Mauro ICARDI of Inter, Erik LAMELA of Tottenham in Argentina training team


Mauro ICARDI and Erik LAMELA were both included in Argentina’s eleven in training.

Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI tried out eleven players in training, prior to flying out to Mendoza for Tuesday’s match against Mexico.



  1. I’ve just watched the first half against Mexico. After going through the comments on Mundo, I was expecting a very good performance from Paredes. Someone praised his defensive work so I was really interested. What I’ve found out instead is why Inter refused to commit to him in the last transfer window. He was a HUGE disappointment. Off the ball, he was jogging the whole game. He was pressing the wrong player at the wrong time. He left a Mexican player unmarked behind him again and again and again… He is never going to be a Defensive Midfielder that’s for sure.

    Scaloni’s team lined up with a rather 4-2-?? formation where Paredes and Lo Celso sat in front of the defense and the rest of the players sprinted towards the end of the world as soon as they could. This effectively sent four attackers (Acuna,Correa,Lautaro,Dybala) pushing Mexican defense to the edge but no one dropping deep to create space or, link back to the midfield. Baffling tactics to be honest.

    Another interesting thing I noticed was our pressing. The four attackers and both Paredes and Lo Celso pressed high as soon as Mexico tried to play out from the back. But none of our defenders pressed, creating a HUGE vacuum infront of our defence, where I saw a Mexican player(left unmarked by Paredes) always roaming free. Mexicans were struggling to get the ball out of their feet. Still they were bypassing our defensive midfield like it didn’t exist. Against a better quality side, this is a nightmare scenario.

    Scaloni’s tactics seem to revolve around a 4-2-?? formation where Paredes has been heavily involved so far. After watching Paredes jogging for the most part and marking absolutely no one(he did make a goal saving last ditch tackle,which was highlighted by many earlier), I am not sure how successful Scaloni is going to be. We had Banega, Biglia and Mascherano all of whom were as much one dimensional as Paredes is now.

    While we’re chearing up Scaloni’s new faces, is a 4-2-something formation with one dimensional players in the middle really something new?
    The front three looked confused on the counter. They didn’t know whether to stretch the defence or, run at goal. Most of our moves started with Lo Celso in midfield. He even did much better defensive duties than Paredes. Once again we depended heavily on individuals like Dybala and Lo Celso. This is what has been happening for the last 10 years, individual dependency rather than team play.

    Oh btw, Foyth was excellent. Saravia was good too.

    • @imtiaz, thanks for sharing. Totally agree with you. Looks like the same play but with different faces and no GOAT to save us at the end of the day.

    • Thanks guys!


      I am happy that Messi isn’t around. He would drop between the lines, create some opportunities with his unique talent and we would think, “Wow! Our team is so good because we’re Argentina!” No team can succeed without a functional midfield. We have much more talented midfielders now. Yet the lack of a cohesive midfield unit is clearly visible under Scaloni.

    • @imtiaz somewhat ironical isn’t? Something is wrong fundamentally coz the “more experienced” players are out, an entirely new coach and fresh set of players are in… it’s as good as any reset and reboot that we’ve all wanted. I’m reserving my comment since it is still early days but the play thus far… hmmm… eerily and uncomfortably all too familiar again. Dybala and Icardi not scoring too is making me uneasy and squirm….

      • Yeah, it is! I am just happy that no one can use Messi as a scapegoat now.

        I wasn’t trying to be judgemental on Scaloni for a while but now he’s being considered for longer term. I think Scaloni’s honeymoon period is over. He should show some consistency with the lineup as well as tactics. Calling up new guys may please people now. But come Copa, only results will matter. Argentina is not a training school for any young coach. If Scaloni wants to coach us, he has to prove he is worthy of it. If he fails, it will go down as another useless appointment by AFA.

    • i hate that actually.
      Argentina never succeed anything good with 3 at the back.
      always humiliations i remember that way.
      the last was with Croatia !!!

      • Back 4 is the best
        Scaloni: his back three is different
        When we attacking is back three
        When we defending it become
        back 4 which show his flexibility

        • I never like the concept of 3 CBs, unless they are bulldogs. Which We do not have.
          Argentina best formation, again , is 4 2 3 1.
          2 Cbs 2 Wing backs
          2 DM to screen the defense : Ascacibar and Paredes(Should be first choice) one with more attacking duties than the other( Parades)
          3 AM /wingers : in the center is classic no. 10 Most talented,gifted player of the squad who can dribble and pass to the striker or to the LW or RW or shoot at goal )
          LW and RW need to be able to dribble out wide and cross or cut inside and shoot at goal as an inverted winger)
          1 physically strong lone striker who excels in movement and positioning himself to better receive service.

  2. Tapia:

    “Scaloni, tranquilamente, con su cuerpo técnico puede conducir la selección mayor. Si la dirigencia del fútbol entiende que es lo mejor, tendrá su oportunidad. Lo viene haciendo bien y nadie puede negar la realidad”

  3. In any case Messi Augreo Lanzini Lamela should be always in playing eleven Scolani should find such way.They are enough for our attacking threat.Oh what a fantastic four that would be.Just imagine.They would get help from Banega and Lo celso.

  4. Scaloni is trying different formations and players. But all these attempts are reasonable and worth trying.
    That’s the different between him and sucker Sampaoli.
    The two lineups he tried against Mexico can also fit Messi in. Messi can easily replace Lamela/Dybala.

      • i totally disagree my friend.
        the biggest humiliations from 2002 and after was every time we try play with 3 in defense. every time the result was disaster when we try play that way.

        one of my reasons i attack to Sampaoli was exactly that.
        remember the world cup of 2002. we had much much better players and quality but the system destroy us

        and last example the most important game of world cup in Russia with Croatia.

        i totally hate the system with 3 back.

        • I think we’re saying the same thing.

          I like the “concept” of 3ATB because it allows for an more options in midfield and attack However, as you say, we have not done well (big humiliation) and our current players may not do well also. Again, in concept, I like the formation but in reality, it probably doesn’t work for us.

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