Mauro ICARDI on the Argentina national team: “There is more companionship, friendship”


Mauro ICARDI has finally scored his first goal for Argentina and has given his thoughts on the team.

Following Argentina’s 2-0 win against Mexico, the Inter striker gave his opinion on the team, the past and Lionel MESSI. Here’s what he had to say:

“In this new step, we feel very comfortable, very good. With everyone in the coaching staff. Leo (SCALONI) has formed something very beautiful. I’ve lived the Argentina national team before and there wasn’t as much companionship, as much friendship.

“When I would come here, I didn’t feel what I felt today. Now, there are many young people and before there was a lot of experience. Now, there’s a lot that start from the very bottom and it’s a plus that we have gotten to know each other in these six matches.”

ICARDI also spoke about the past generation which had reached three finals.

“Everyone wants the best for the Argentina national team. Representing our country is the most beautiful thing there is. Now, we are all young players looking to bring some joy to the Argentina team. Now, the pressure of our old team mates which made three finals is off our shoulders.”

And finally, ICARDI talked about Lionel MESSI.

“We wait for Leo, he is the best player in the world. Everyone wants a player like him. Hopefully in the next call-up he be here and at the Copa America.”


  1. This match clearly presented the main philosophy of Scaloni football and included ideas from all his previous games.
    This team is not concerned with possessing the ball or engineering long moves. There is an emphasis on direct ball advancement
    in one, two, or three moves. This is evident all the way back from the goalkeepers drilled to punt it long to a hold up player with a player in position to win the second ball for a third runner, to stretched triangles in the middle that look to feed end to end runners, or just simply hitting the forward line from the back. The starting move could either be along the ground or often aerially where they are comfortable ignoring the midfield if it ends up advancing the ball. The priority is not stitching long sequences of short forward passes together in the middle. Often times the direct channel in the flanks is where they will overload to quickly advance the ball rather than the midfield.

    This type of structure is helped by 4-5-1 type formations where the midfield fluidly shows 4-1-2-2-1’s, 4-1-2-3’s and 4-1-4-1’s in the build up phase where players like Palacios, LoCelso, Vazquez, Pereyra or fan favorite Meza are used as b2b runners. When more aggressiveness is required the team changes into fluid 3-4-3 type shapes with the same player group on the field. Again the emphasis in on quick, sharp linear movement on the flanks that doesn’t necessarily rely on pure pace. Examples were in the final 10 minutes of last game sticking Pereyra and Acuna, who were playing more traditional b2b and LB roles earlier, right on the sideline as wide players to advance forward with parades, locelso, Dybala constructing in the middle interchangeably.

    Defensively the press relies on the front man with a very hardworking midfield working on ball recovery in the transitional phase. Any time ball is played back, opposition is trapped on sideline (this seems to be a particularly favorite area since they also like to advance the ball from here so its better if its won here), facing the back, or ball is not in control yet, groups of two, three of four players will aggressively isolate and win back. At all times the back line of four and sometimes five stays in shape in middle to low block to not allow for any surprises. Again a little space might develop in the middle but they seem ok to allow this as long as back line is not significantly breached. The press is rotational in nature where if it doesn’t work players are quickly back in position. This allows for conserving energy in the middle with the front man the only one doing constant work. In fact the very core idea of this team is to bring in players who are not one dimensional in nature in the middle of the park.

    In terms of final match analysis it was clear that after a lead in two minutes, they went to a conservative plan for 70 minutes without necessarily parking the bus, and when the time was right in the final 10-15 minutes they widened it out, brought the counter, and finished off the game. A very professional no-nonsense display. Going forward, a plan is looking like taking shape, and all indications would be to convert the interim coach to a permanent one. This should be the AFA’s chief priority if Copa is important in any way, with a second and third priority being arranging quality encounters in March to see if they can do it against better opposition, and privately pressuring clubs and agents to ensure all called up players show up to perform.

    • The most exciting thing under Scaloni is Choosen Midfielders as per u mentioned above most of them can play multiple positions. That’s the Engine Room of Scalonis team.

  2. Mucho de ustedes se parecen a la gata de la Flora…..

    Many of you lot just like to complain. Fact is that since Sabella Argentina went from bad to worse despite fielding a team with generational talent, including Messi. Sampaoli’s tenure was an unmitigated disaster and Argentina is lucky to have in Scaloni, Samuel and Aimar – a coaching team that has addressed Argentina’s biggest weakness in defending and conceding goals.

    For those complaining about possession, two things: 1) As France proved you don’t always need possession to win and 2) Argentina has not always been a possession team, and in fact some of its more successful sides have played some kind of tactically flexible game. I’m thinking Bilardo’s 1986 WC team and the 1990 and to some degree the 2014 finalists. Counterattacking is also a classic Argentina tactic.

    Mexico’s side was not its B side but its mostly the rising generation. Just like ours.

    • “Mexico’s side was not its B side but its mostly the rising generation”

      I thought the same but people like Csabalala always acts according to Adolf Hitler words: “the biggest and more often repeated is the lie the more it appears more likely”

          • man i am not surprised you say this, your international football knowledge is so poor ignorant troll, the best portugal ZM Hector Herrera,Juventus and a lot of big clubs want him, the biggest european star Lozano, the maybe even more talented 18 years old Lainez, Jesus Corona from Porto, the best striker Hernandez etc ec etc this was a mexico without firepower, and still they dominated easily Scaloni kids, you not even know Lozano, Lainez or Herrera? Absurd darkness

          • Oh yeah, you are so much hyping expert of Mexico players? They are already stars for you being players of PSV Einhoven or Porto?!!! you double standards idiot. When we are talking about Argentinos playing in such clubs and leagues you are always laughing at them as farmers but when it’s going to Mexico players then they are superstars being in such clubs.

            18 years old Lainez from Club America?!!! Really? So why you are not praising at the same time 17 yo Almada or De La Vega from Velez or Lanus. You double standrads idiot.

          • Man you have huge problems with logical thinking, the focus point was that is this Mexico B or not, what about you are blablabla again? they played without their 10-12 best players, and you say this except the truth i am an ignorant liar, LOL, and dont forget this B team was much better with the ball than our “super talented” next gen but without their attacking talents they were clueless, and btw totaly out of form, Scaloni still doesnt show anything except anti fottball

    • i agree that we don’t need possession to win as its proven over and over again but France isn’t really comparable to Argentina. A) We don’t have a ferrari like Mbappe in front that races past slow defenders. we don’t have a Griezmann that is used to counter attack via atleti B) We don’t have a world class defensive mid like KANTE (ascacibar closest but pales in comparison) that runs tirelessly and C) we don’t have pacey defenders like Varane and Umtiti.

      Given our talent pool with Lo Celso, Lamela, Dybala, Messi, Pereyra, Correa, etc, we should have no problem playing possession based futtie. All are great dribblers, good vision etc. If were unable to play possession, that is due to Scaloni’s inability.

      • It’s not an all or nothing proposition. You don’t have to be France to de-emphasize possession. You don’t have to make Barcelona-style ball control your way of playing just because you have ball handlers. You can play both where the opportunity presents. Look at the first goal, which combined direct play AND ball magic. It was a long ball which Lamela knocked down and controlled and then slid to Icardi. That’s suggests tactical awareness and flexibility. Is it perfect? Of course not, but it’s a start. The other thing I’ll say is that the driving force behind not playing possession may not be the lack of skill players, but the lack of defensive pace. The lack of pace in Defense can actually cut against possession football since you need pace to recover when your line is high and you need to track back. Playing a low line and a possession game lends itself to gaps between the defense and midfield which is why Sampaoli failed. Heck, even Sabella understood this and opted for a more compact defending side after initially trying to throw attacking players forward.

      • We have Messi, who can play like Griezmann x10, and would give the ball to whoever would be the Mbappe of the team, and the ball would be so good that he wouldn’t have to be a ferrari, just bury it home. I’m not pro “the french” template of play, nor am I pro possession as the team doesn’t have the time to make that kind of connection, but the team could play both IMO.

      • “Given our talent pool with Lo Celso, Lamela, Dybala, Messi, Pereyra, Correa, etc, we should have no problem playing possession based futtie. All are great dribblers, good vision etc. If were unable to play possession, that is due to Scaloni’s inability.”

        I fully agree.

  3. BEST line up for COPA….


    …….Messi…..palacious….. Lo celso…..

    Balanced defense with asciabar dropping deep like mascerano……..palacious can help in defense too if lo celso goes forward

    Best midfield ……with Messi forming the core of the midfield………we can enjoy lots of possession…….

    Good attack…….if Messi and Icardi connects well……..

    Little doubt on wings because if we play 2 winger than we will be short of midfielders
    ……..lo celso can provide width in left side as he does for betis……..Messi can connect well with left wing as he does with Jordi Alba……I like Pavon ….but pity might be better choice…….

    Regular substitute players…
    Angel Correa…
    As needed

    What are your thoughts guys????????

    • Decent starting line up but Lamela will eventually be on the starting list, he is our top 5 player at the moment. Pavon haven’t impressed much so far and if he continues his awful form he shouldn’t be on the bench also!! Right now, Romero seems to be the no-1 GK for us but Scaloni not using Romero in any of the last 2 matches means he wants someone else between the post!!

  4. This might raise some eyebrows due to notable omissions but this is the optimal starting XI and formation in my opinion, based on what I have seen from Scaloni in charge. Feel free to disagree

    —————-Lo Celso—————-Palacios——————–

    • Like that. It’ almost my line up. Pity starter over Cervi as he has more plymaking abilities as well but Cervi is impressing on every NT game so far and he may be good competitior. Both with enough pace and skills to think about them as our left wingers ATM. Both needs more minutes.

      Maybe Foyth over Otamendi but if he will able to compensate with somethinh his lacks of experience. Needs to be prepared for Copa.

      • I thinkk Otamendi can still contribute if he plays well for Man City. Foyth is very impressive for his young age of 20 but he needs to play on a regular basis to warrant his starting spot for the National Team. If he plays a lot for Tottenham I wouldn’t mind if he starts.
        Cervi over Pity because he offers more directness which is how Scaloni seems to prefer to play.


    Well friend’s club lead by the legendary Mascherano , did try their best to keep all the youngsters out of the squad for quite a while and we paid dearly for that. Like it or not sticking to oldies and bat shit crazy tactics from molester Fraud cost us this world cup. All we had to do was play a mix of young and experienced players especially in the midfield with some basic defensive-counter attacking football and we would have won it!!! But we stuck with washed out retirement over-dues and as a result we got knocked out by a mediocre team and the same mediocre team won the world cup eventually!!!

    However, we can’t get rid of all the oldies specially when most of them are still in early 30s and best in their position. But first, the phase of testing new players should be brought to a halt unless some wonder kid appears on the screen or some one returns back to impressive run of form . Second, Making Scaloni permanent is of paramount importance , going for a new coach will be foolish and suicidal!! After being awarded a well earned permanent contract , he can then start working on the team chemistry and be little more attack oriented. Sabella has showed us ultra defensive tactics can only take us so far. Messi and Aguero without doubt needs to be brought back for the next 2 Copas and Otamendi who is our senior most defender needs to be there for now!! Considering Dybala doesn’t seem to get the best out of himself from the midfield , the only way both Messi and Dybala can be on the pitch simultaneously is if Dybala plays as a no-9. He and Icardi can be each other’s sub , depending on our opponent we can go with 2 strikers Aguero and Icardi/Dybala. If Messi wants to play the next world cup he needs to move to the midfield permanently as our play-maker. Yes he at the age of 35 can still be among the top 10 strikers but we already have plenty of strike-force that is why a role of enganche will suit him the most!! Let’s all hope that our youngsters and the coach have done enough to impress Messi and the greed of winning the next world cup will lure him back!!

  6. I’m waiting for Scaloni Meza weeding announcement more than New Argentina manager or Messi come back

  7. I didn’t like kannemannn he is not comfortable
    With the ball he kick out the ball time and time
    Instead passing.. jury out for him out.
    Meza I don’t need to say anything about him.
    It’s so obvious that shouldn’t be in the NT.
    Robert pereyer very good useful player
    Unlike some overhyped players.
    He can play anywhere cross the midfielder.
    But he looks good as more central mid.
    Than winger he was man the match.
    Paredes proved again he is most influential
    Midfielder Arg have at the moment
    Gazzaniga will be number one golie
    Very soon …
    I’m not biggest fan icardi and dybala
    I have to admit they getting better each
    Game they play olso I’m so happy
    They have scored too.

  8. I really hope Messi do not force Huigain into the team. Also we should stay away from Di Maria, one moment of genius and disappearance for 10 games. Now that Biligia and Mascherano are gone, we can build better team.

    • “I really hope Messi do not force Huigain into the team”

      Is there anynone who still thinks of that choker?

      Icardi and Dybala have open their accounts and will continue to score goals if they are given more time. Apparently Icardi has improved and worked on his link-up play but he needs to do more.

      • After this game I clearly saw the Argentina that should have played in Russia.

        Two strikers who can actually finish the job

        And finally a stable midfield that isn’t run over by the opposition!

    • Higuain cost messi in finals do you still believe messi prefer higuain ahead of his buddy and roommate Aguero, its mache and biglia who are always crybaby for higuain since they retired no chance for higuain. As for Dimaria still can be useful than famers like pity meza

  9. There is a problem of Abundance in Midfield now. Paredes and Lo Celso r must starters. Palacios too can’t be dropped Were as Ascacibar/Battaglia will definitely bring more defensive stability compared to Paredes. Well then there is Plethora of players like Lamela, Perreyra, Lanzini(When returns and on form also should be added). Midfield looks stacked. (According to the opponents most of them needs to be rotated, Which is what Scaloni is doing now)

    On Left Side Pity, De Paul, Cervi has to compete each other, 1 of them may have to be dropped, Whereas Right side it looks rather bleak apart from Pavon the others r not convincing. Salvio, Meza r not convincing, may be Lamela can play on Right side too. It’s great to have so many variants of players in Midfield. Thinking of which where was all these guys?? Wholly crap oh well none of them were tried at all by our previous geniuses. Apart from Sampaoli by the way who introduced Lo Celso, Pavon, Lanzini, Paredes, etc etc.

    • Suddenly with Scaloni’s vision we have lots of alternatives in Midfield…with healthy competition…

      Good work

      Locelso Paredes Palacios Pereyra(starter)
      Ascacibar Battaglia Pity

      Also we got Dybala DePaul Lamela Lanzini will come

    • I agree with this, we should play a 433/451,
      Saravia Pezzela Otamendi Tagliafico
      Paredes Ascacibar Lo Celso
      Lamela Messi Pereyra

      put an attacker for one of the wingers if needed, and let Lo Celso add width, or even instead of Lo Celso too and play a 442

      Lamela Paredes Ascacibar Pity/Cervi
      Messi Aguero/Icardi

        • Its better to loose in these matches and fix the weaknesses than to loose in copa, just like even anyone could have fixed their defence after warned by spain and nigeria prior to world cup by conceeding 10 goals in 2 matches, but that ignorant sampoli didnt take care of that.

          • Mrinal1235, I am sorry, you are making too many wrong assumptions. Winning a game does not necessarily mean that a coach would not notice the weaknesses that may have been apparent in a given game. Likewise, losing a game does not necessarily mean that all weaknesses will be taken care of going forward.

            Simeone’s teams don’t always have most possession or stats in their favor but he has accomplished something with Atletico Madrid. At the end of the day it’s the results that matter, not the stats.

  10. Some people were accusing Acuna like he did not provide crosses they should watch the match closely.He provided crosses with both legs he has a vision for his role and in any day he is better than Taglafico who does not provide something worthy he is quite good but not enough.
    Acuna needs to get better understanding of off side trap.

  11. I had 2 question mark before the game about positions of right winger and CF. With Dybala and Icardi having both good games and goals I think the line up for next friendlies is ATM crystallized. It’s not that Dybala and Icardi were shining but finally left really positive impressions and no reason not to start them again:

    ………………..Lo Celso………Palacios

    Ascacibar was good yesterday. I noticed he is still improving his passes and with much more pace and movement from him than Paredes I’m not sure about Paredes is definitely No.1 on the position now.
    I see Ascacibar will be better and better.

    Franco Cervi deserves more minutes. Everytime when he is on the pitch we see a lot of movement on the left side. He is fast, skilfull, nimble, troublemaker for opponents lines. Pity over Cervi but the two needs more minutes as well.

    • Even the worst manager would not understand this line up, can you explain what is the advantage of playing paredes, ascacibar and palacios togther especially if you dont have pacy wingers there will be no width in the game this is not river plate this is argentina NT.
      But may possible scaloni can do anything.

      • Paredes and Ascacibar are not together here. Just one of them. Which it’s question mark still.

        Pity is pacy winger (Cervi as well). Pace is one of his main attributes. Pavon as well. He is possibility on right wing. ATM Dybala should start again though.

        • Pity is not a pacy winger anymore, his 20 years old self yes, but today he is not even fast (transfroms into a playmaker), current Di Maria has 10times more pace than him, Pavon too, Salvio even way faster, from Pavon and Gonzalo Martinez we could build a good player, who is NT-material

          • Your problem is that you simply don’t know much about Pity. He was always considered as fast player. What you are talking is pure ignorant shit full of cantradictions. You have not enough knowledge about some players so need to change your mind again and again. Even by checking some highlights you may see how fast is the player.

            Who’ve said not long ago Pity is so much inferior to Quintero and that Pity is more like winger? (I’ve insisted Pity had also the playmaking abilities). Should I bring here that your comment? Now you are talking Pity is transforming into playmaker. While he always had both the traits. Your talk full of contradictions, like chamaeleon.

            And who was the player who made difference in semifinal of CL – Pity, not Quintero. He led River to final. WHo was the player who made difference in River in first match of final? Pity. Who is the big games man, scoring and assisting in almost every recent Superclasico – Pity.

            The fact is Pity is so much versatile player, with pace and playmaking abilities. Which role he will play depends only on NT coach tactic and not on Pity’s talent limitations.

            Where you were troll when Pity was the man making difference in all the games from league Superclassico (when he scored and catch injury) till the last final game. Where you were troll?

          • full of nonsense from our favourite psychopath, you said he has pace nowadays psychopath, and now start your usual blablabla, after i catch your usual lies.

            “Your problem is that you simply don’t know much about Pity. He was always considered as fast player. What you are talking is pure ignorant shit full of cantradictions. You have not enough knowledge about some players so need to change your mind again and again. Even by checking some highlights you may see how fast is the player.”
            LOL, your problem that you dont see what you look, my eyes is great to reading players ability unlike yours (Lautaro Martinez your worst striker in NT history young Lo Celso now our best midfielder vs your bitching, young Paredes now our second best midfielder vs your bitching,vs your slow fuck Meza), im sure even Banega would win a sprint against that duck Meza.
            Yes if in your universuzm Meza has pace, than Gonzalo martinez is the WC-recorder sprinter LOL, but you are football blind as always.

            “Where you were troll when Pity was the man making difference in all the games from league Superclassico (when he scored and catch injury) till the last final game. Where you were troll?”
            Who the fuck cares what do he show against argentina cul teams and Iraq, my interest are his performances vs Columbia, Brazil or Real Madrid in Club World Cups, just like from every farmer. Zero. Will you be here with your usual blablabla after our farmers fail again against this shitty shitty Real Madrid? (Sevilla, Barcelona destroyed them, CSKA!!!, Levante, Alaves etc., this will be the match where we will see who is farmer and whos not

          • Where were you troll when Barcelona destroyed our farmers River Plate with 10% effort, Real Madrid our farmer San Lorenzo with 20% effort, Barcelona our farmers Boca Juniors in summer until your favourites couldnt do 3 passes afterwards. And where will you troll when this shitty Real Madrid will destroy any of your favourite farmers teams? Sorry players we need who can perform against A category teams, not just vs Boca or Iraq, and from this perspective Angel Correa, Lamela are much more useful players than Cervi, Salvio, Pity and co. who never ever do it, not to mention Di Maria, who can.

          • The level of chaotic and hatefull statements of this your post means I hit the jackpot with question about your Pity words.

            So why you can’t answer where from your self-contradictions about Pity Martinez?

          • LOL

            you are talking about Lautaro Martinez, Lo Celso and Paredes as if they were your players?! LOL so why you were changing your ming about them 100 times. From hype to hate. Why you are doing that? I may say: because you are fraudulent chameleon troll without moral spine to take resposibility for your own words. What’s about your shit you’ve said about Lo Celso or Paredes in recent times?

            Your last posts:
            “Lo Celso detto, first match where he shows something finally after a lot of fails, man you are a clown, if Lo Celso is such a good player, this should be his standard, not the exception, man he is argentina attacking midfielder for God’s sake, next year maybe in Champions League?”

            “Really Argentina’s attacking midfielder Lo Celso will be fckin Canales sub this year? Unbelievable and folks said he was PSG-material
            this guy should be the absolute star of this team instantly, unmissable”

            “Lo Celso, Palacios are too good? maybe vs Guatemala, Lo Celso was a sub in Betis last time, he is too good there too?”

            “But transfer to a big european club and play regularly is one of the hardest thing, neither of our new wingers can tell it themself (and probably never will), even Lo Celso has failed”.

            “Your conspiracy theories are mind blowing after our youngsters fail one after the other in bigger clubs (Paredes, Lo Celso, Kraneviter, Vietto and co), its not anti argentinian behavior, they are only not good enough”.
            “Because nowadays NT call ins are a joke”

          • self-contardiction like Meza the snail is fast? self-contardiction like Meza is a pacy winger who will terrorize every defense on WC? self-contardiction like Lautaro Martinez is the worst striker who have ever played in NT? But i have 100% right with Martinez, he transformed into a (bad) playmaker, but lost his pace completely. 20 years old Pity was really fast but braindead, current Martinez is not braindead but rather slow compared to a pacy winger. Again where is your eyes? Gonzalo Martinez can perform against Iraq, maybe against Mexico B or Levante, Stuttgart, Cagliari levels top argentine teams (we see on the club world cups thats the reality), where is the self-contradiction? i see only lies and exagerrated on your sides as always.

          • Yes, Meza is fast and every other member opinion here was supporting that. His problem lies elswhere.

            “self-contardiction like Meza is a pacy winger who will terrorize every defense on WC?”

            Bring my words I ‘ve said he will terrorize every WC defense. I’m waiting liar.

            “self-contardiction like Lautaro Martinez is the worst striker who have ever played in NT?”

            Bring my words. I’ve said something in losing game emotions that he is so lazy but not words like the above.

          • “But i have 100% right with Martinez, he transformed into a (bad) playmaker, but lost his pace completely. 20 years old Pity was really fast but braindead, current Martinez is not braindead but rather slow compared to a pacy winger”

            The words really suits your devious and mendacious chmaleon personality. So Pity was fast as 20 years old player and lost the pace as 25 years old player?! Oh, man, that’s really great specious slalom of prevaricate arguments.

            Player may lost something of his speed as closing 30 yo but not 25.

          • again you make completey foul from yourself, i repetead again and again Lo Celso (from 2016) and Paredes (since his Empoli days) as our biggest midfielder prospects, lets see yes i was completely right, on the other hand do i cite one of your psychopatological Paredes or Lautaro bitching from that days. On the other hand Meza when your sucked his dick, i realized from the first time he is a clown. So who is lying? Our psychopath…on the other hand its clear our best young midfielder Lo Celso and our second best midfielder Paredes failed in Champins League clubs, and shines in Europe League clubs, not to mentioned Vietto, Kranevitter, Joaquin Correa, Ocampos etc etc etc…the definition of europa league level players. Where is te self-contradiction? I just reflect on the reality, unlike you who was first total blind with there talents, and now sucked these players to the sky (because you realized they are currently our best young midfielders, and your hatred is morbid in the direction of the older players, who can perform in Champions league teams too, so you must to lie again that these players were not failures in their big clubs. and Gonzalo in his dream world again, where he lies without consequences, where argentina clubs are world-class and De Paul or Pity is better than Di Maria.

          • You can’t face and stand your own comments. You can’t take responsibility for your own words. Lo Celso was making you fooled recently after your words about him as his position in Betis. You are devious liar but that’s not much matter when your at the and of the day simply troll.

            My previous critics of Paredes are nothing to deny from myself. I was critic of his defensive abilities and lack of goals/assists. As far as the things have changed I may admit I was wrong but the fact is Paredes still is not delivering enough even on the attack contribution expectations of us.

            At the end of the day and most importatly I’m for every young Argentina player (Paredes or A.Correa too but the second is simply disappointing so far). For Paredes too. Prove? I did easily put him in my starting line up of NT if only he was doing well. These are moral abilities you lack. You will never admit being worng on so many things.

        • “Where were you troll when Barcelona destroyed our farmers River Plate with 10% effort, Real Madrid our farmer San Lorenzo with 20% effort”

          Amazing how can you measure the percentage of effort the teams engaged in the games. Numbers are your speciality, really.

          Barcelona in that time were so strong beating by 3 goals also big Europeans club so what’s problem.
          Real won against San Lorenzo only 2:0. They beat in that time some strong European clubs higher.

          And Boca Juniors at that time of summer vacation was really poor team, especially without Benedetto and with many new players, with little understanding. They lost not only to Barcelona but also other games in Superliga and so on. Yes, can’t ignore the fact. BEsides the game was on Barcelona stadium.

          • @Gonzalo angel correa is a class , he is showing it for ATM and he will show for NT he is 22. Against brazil he was best among all argentine forwards , he won a penalty denided by refree helped in defence but against mexico scaloni changed his position .You that kind of guy who always contradit yourself and doesnt know the ability of any player but if someone score a goal or one good display you start praising that player. Couple of days ago you didnt want icardi now just after scoring one you wamt icardi to start, if tomorrow benedetto will score one goal you will start bragging your ass about benedetto, same thing you did for j correa after one goal against udinese. You unneccesarily critisizing angel correa without knowing him.

          • @mrinal1235

            “You unneccesarily critisizing angel correa without knowing him”.

            It’s not really hard to understand you are not following Argentina players long time. Some new names are for you really unfamiliar. A.Correa? I’m watching him since he was San Lorenzo player… How long you are?
            My opinion is just he is not best choice for NT. We have better ones. So far I’m not wrong. If future will tell I was wrong You may bring the my words here then.

          • “if someone score a goal or one good display you start praising that player. Couple of days ago you didnt want icardi now just after scoring one you wamt icardi to start, if tomorrow benedetto will score one goal you will start bragging your ass about benedetto”

            Where I’ve said I don’t want Icardi? I just prefered Lautaro Martinez over him. That’s difference. And yes, I want now Icardi to start overr Lautaro. Why? Simply to keep boosted his confidence after first goal. We must start him now when he finally did what he shoud have for us. I don’t think he is better than Lautaro but now he needs to start because he scored (though his game was not perfect somehow).

            Benedetto? He scored more than 1 goal recently. Few really important goals. And nothing changed – I still think he deserves call up. Only his 9 months injury time was making me off from reapeating the words.

            J.Correa – Yous should rather be ashamed of your own words about him because that was so much radical critic that he already with last goals proved your opinions about him being wrong.

    • dybala in right wing position ??thats the thing..
      better if we play with pereyra in place of palacios and lamela in place of pity…cuz when dybala drifts in ,it leaves space in right…lamela can go and cober that space ,at the same time,act as the fourth midfielder…. pereyra csn step up with lamela and form overly attacking 4 forwards and shift back to form balanced mid..

    • Yes, it was my initial starting 11 few months ago because I can put most of my favorite players. But I realized that attack will be very concentrated in the middle as Dybala and Pity both like cut inside. Need to rely heavily on Tagliafico and Saravia. Without true winger who cross, it’ll be tough for Icardi too. Also there is no fast player for counter attack because Pity involve more in creating than finishing

      • But Pity playing on left wing will not cut inside often as he is left footed player. He will tend rather with his runs and driblings to left corner and then cross the middle. Pity could play more like playmaker and being cutting inside if positioned on right wing which is his favourable in fact.

  12. Well, a better game than the last one. Since I was very critical of Scaloni after the last game, I think should point out the positives as well.

    I liked the way Scaloni set up Icardi deep, using him as a focal point to bring down the ball, create space for the runners on both sides. There was no disoriented pressing. Instead all three lines stayed close and waited to catch Mexico on the counter. Icardi played a key role here.

    Ascacibar started slightly behind Pereyra and Meza. De Paul and Meza combined really well. I can see why Scaloni keeps including Meza. He was deployed in a LM role where he worked his socks off. Defensively he was excellent. The question is whether he can match his defensive work with attacking output. He wasn’t very good on the ball.

    We had some good counter attacks in this match. But I am not sure what Scaloni’s system offers for the more attacking talents like Lamela or, Dybala.

    Lastly, I am growing fond of Acuna. He is a very useful player to have in the squad.

    • I feel like almost all our midfielders showed really good moments yesterday but none was imressing all the time. I saw good minutes from Lamela, Pereyra, De Paul even Meza but none of them convinced me to think about him as starter over one of Lo Celso or Palacios.

      I’m rather more inclined to think about Ascacibar real competitior to Paredes pasition. Virtually Paredes passisng contribution should be higher than Ascacibar but I find him as not much consisten on this. Some games has great, key passes, some is very ordinar on it while I see Ascacibar is learning a lot and quickly. Not to mention he is mych better destroyer than Paredes.

      • All our midfielders were good – agree with that. The starting lineup was more about grit and discipline than creativity. De Paul, Meza, Ascacibar and Pereyra – the midfield reminded me of Mourinho – taking hard working wingers or, advanced players and converting them in rather defensive role to wait for the perfect counter attack. I liked the setup.

        Then again, like you, I believe our midfield should contain Lo Celso and Palacios. I am not sure such a defensive structure will suit either Palacios or Lo Celso. They need more freedom. In other words, they cant maintain such high defensive discipline.

        Ascacibar was 10/10. I dont get why Paredes is considered in his place. For me, Paredes isn’t and will never be a DM. He again kept walking when Lo Celso was running back to stop a counter.

        • Yes, Ascacibar’s hustling, toing and frowing is priceless. He might be our Kante plus the things on attacking depart I hope he will learn in future. His offensive abilities are growing while I see Paredes a bit capricious on his attacking contribution.

        • Palacios is in part defensive midfielder and so does his role in River hence I’m not afraid about his capabilities to adapt to such tactic.

    • Acuna’s performance was horrible although his defensive contribution wasn’t that bad but I think he isn’t good at holding the ball and moving forward and taking on defenders when we are on the counter.

      Anyone noticed how Kannemann is bad at ball distribution? I think Foyth and Mammana are way, way better than him.

      • @Dadir10,

        Well, I think Acuna is slightly unreliable at defending. While I agree with you that he isn’t good at taking on defenders, his pace is an asset on the counter. Most importantly, he can deliver some great crosses. I noticed he delivered at least three crosses in the first match. All were clear chances.

      • @ dadir10 agree bro
        I didn’t like kannemann
        Look horrible he hoves the
        Ball too much . He didn’t pass
        The ball enough now days
        Center back supposed be
        Comfortable with the ball
        Af course foyth and mammana much better than
        Him. Those two re ball playing center backd

        Man of the match for me
        Was pereyer

  13. Now the 6 friendlies are over, I think the following players make to copa19. These are not my favourites but I guess they are going to make it.
    GK:- Romero
    Defenders:- Tagliafico
    Funes mori
    Midfielders:- Paredes
    Lo Celso
    Pity Martinez
    De paul/lamela/pavon
    Forwards :- Messi
    * it would have been battaglia instead ascacibar had he not been injured.

  14. Messi and Aguero needed 6 matches to score goal where Icardi needed 8 also it should be mentioned two clear goals of Icardi converted into own goals otherwise Icardi could have scored three goals fror Argentina in 8matches, Icardi is the only superstar after messi as well as only Argentinian has potential to challenge Ballondor

    • So what do you mean messi = icardi, dont even dare if messi doesnt score , still he will be best playmaker in the world, he always keep troubling the defence and dragging the defenders so does kun.

      • I’m a messi fan but after Messi era no young Argentina player considering to challenge balloon dor expect icardi

  15. The last of my Beloved Albiceleste for this year after the horrific show in Russia. The new steps have been taken. The demand of renovation fulfilled, with new promise and few disappointments.

    As I see it, defense is almost sorted out. The base is there to work towards 2022. Midfield has too many competition right now which was unimaginable even 6 months before.

    Forward line needs a bit of work but with time it will also settle down. Icardi and Dybala will be feel relaxed and will be more enthusiastic with their time in the NT going forward from today onwards. Although the final third passing in this area still needs attention.

    As far as the Senior players is concerned, I only see space for Messi and May be for Aguero. With a solid display from Kanemann today, Otamendi’s place is in real danger unless he again performs for City in the upcoming months.

    By and large, I am pretty much satisfied with Scanloni’s interim period and with all the possibilities pointing towards his continuity I wish him all the best. The real test will begin now.

    P.S. for my dear friend @RoamnceKing, Ricardo Garceea’s Peru again lost today at home to Costa Rica.

    • Peru playing their best football after long time under Gareca where Argentina playing worst ever football even against week opponents, in this six friendlies Argentina was playing like bauza period, Peru will out perform many big teams in copa and i can bet on it if Scaloni remain Argentina coach then even messi can’t save Argentina and

    • Otamendi place is not in danger at all. Not only was he the best against our strongest opponent Brazil but he’s still our best CB. I actually thought kanemann didn’t perform great but perhaps you see something that I missed

  16. Wtf he is talking about…..he was not welcome ….he was ignored because he was not at the level of higuain and aguero……he hardly come back to take ball from our midfielders …..he is playing in shit club like inter Milan who just play crossing game ……
    I want Giovanni simeone to get more minutes …..don’t see his club performances…..he is the right guy for argentina ….he suits better with dybala and co.
    It’s just my opinion (I want icardi to prove me wrong and score 100s of goals in a winning cause)

    • Higuain before 2014 was better than Aguero, higuain before 2016 better than Icardi, but higuain in 2018???? even Marcos Rojo is better no9 than higuain in world cup

    • It has been seen that the NT tends to ignore Inter players somehow in major tournaments. Diego Milito was dropped in the 2010 WC squad and Cambiasso hardly got any game time at all. Goddamn Zanetti was ignored in 2010 too!!

  17. I seriously think that Giovanni simeone should be given more chance than lautaro Martinez as simeone has better pace and decision making quality + he is a hardworking guy who presses very well to clear space

  18. Im really impressed with the Tottenham Triio – Lamela, Gazzaniga, and Foyth. What a great game for Gazzaniga and i really like Lamela’s physical presence. He’s tall and gets in opponents faces, constantly chasing, shoving, and tacking. Not only is he not afraid to shoot, but he dribbles well and has good vision as he demonstrated with his assist in the opening minutes. i wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up starting.

    • Did you notice that Gazzaniga almost made a mess when he tried to cut out a cross but was caught in a limbo? If the attacker won the header, it would be an open goal. First match nerve maybe.

      Anyway, I liked him too. He made an excellent save from point blank range and pushed a long shot away when a Mexican player was lurking around. Solid performance.

  19. Well well well, FINALLY Both our would-to-be future superstars FINALLY score while wearing the Albiceleste, in the same game.

    I find what he said interesting, in a nutshell, he didn’t feel welcomed before whenever he appeared for the NT and Now he does AND he wants MESSI back as we all do, Meaning what? That Messi was NOT one of those who shunned him, contrary to what many suggested.

    I loved the enthusiasm, the look in Dybala’s eyes before he went into the game told me a lot- he wants to play and do well.

  20. I like what he said, instead of saying everyone is nice, he told the truth. New joiners were not welcomed by the senior, too much ego and not enough efforts were made by the staff. That slow down the team growth during the last few years.

  21. Icardi needs 8games to score 1 goals but his 2 goals converted into own goals so could have scored three goals for now anyway icardi goal scoring just started now it will be roaring next 5-6year

  22. 1) We need 1 pacy winger at least as a sub in 23. Pavon vs cervi . That pretty much is the needed change & can be introduced in 2nd half of match for variety.
    2) clearly dybala & Messi cannot be both fitted in playing 11. Unless dybala is striker & Messi floats around him in 2-4-4

    • Btw gazziniga had a good debut. 2 good saves. Also Ruilli ball distribution was useful for icardi goal. Just wish they played 1st game also.

    • Ideally a fast winger who can play as 9 with scoring capacity, like Claudio Lopez in the past and Mbappe for France. Pavon has this profile but not(yet) the level. Otherwise J Correa good potentiel too. Otherwise Cervi as winger. Having him and Dybala to manage free kicks and corners will be great.

  23. Scaloni cycle:
    10 goals, 10 different signings

    Pity Martínez
    Lo Celso
    L. Martínez
    Funes Mori

    still in progress to find the right main striker or is it a good things that all can score. A long way to go and limited time frame to form the core XI. All the best for Scaloni

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