Mauro ICARDI and Paulo DYBALA score in 2-0 Argentina win


A goal in each half, the first by Inter’s Mauro ICARDI and the second by Paulo DYBALA.

Both players had yet to score for Argentina heading into the match but the two broke their duck and managed to each get their debut Argentina international goal. A 2-0 win for Lionel SCALONI’s team against Mexico means that they finish the year off in style.

ICARDI scored in the first minute, a lovely pass by Tottenham’s Erik LAMELA sent the Argentina man inside the area, he cut inside, beat the defender and scored.

DYBALA’s goal came near the end of the second half, Gio SIMEONE with a pass in to an unmarkwd Paulo DYBALA and he made no mistake in scoring.


  1. I really think Russia 18 was a blessing in disguise for Argentina Football. It seemed like at last everybody came to the same conclusion: Argentina was shooting self in the foot with blunder after blunder. That it made no sense not to play your best players. And that it is pure folly for any team of that caliber to take in ten goals on any given period against any given set of opponents, and for all his faults Sampaoli could not be blamed for everything. Players needed to step up. There is a sense now among players that when you wear that shirt you play hard, you fight. Six games and only one lucky goal by Brazil, zero in regulation time. Mexico twice, Colombia and Brazil absolutely first class opposition. When Messi comes back watch for Icardi to may be explode because nobody is more unselfish on the field, nobody gives great passes, than him. Batistuta did not really emerge until Maradona came back. Scaloni should stay.

  2. Isn’t it Ironic that 2 of the most decorated Stars of our current Generation also scored their 1st goal in the same match. Gazzaniga looks impressive than Rulli at this point. He looks in better condition. Good to see Lamela back a key player in Midfield for coming years. Another player who is silently making an Impact is Roberto Perreyra. If stays fit can be a useful player supposedly a backup for Palacios. Kanneman looks good too.

    Whether we like it or not Scaloni is gonna stay, AFA don’t have any other option. I think he looks gud to guide us, He may be good in a tournament like Copa. He is a Cautious manager. We may not eat goals when we r under Scaloni thats for sure. That May just may take us long in the Copa.

      • In that case Mori is even worse. He don’t kick out he simple makes error. He also should neither be nowhere near the NT. Otamendi,Pezzella,Foyth and Mammana should be first preferred but only problem is Mammana Injury recovery how well he is doing is a problem. I would choose Kanneman over Mori who is proven disaster in defence.

    • Yeah he really is cautious and that is a very good thing, very very good. After France lost to Portugal in the The Euro, a game they actually dominated, they said no mas. Look at them!! The most cautious team in Russia without a doubt and they won tho, it is true, you also have to have absolutely world Class talents and a ton of them. Argentina always has talents. When you give Messi an organized, cautious, team he takes you in the final of a tournament, period. Because with him on the field, one way or another, at one time or another, you will score enough to win.

  3. 8Hey Scaloni not wastd his opprtunities.
    Bcz f.mori tag saravi acuna meza icard simi lautaro paredes celso asaicabar almost all players playing on a rotation basis. Thy all getting opportntis to combine as a unit. I think thr is only problm scaloni facing tht how messi will cop with his new young unit befor copa
    All of us know our certain playrs got injured or thy have crucial gmes in thr league matches.

  4. Acuna is very hard working and an average talented player. He is unfortunate bcz he is playing diffrnt positions. Position changing almost cost his level of play.

  5. Negetive people always exist, but that doesn’t anymore underestimate Scaloni’s achievement within a very short time. Scaloni gave us RESULT, which is the final word in football. Argentina is trophyless for years & years just for the RESULT, ok? We need to win any how, possesion, nice playing blabla are just nothing at the end of the day, & this is the biggest tactics. Scaloni really deserve a chance at least till Copa. At past, we saw so many high profile coaches & saw the result also, this time let’s give some times to a low profile, can’t we??

    • you can’t denied better truth as negative point, no same playing 8 in back to back three matches forget XI shows six friendlies are wasted. Argentina playing six friendlies without senior players still no player cementing his place even Icardi and Dybala also failed to create chemistry between youngsters. Paredes locelso are like to like replacement for Mascherano biglia but under scaoni all friendlies are wasted as no clear playing XI

    • This time they certainly would have beaten us if harera, harnandez,lozano would be playing both team had 9 shots , on target(4 argentina, 3 mexico) they had 57% possesion.

  6. Acuna got so many chances to prove but totally failed . I think we should try a new left back. Even Rojo can play better in that position. Acuna out Rojo in.

    • You must be joking. Rojo does not even appear on Manchester United bench any more. We should try Fabricio Angileri or maybe Emiliano Insua. Acuña did not play well in the last two games but before that he was not that terrible. Too early to write him off. Meza on the other hand, adios chamigo, you had your chances and did not utilize them.

  7. Argentine superstars icardi and Dybala goals can’t change the fact that Argentina playing with 47% ball position against Mexico B team. Scaloni as a coach is total failure failed to build up icardi Dybala partnership now waiting for copa liberators final one of boca or river coach become next Argentina manager

    • I think that you got it wrong. The question u should ask is in what part of the pitch the mexicam team has the ball the most?. In the previous game I was also critical because I wanted us to play possession but possession not necessarily means winning games. In 6 games we only concede 1 goal this is a good achievement.

      • Argentina played against two quality teams Columbia and Brazil rest of all against farmers. Biggest failure from scaloni is failed to build up playing XI for copa instead of experimenting unnecessarily, our copa XI looking Romero – Marcado Otamendi pazella Tagliafico – lo celoso parades benega – messi Aguero Dimaria which is similar to world cup 2018 expect paredes locelso in place of retired Mascherano biglia, my question is what is the point of wasting 6 friendlies, scaloni failed to find playing XI and build up chemistry between youngsters

        • Six friendlies are wasted. So many changes to the team!! These six matches could have been leveraged to create the right combination for Copa. These players play for different clubs. These six matches were the opportunities to create an unified team who would play like an orchestra and not individual musical instruments. I feel Scaloni completely wasted that opportunity. Copa would be a disaster for us.

        • That midfield is very light weight…Banega is always a gamble and I’d put him in only if it’s a must, I’d play Ascacibar there. I’d also play someone for Di Maria, Lamela or Pereryra could do it better IMO

  8. By now Scolani should know his strongest xi and be ready for the copa. I will be happy if we at least reach the semi finals of copa with the young squad . Then we will be ready for wc22. The only problem is why is meza been called up .

    • It’s not about knowing the best xi. It’s about building a cohesive force. By so many changes to the team across the six matches, he missed that opportunity. However, the +ive thing is that the defense is looking better than WC18. A young defence could restrain Brasil till the last minute. That was a significant achievement.

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