Argentina line-up, Mauro ICARDI, Erik LAMELA, Roberto PEREYRA start


Lionel SCALONI’s team are on the pitch and as we reported yesterday, the starting eleven is confirmed.

Geronimo RULLI is the starting goalkeeper as Gabriel MERCADO captains the team. Mauro ICARDI is the forward. Here is the eleven.



  1. 6 games 11 goals…just one conceded that too against full Brazil squad in injury time. Almost full NT squad not around(including Messi), with new faces the result is so impressive.
    Two easy game
    Two tough game
    Two midium game
    Not to concede was Scaloni’s first preference. The team was conceding too many goals under Sampaoli. Now it’s almost fixed. Add Messi and some important players. Team is ready.

  2. Scaloni, Samuel And Aimar have done an admirable job, Argentina still look disorganized at times but the chemistry takes time. I like his player selections for the most part. Meza isn’t ready but De Paul looked good tonight. Happy to see Dybala and Icardi get the monkey off their backs…Anyone else notice Dybalas celebration? Maybe a nod to Messi? I think the coaches have done enough to stay on until at least after the copa.

  3. when Tata Martino came to argentina he already had a well balanced team he didn’t have to change much.
    on the other hand Scaloni came and fixed a broken team conceded only one goal in 6 games with a completely new and inexperienced team. (without messi ).
    i dont know if he will stay for permanent or not.
    we all must appreciate the work done by him.
    he knows that Argentine CBs aren’t fast enough so possession based football will lead to a high defense line….which may cost us against pacey teams……sampaoli tried and he failed…..

    maxi meza was no where near to be in the team…..he was exposed many times….on the other hand de paul was amazing on the LW…. Pity got some real competition….
    mori have some flaws too….

    apart all i would take Scaloni in a heart beat as our permanent coach….

    • I too want Scaloni to be given time

      No fear of Meza as Palacios will come ,pity will come , may be Lanzini will come into squad later….
      Scaloni did his best in 6 games…without Messi…it was easy for him…& tough too..but Scaloni Aimar Samuel did it well….hands debit to many players…make a squad with alternative in bench…

      • the way Meza is playing i think scaloni is well aware of it….
        Scaloni believes in him like he did Dybala and Icardi.
        i think he will lose his place….cause now there is so much competition….
        so many young players coming out….

  4. Our under 17 team just beat brazil 2-0 in brazil. Matias palacios scored one of the goals. Great news everywhere. Kudos to Tapia, AFA and our new young coaches !

  5. Simeone on to try and stretch the pitch a bit looks like.
    Possibly Dybala soon. Things are too narrow and compact. There’s a distinct lack of width.
    A bit similar to early games. When he goes back 4 team tightens into middle of pitch.
    His plan B then seems to be to use a back 3 to hit down the flanks.
    The absence of real pacy width options seems to be the cause.

  6. should have taken off pererya instead of lamela for lo Celso sub. Would love to see those 2 on the pitch together. Should not be competing for 1 spot.

  7. Scaloni is doing great job……he is doing great job of rebuilding team from that disastrous wc campaign …..but he hasn’t convinced me yet to become permanent coach from interim one…..but I still think his skills and ideas will only be tested on some real competition…..I think he worth a chance to be coach for us in copa

  8. Simple direct football that tries to advance the ball in 1-2 straight movements.
    Rotational press that conserves energy.
    Depaul, Lamela, Pereyra, Meza operating at an almost interchangeable depth.
    No fuss, no flash, get the job done.

  9. Besides Icardi’s super goal, this team is similar to Bauza era – very conservative and no fluency at all.
    Now I believe that we need Tata Martino to build our beloved Argentina again.
    No teams in Europa right now are playing such boring soccer.

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