    Saravia…. otamendi..pazella…. taglia

    ………peredes….palacious…..lol celso…..

    …..Messi……. ..icardi.. …….pity…….

    Is this the team playing 11 in Copa ?????

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