Diego MARADONA takes jab at Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI


Diego MARADONA is never one to shy away from a microphone and in his latest interview, the football legend took a jab at Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI.

The current coach of Dorados in Mexico is against the appointment of Lionel SCALONI as manager of the Argentina team. Here’s what he had to say:

“We Argentines have the boy Lionel SCALONI, who is not to blame for being there, but the problem is that he thinks he’s the coach and wants to go to the World Cup. He can go, but to the Motorcycling World Cup, not the football one.

“In Argentina we do things so badly. We have Cesar Luis MENOTTI, Tata MARTINO, Flaco GARECA, Gustavo ALFARO, Marcelo GALLARDO and Barros SCHELOTTO, but we go to SCALONI. We Argentines are living in the world upside down.”


  1. Maradona begging disrespect from every argtn fans around the world. Scaloni is not an experiance coach like bielsa bauza or martino etc.He did an excellnt job in argnas these 6 games.
    Guys plz ignor donas words and concentrate and enjoy and support our youth team.
    Dona frustrated bcz he is not getting in to partof our team. Bullshit!!! Compltly maddd. Leave him…

  2. lost 1-6 to Bolivia
    lost 1-3 to Brazil
    qualified to World cup with Veron deflected freekick
    lost 0-4 against Germany
    getting sacked by Arab club

    What a manager!

  3. Maradroga needs to lighten up and stop being anti-Argentina…. I loved him as a player but he is so fried now that only negative stuff comes out of him… he never has anything positive to say unless the person kisses his a..

  4. Maradona is just a classless person! A mad third class person’s words should strictly be ignored! We know HIM very very well! Though he won a wc for Argentina, was a great player, thanks a lot for that, but frankly speaking that he is now a poison for Argentine football. Thats it!

  5. The only thing I can’t understand is not what is Diego talking but what for anyone is bringing his words here and making news of that. Everyone’s aware Diego is a clown in private life and his statements are not good enough even for silly season.

  6. Diego criticism all ( scaloni, messi in past, … ) he not give others a chance.
    scaloni cant make a team in 2 weeks 🙂 ! just let him work an give that time.
    We played not bad against a brazil with the best 11 they have. we played with hombres, they not had more than 5 National games !!! and loose in 93`min on a cornerball ! so its not all that bad how maradona describe.

  7. Well we had Maradona himself, Bauza, and Samapoli as our Coaches who all were utter crap for us (No Mtatter what they did for their Clubs). I don’t think Scaloni will do badder than those guys. he is a conservative Coach that means forget about the attractive plays but we will concede less. Is it gud or bad only time will tell. Zidane won 3 CL with Real no one imagined that. Anything can happen.

    Anyway Maradonas words r never meant to be taken seriously nowadays i guess.

  8. One of the main culprits are the media.
    They need to focus on supporting this team for the future rather than bash the players, frailties or the coaching staff.
    They shouldn’t give the time or day to imbeciles like Diego.
    We celebrate Diego as the player. Not the man off the pitch.

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