Lionel SCALONI to be named as Argentina coach until Copa America


Lionel SCALONI is expected to be named as the Argentina coach until the Copa America.

Several reports are coming out that SCALONI will be offered a contract until next year’s Copa America. Per the reports, it appears as though the AFA will proceed with SCALONI and there are also chances that he managed the U20 team at the Sudamericano next year. Pablo AIMAR would likely remain on his coaching staff.


  1. For Messi is easier to play with young players, becuz they run an fight much more than the old millionars like di Maria , Higuain , … ! they not more proud to wear the albiceleste shirt ! they ever cry about the money they not get from AFA … is that so important ??? if u play for your country , u should never ask for money. they younger players are unbelivable talents, but never get chances becuz the `big names `must call up. now we are on a good way ( a bit late but ok ). They want to play for Argenttina and thats important.
    Diego knows everytime everything better than other coaches – he himself sit in mexico 2nd divison !!?? sometimes is better to say nothing than just say bullshit. its right we have alot of good coaches, but nobody wanted the job. Pekerman, bielsa are the best for us, scaloni as staff and he could learn alot.
    Anyway … i think we go much stronger now in next year than we was in last 3yrs.
    Vamos Argentina para siempre!!!

  2. Biggest news for Argentina fans copa Libaratoies final may be the deciding factor for next Argentina manager and Scaloni-Meza weeding date also be announced

    • Nice glasses Romance King!
      Picking Scaloni is the best option considering the big names don’t want to tarnish their reputation by taking on the national team. Argentina National Team is like a Ferrari with no steering wheel… tremendous power, speed and skill. I like Scaloni as he had modern fútbol brain 🧠!
      His idea was grasped right away… I’m really impressed with the young players response. All we need is MESSI to blend into this existing team and we will see this Ferrari at its full potential… Maybe Agüero too as Martínez needs to succeed at Inter before he does in the national team

      My team would line up like this:


      Montiel Otamendi Foyth Tagliafico

      Paredes Lo Celso
      Messi Pity Martinez



    • ————-Icardi—————-
      —-Locelso –Paredes —-
      ———–Rulli/Gazzaniga ———-

  3. i vote to survey. very good work. just i realize that after Tagliafico we don t have many LB options after him.

    anyway. i had post here my starting 11 before survey so no reason to change in vote.

    coach Scaloni and

    Saravia , Otamendi , Pezzella , Tagliafico.
    Paredes , Palacios , Lo celso.
    Messi , Icardi , Pavon.

  4. Now i honestly want messi should not have returned back in to copa or messi should not play in group stage matches in copa atleast. Just wanted to see scaloni’s team will get out of group stage or not.
    Again messi drag medicore argentina to final on his own and if something goes wrong ,he will be blamed again.
    I still not able to find a single thing what is exciting in scaloni for mundo members here.
    Calling young players?

    • If Messi comes back, expect more pressure to be on his shoulders. and eventually he will be the only one to blame, again.
      WE will have to call back other seniors to integrate, and keep most of them on the bench.
      Give Dybala a start and keep Messi on the bench, too. If things work out,fine, if not, introduce some players off the bench, all players have to share responsibility!

      • That’s why I said on another thread that Messi should retire from interntional duty and he should announce that quickly in order to avoid senseless speculation. That’s maybe the only thing he should imitate from Maradona after the 90′ WC when Diego announced international retirement. (and yeah to be called back in urgency three years later)

        • You should also retire from mundo ASAP.
          Some random tard comes here say messi to end his career.
          I bet even 40 years old messi will be the best player of argentina.
          Now messi is alone 10 times more dangerous than dybala, icardi and pity combined.
          Come on maradona lovers that drug addict shit , he should stop opening his mouth to shit.

          • I seen Messi 2006,2007 and never liked him, thought He was ‘arrogant’
            I never liked Barca, I support Atletico Madrid for 35 years.
            They are playing Barca tomorrow so let us win and move on top of the table.

            One day. my nephew- Who is a massive Argentina fan- sent me a message to see Messi’s goal against Getafe, the one that drew comparison with Maradona goal in 86 against England. I started liking this guy, I was a Maradona admirer very much and kept saying that Maradona will always be the best.
            Comes 2014.2015 and realized that this kid is the best in history by miles ahead of any one else. being the best always comes with a price. Messi’s brilliance is his curse as WE all expect him to score min. 50 goals a season and win all matches by himself, and when he fails, He is the first one to blame!

            a question to all here:
            If you were Messi, Would you come back to the NT, and why?
            try to answer without any bias, hate/affection or personal thought that you have, just think for a moment as if you are Messi, why would you want to come back to play for the national team of a country that keep blaming you, cursing you, criticizing you, rejecting you, discrediting, demeaning and denying what you gave to that country and the heartbreak you been through while you are the king of football whether you win a WC or not?

          • Messi’s love for argentina is unconditional no other player care about argentina as much as messi ,today no other player gives a fuck about argentina is loosing or winning they are happy in their club ,many of them dont even want to play for argentina NT look at local club players(boca and river) they only come to escape critics and media pressure.
            Its only leo who cares about NT, helps AFA financially,
            put prssure on AFA to fix the things, pays AFA worker, cries when argentina loose.

          • i think the same , messi is the best with 40 !! the other players do nothing than just stupid mistakes, but messi is that one who is ever the looser !!! why that ! sometimes i think they not watch the games, they just read the newspapers !

      • True that, but I will prefer Lamela over Dybala because he is more direct and precise. Dybala still needs to grow. His off the ball movement, first touch and finding space for other players is mediocre. I will go with Lamela anyday.

        • It’s easy for Lamela and Messi to play together as Lamela is a multi positions player, It’s Dybala and Messi that is difficult to have together.
          I just want Dybala to convince in a tournament setting, because he was not convincing in the friendlies. I know it sounds illogical to put Dybala in and keep Messi out, but maybe we can get the pressure off both of them.

          • Ebo, Dybala and Messi can’t play together, because after moving to Juventus, he is been trying to play like Messi in Juventus, moving in to the same space that Messi occupies. Taking Messi out is the only way. And to play Dybala as a false 9 or as 9, it is impossible. He simply doesn’t have the technique for it. His left foot is good in dead ball situations and from right side of the box, where he can cut inside and shoot, that is all.

  5. Extraordinarily beautiful play is not something that can ever be too absent from Argentina for too long, the nature of the team won’t support it, most creative players won’t either. I am sure AFA will bring in a coach capable of both playing good football and winning games. At this juncture, however, Scaloni is the perfect fit all the way to Copa. His system is clearly uninspiring, boring, but he gets results which is what we need at this moment. So Scaloni is the right choice and deserve to keep working.

  6. Maradona: “The Argentines, have this boy, Scaloni, who I repeat again, is not to blame that he’s there. Scaloni was pushed but it angers me that we depend on a coach like this & let Tata Martino go to the Mexicans.”

    Maradona: “In Argentina we do things so badly. We have Flaco Menotti, Tata Martino, Flaco Gareca, [Gustavo] Alfaro, Gallardo and El Mellizo [Barros Schelotto], but we go to Scaloni. We Argentines are living in the world upside down.”

    Maradona has some points.

    Scaloni’s work is decent. He has integrated a lot of new players, conceded 1 goal in six matches. Which are good to hear. He is also very good with media, which is a huge plus point for me.

    But Scaloni’s brand of football is not very good right now, basically Bauza’s football with younger players. I had to stop watching after first half of last match. Defending with everyone is good, but you can not win a cup if you are defending all the time. We lost brazil match because we defended all the time, offering nothing while going forward. If you have defensive approach, you have to be good with counters, transition, which is missing. You have to have the ball for minimum amounts of time.

    However he can improve from here. His attacking approach is going to opponent D-box with few passes. This requires fast players. Mentally and physically fast. He needs special players for this approach. He needs to either select proper players or build them. This is where ability and experience will count.

    Pep, in his last year at Barcelona, experimented too much. False 10, weird 3-4-3 and many things. He failed. Later he learned, he converted Lahm to MF, Delph as LB successfully. Bielsa did it all the time. Can Scaloni do it? We don’t know. His experience at senior level is 5 friendlies, one Classico.

  7. I think behind the scene. I am happy for this decision. Scaloni is the best available option, IF he stays, means the project will go on and that’s what all want, if he leaves, most of the new generation will be dropped when the next coach comes in and that is very bad for the future of the NT. some might say he is tactically weak. those are the same ones-mostly- that like to see Messi and some other seniors back in the team. The way I look at it, Scaloni is not tactically weak, He did the best out of what he has available. For a coach to play the way the NT team played for the last friendlies with the players he has, you have to give it to him. It’s not his fault most of the players did not deliver, or some of them were not available for 3 of the friendlies(Pitty,Palacios,Pavon) and some were injured (Pezzella,Ota,Mammana).
    Scaloni is a smart coach. He found the core of the team out of new generation and now will probably call some seniors to integrate into the existing generation, and not vice versa.

  8. scaloni should focus to marry with meza instead of dreaming to become Argentina coach. Hope messi doesn’t come back to save Argentina from Gareca peru if scaloni staying

  9. Thinking of which Midfield looks better?
    Lamela-Perreyra-Paredes-De Paul-Meza
    Lo Celso-Palacios-Paredes-Pity-Pavon

    And is it me that some of our GKs are bench warmers. Romero is a master in that, Gazzaniga too will have to be a bench warmer when Hugo Lloris comes back. Rulli well i dont know . Armani is the Number 1, So as Andrada and Herrera, Marchesin also starts. Its rather difficult to see who will be our Number 3 GK. Andrada, Gazzaniga, Herrera, Marchesin, Rulli all these have been tried by Scaloni, He clearly sees Romero and Armani as 1 and 2. I thought Andrada was meant to be our Number 3. But Gazzaniga is a surprising addition he looks little different than the others. He is very comfortable with Feet too.

  10. This is my 23 for Copa :

    Armani, Romero & 3rd GK.

    FBs : Saravia,Mercado,Tagliafico & Acuna.
    CBs : Otamendi, Pezella, Mammana & Foyth
    Mid : Peredes, Ascacibar, Battaglia, Palacios, Lo Ceslo, Pity, Lamela/maria, Pereyra, Cervi
    Attack : Messi, Aguero/Dybala, Icardi.

    I prefer Maria over Lamela if Messi plays.
    And Dybala over Aguero is Messi doesn’t play.

  11. May be this is the better decision, considering the fact that there is hardly any match before the second biggest international tournament after world cup. I wish good luck to Scaloni. Let him be the luck we were lacking since 1993. I hope our attacking area will improve dramatically, so that we will be in the shape of a title challenging team.

  12. Happy for Scaloni, Aimar, Samuel – It gives them ton of confidence and feel the backing..

    Selections – We have to see more and more specifically against some European opponents especially England..too much is being talked about England..

    Midfield – Need more the moment – it looks very soft..
    Forwards – We have enough headache selection…good so far..
    Defense – Need to experiment more..
    GK – Tune the current selections..

  13. REPOST:

    Dear Mundo Friends, i guess now is the best time to vote for the Coach, 23 squad, and Starting 11

    With the help of Ebo, Gonzalo, Godin, Mrinal, and Cox, we’ve completed the full list (if i missed player, ill add him and i’ll happily change my name to “dumbass” for a week lol) Please don’t try to game the survey, let it run its natural course.

    Heres the link but I excluded the full URL since it will have to be approved by admin and that can take 1 or 2 days so im avoiding


    (BTW, According to Mundo votes, SCALONI won by a landslide with 60% :). Gallardo in 2nd with 23% of votes. I’ll post the squad stats later today or tomorrow)

  14. I think we should get more friendlies and try to test our only big league starter GK, Geronimo Rulli. He has to work out and try to get back and retain his form from the 2015/16 season which was what made him a hot prospect. Too many mistakes and failing saves, that isn’t what we need. He is young and he still has time, I suggest Argentina try and train him as hard as they possibly can. VAMOSARGENTIN!!!

    • I think Rulli suffers from lack of confidence in the matchday. No doubt that he is talented and maybe impresses the coaches in during. Even Real Sociedad coach dropped him from starting 11 after giving so many chances. He should gain confidence as soon as possible otherwise he’ll be the next Karius.

  15. ……….ROmero……


    Lanzini…….battalgia……….lo celso…….

    Messi………dybala……………pity Martinez..

    How is this team Bros?????

    • First off, Pezella is injured. Second, Ottamendi is risky and we need to train out YOUNG players to create a capable squad. Third, Dybala is not a CF, he is a CAM, like Messi, which is why it is hard to play them together. ICARDI and MARTINEZ should be a pair in strike force, like two strikers. Including Messi gives us less space too experiment with players because he is too good🤪.

      This team is nore logical:

      Any Goalkeeper, honestly their all the same

      Saravia/Bustos, Funes Mori/Mammana, Conti, tagliafico

      Lo Celso, Dybala, Ascacibar, Paredes

      Pity Martinez, Icardi

  16. Irrespective of his tactical weakness ( of course he just started to learn… hope he have the atmosphere to enjoy learning..) happy to see Scaloni getting the nod. Aimar and Samuel.. always many missed the glory.. but most painful is Ayala, Zanetti, least let they bring the glory in never dreamed path.. still feel Beccacece should join the line..he is a hard worker..

    Wish you good luck to Scaloni.. enjoy the role..

  17. Scaloni is perfect compared to the trash that has managed our NT in the past. He has two excellent assistants in Samuel and Aimar, and has done a wonderful job with the youngsters. With Foyth, Mammana, Pezzella, Tagliafico, Saravia our defense has a very bright future.
    With LoCelso, Paredes, Palacios DyBala Pavon Lamela Lanzini our midfields and forwards are in good hands. We finally have players in the mid that can play box to box and have speed, offensive and defensive skills. They can make quick passes and can run all day.
    I think Messi and Aguero are the only ones that I would call from the previous generation and even they will be pushed by players coming up. I like Simeone, Lautaro and Icardi. I think this team needs a bit of experience but we have many players that will become stars in the near future, and the future is bright with these youngsters.

  18. I always support the continuity
    Of scaloni I’m cool with it but
    I’m not over exciting about it
    Based the way arg been playing
    Last few friendls.
    We re so boring to watch ..
    Do i believe? Can he win copa
    Yes that kind set up win you
    A tournament.. it may not be
    Pretty but it works at same time
    You can winning playing beautiful
    Football like Spain and Germany
    Did recently world cups..

  19. I see a lot of people are supporting Scaloni and at the same time, putting together line-ups where Icardi and Dybala starts side by side. Well, I hope you realise that Scaloni hasn’t yet found a system where both of them works together. They both started against Brazil. I am struggling to remember one single pass between these two. In the last match, he played Icardi and subbed Dybala on in place of Icardi. Besides, Scaloni’s formation needs a target man, which seems to be Icardi atm and Dybala, Lamela or whoever plays on the right side has had little impact in terms of creating chances. Scaloni’s system has been more about defending and little about creating opportunities from open play.

    So those who are terrified that bringing back Messi will force Dybala to the reserves, it might happen regardless of Messi’s situation. Just saying. 😊

    • Yes Scaloni still struggling to make them playing together. Not easy becoz if you put Dybala on the right you can’t get the best of him and without wingers’ supply it’s hard for Icardi too. Icardi is a pure striker unlike Kane or Benzema who like involved in the game. I see Scaloni trying to compare 2 options with his 433, either putting 2 wingers with Icardi, or Dybala or Lautaro in false 9 role.

      I think it’s not impossible to have them together. Remember in the old days, many teams in Serie A played with a fwd and a half 9,like Zidane De Piero and inzaghi.

      • “Not easy becoz if you put Dybala on the right you can’t get the best of him and without wingers’ supply it’s hard for Icardi too.” – Exactly.

        If Scaloni sets up his team like he did in the last match, I think Scaloni will choose Lamela over Dybala because of Lamela’s much higher work rate. Two hard working wingers on both sides of Icardi makes sense for a counter attacking team.

        But if Scaloni wants to bring some creativity in a rigid formation, I am not sure Dybala has done enough to get the nod alongside Icardi.

      • So Dybala’s place isn’t secured regardless of Messi’s situation. I am saying this because if Messi is included in the team alongside Icardi, some will argue that it’s due to Messi’s fame rather than Dybala’s inability to secure a place in the team. Just a little reminder that Icardi-Dybala pair hasn’t been successful yet.

        • The problem I see with Dybala is his technique, he is good on dead ball and cutting inside from right with two or three steps and shooting. Otherwise, can he take the opponent to him and free up space for other players? No, he can’t. Is he good off the ball taking up space and freeing his supports? No. So, Messi should just take a good one year out of the competitive football and let other figure out. That is what I believe. People are going to keep blaming him otherwise. Let others win the Copa and then call him in as a Super Sub.

  20. Now he may feel free to take more risk. It’s great to inspire from Deschamps and Simeone. But our players have different qualities and they have theirs.

    Personally I think 2 football styles fit a lot the players we have. 1st one is Sarri’s 433, big influence on the new Squadra. The other one is Sevilla’s 352. Maybe Sarri’s one more realistic even though I have always preference for 343 or 352.

  21. Wrong decision! Against any good team they will suffer & their brand of football will be a pain to watch. Expect lots of 0-0 draws. Sorry for being negative but gave my honest opinion!!

  22. Scaloni is the most logical choice over the copa 19. But I’m not sure if he has the integrity (cojones) to turn down someone like Messi come 2022 if Messi would not be the best choice at his position by then. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see Leo taking a role as our Xavi in 2022 WC but not unconditionally. That’s where Scaloni’s integrity will be tested for real. I hope to be proven wrong, that he will always put the team in the first place. Argentina first!

    • Messi plays vertically and he’s a natural risk taker. He doesn’t like defend so I really don’t see how he can take Xavi’s role despite his passing skill. With age, he should play as 9 half, supported by a forward, a playmaker, hard working midfielders and fullbacks.

      If Messi wants to come back, even though if not at his best form, any coach on this planet will include him in his 23.

    • You worry about Scaloni turning down Messi but you don’t bat an eye when were seeing horrible offensive tactics? Again, you worry about messi but dont say 1 thing about horrible tactics. This blog is too caught up in the messi hate and ignore the tactical weakness of scaloni. what the hell is going on??

  23. The only logical decision that could have been taken. He has had a mini run and there is no point in bringing in someone different anyways. He is somewhat close to the roots system.
    Scaloni to my mind has done a good job of calling up youngsters for the matches. Why so many youngsters ?
    So that he can come up with nos 1 and 2 for most positions. That is a way more mathematically probable way of finding out a “team” than playing a set 11 with only a few people going in and out. When starting fresh this is way more logical.
    Besides the dressing room will have a set of “common” faces in this batch and they will form a understanding.
    The problem is we tend to think only the team on the pitch has understanding. The team creates understanding by bonding by playing practice matches. By staying together frequently and talking the sport.
    Each and everyone of those 30 odd people should feel a part of history , be a part of this “great work” of rebuilding. That would help them in playing for each other on the field. His strategies have suffered because of the need to try out people further complicated by the River Boca players unavailability. So to blame him is absolutely batshit illogical.
    Further for people claiming we need to build a team and not a one player centric system.
    No team plays purely team football. EVERY TEAM HAS 1-3 KEY players who they rely on and develop the strategy around. If we are to play with Icardi and Dybala as the ones we depend on to win then we need to create a system that suits him and play the players that would be “needed” for that system. Not necessarily the best players in the midfield based on recent club form will make the list. YOU CANNOT PLAY all players on recent form and just create a team. Its a matter of balance.
    Go Scaloni !

  24. Good Decision by AFA.(They didn’t had another option too). I just hope he don’t change his style and decision making to accommodate some older famous players. Lets continue with the Same base. And I believe that will be what Scaloni be doing. he already has a base set of players. Icardi, Dybala, Lo Celso, Paredes, Palacios, Pezzella, Tagliafico, Battaglia, Pity etc etc r his core base players he only have 3 more matches to experiment too. Time to Fix an 11 and 23.

  25. He really deserves it! Hope that he will be capable to do something great for the NT in shaa Allah! I like him & his works! Scaloni-Aimar-Walter r necessary for the team at this moment!

  26. As world beaters from London and Madrid are more concerned about their wallet and posh lifestyle, River and Boca boss more interested in holding players back from playing in NT, Tata Mexico bound, Jorge Almiron already occupied, this is pretty much a sensible decision.
    The ” Hate Farmer Brigade” will now protest outside the AFA till Copa America ends.

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