Argentina, Manchester United goalkeeper Sergio ROMERO responds to Mauro ICARDI


Argentina goalkeeper Sergio ROMERO responded to Mauro ICARDI’s comments about there being more companionship and friendship in the Argentina team.

Inter man Mauro ICARDI scored his first goal for Argentina in the team’s 2-0 win and after the match gave his thoughts on how things had changed within the team. However, Manchester United goalkeeper ROMERO came out and replied to ICARDI’s comments. Here’s what he had to say:

“The monkey was taken off our backs and when the responsibility falls on just five or six players it becomes very difficult. It’s complicated to smile when you know that you’ll be pointed out for any failures. I was one of them (those players) and unfortunately it went that way, but that was the situation we were living as a group.

“If he (Mauro ICARDI) saw it like that, it’s a shame because he could have taken advantage or enjoyed playing alongside a play maker like MESSI, who could give you a ball at any moment, next to Kun (Sergio AGUERO) or anyone.”


  1. I don’t know how atletico madrid fans
    Be happy to watch their team
    Play Like that week in week out
    Horrible team to watch..
    I wonder why big European teams don’t look out Diego Simeone

    • They were boring, I know. and they were a bit more physical against Barca today, usually they are like that against the city rivals.Their problem is they don’t keep their best players and they mostly sell them to make huge profit. started going down hill since they got rid of Arda. Their budget is not even 1/4 of the big clubs in Europe and they still compete well, not sure about this year, but it seems that they are not going to do very well.

  2. read that Boca bus windows were shattered by River fans. Police then used gas to disperse the crowd but it made Boca players and the bus driver puke because windows were open.

    • It true Gallardo is special manager
      He can mix his game if he was
      Speaking English would be link
      Epl clubs long time
      Soon though he will be in Europe
      The dreamland of football

  3. I personally feel we will have a better midfield in this generation and next world cup 2022……more better than attack wchich argentina lacked in 2018……….lo celso is already world class… doubt on peredes well he shld join europe still…….palacious is a great hope as he joins real madrid….i think he will be starter soon…….we forget nowdays a injured player called lanzini ….he is also world class………Attack lets not mention….dybala amd icardi…….sensation……..defensive mid i love battalgia due to his physiciality……..lets see how asciabar progresses………

    Problem is always defense…….pazzela and otamendi are old…….no quality lb or rb too which is one of vital to win matches…….hope foyth becomes world class and saravia move to better club………i dont like tagliafico a lot……..mammana also i have hope……..conti too…..what about gomez as a wing back….where is he?

  4. REPOST:

    Dear Mundo Friends, i guess now is the best time to vote for the Coach, 23 squad, and Starting 11

    With the help of Ebo, Gonzalo, Godin, Mrinal, and Cox, we’ve completed the full list (if i missed player, ill add him and i’ll happily change my name to “dumbass” for a week lol) Please don’t try to game the survey, let it run its natural course.

    Heres the link but I excluded the full URL since it will have to be approved by admin and that can take 1 or 2 days so im avoiding


    (BTW, According to Mundo votes, SCALONI won by a landslide with 58% :). Gallardo in 2nd with 28% of votes. we have almost 70 votes so far…..I’ll post the stats later today!)

    • Yes, he didn’t have many of that kind of players with him. There were Lucho, Pastore, Gaitan etc very gifted players but too static. Not enough mobile. Now we got the new generation Saravia, Palacios, Paredes, Pity, Lo Celso, De Paul, Cervi who are all technical but also collective, hard working and strong physically. I see them much more compatible with Messi than players from the previous generation.

      BTW, De Paul has a unique profile, he can play as winger back like Candela, winger on both side, playmaker or even half 9. Important to have him.

        • To me yes. People like you thought Iniesta and Xavi are pure technical players but don’t realise how hard they work for the team. Just go to check with heatmap the running distance per game for those 3.

        • Why do you come here always underestimating our players?
          They are talented players and work hard on the pitch. and yes they are strong physically for a football player. unless you are looking for wrestlers not footballers!

        • Pity is average when it comes to physical strength but Celso and Cervi are certainly well above average. Physical strength isn’t about the size of someone’s muscles but rather their balance and unwillingness to go down even when pushed. Take Ronaldo and Drogba, both mountains of muscles but they tumbled like drunk gymnasts when ever someone came even close to them while little guys like Lio, Maradona and kun kept going no matter how much they got hacked.

      • That’s what happens if you stick to the same old group of players.. It happened to France in 2010. it happened to Barca after Pep left.. it happened to US and it’s happening to Real now. You need to keep injecting young blood to maintain the competitiveness! Just because some one performed 4 years ago shouldn’t guarantee him a spot for next 4 years!! There is a reason you go to Chinese league, you are simply not good enough for top league football!!

        • “no excuses”?

          Once again? So if you are talking always about our opponents success and wants depreciate every Argentina win, devaluate every Argentina opponents in case of good result as it was with games against Mexico then get the fuck out off here Brazilian troll.

          Your hate makes you such stupid asshole that you can even say Mexico was much better than our team despite the FACT we scored against them 4 goals and lost 0 in the 2 matches:

          “…this was a mexico without firepower, and still they dominated easily Scaloni kids”
          “this B team was much better with the ball than our “super talented” next gen but without their attacking talents they were clueless, and btw totaly out of form, Scaloni still doesnt show anything except anti fottball”

  5. Icardi might be right about the comments he made, but since he is a captain at a prestigious club like Inter, he should make smarter comments instead of dividing the the locker room. Romero should leave the national or get a starting role in a smaller team where he can play consistently.

    All these players should be very careful of what they say as Scaloni is only garanteed to be around till the end of copa america. I love Icardi on the field but maybe all that ink is affecting his thought process, be humble and understand where you are, be possitive without taking little jabs. I follow all his comments since his Barca days… he once made a comment to the Inter Ultras that he could bring a few hit man from Argentina to assassenate them if they make some threats… some players are better off speaking on the field with their feet… remember this comment.

  6. By the way, how do u guys rate Emiliano Sala of PSG??He’s the top scorer now of Ligue 1 with 11 goals.

    And current top scorers of 3 leagues are fellow Argentine players … EPL- Aguero(8) ,La Liga – Messi (9)and Ligue 1 – Sala(11).Icardi is now 3rd in Serie A with 7…

  7. Romero should shut the fuck up or retire the fuck out. It’s like the club of friends want to be honored for 3 close losses. Argentina is a giant of football, 2 x former champions. So coming close 3 times will never be highlight of the nation that wants more stars on the NT shirt. At least, not for some of who were lucky to have experienced some of those sweet moments of being a World or Copa champion. Yes, I give the respect for the Messi generation for bringing the respect back as for the Albiceleste.
    What Icardi said should be viewed and understood from footballing point of view not from pussy politics perspectives.
    Icardi just indicated that there’s new generation with a new spirit. And there seem to be more of a friendlier atmosphere now, having seen the past group.
    Romero helped to reached those finals but he is not Fillol, Gatti or Goycochea.
    In my opinion, Gazzaniga looks capable of being the next top dog for the NT. Not, long ago I remember watching Gazza having a few great games for Tottenham that Lloris wasn’t really missed. I was thinking this guy will be good for the NT but his chances of being noticed as reserve GK are almost next to zero. Great that I was proven wrong. Now here we’re, he already has already impressed for the NT.

    • No other team has played 3 consecutive finals, its only argentina romero genration was most sucessful among all argentine generations.
      Icardi should never ever selected in the team i took 9 matches to a striker to score 1 fucking goal in friendly, even romero as a striker would have scored more than , that rat icardi should keep her mouth inside pussy of wanda nara.
      I would always prefer messi’s friends club than useless icardi’s friends club.
      He didnt deserve the selection ,he was not even close to aguero,higuian even benedetto was tactically better than him.

      • Coutinho is better than maradona, noone can live in past time has to move forward, except Messi and Aguero noone remain world class so targeting 2022 world icardi must be given priority considering the injustice of icardi exclusion despite sere A top scorer

          • you misunderstood my point currently artur is better than xavi not peck xavi similar to Coutinho and mardona, it’s the rule of the nature time waits for none and have to move on, Now it’s icardi time what Batigol says

        • Never say such things on this site even using as a present example. Maradona is GOD of football. He may be a addict and talk crap nowadays but that doesn’t take away the fact that he is the greatest footballer along with Messi to be ever born

          • Xavi similar to Maradona? Have you ever seen Diego playing before affirming that. We all know nobody can beat the time, if I follow your logic, Rojo must be a better player than Maradona because he is 60 now.

    • Yupp Exactly I have got Sick and tired when i hear Romero is the Best GK we have. Crappp. He is no Fillol, Gatti or Goycochea.. Noway near. Its already late that he is still playing for us in 2018. Move on and try someone better. For Eg Gazzaniga looks brilliant in his passing. We will never see Romero like that.He will not improve now at his age. he is already past his prime. Its simply wasting time by keep starting him again and again. Obviously he will get the hang of it and want to play till 2022. Imagine Romero the highest capped Argentina NT Player ever WTF. And we had the likes of Fillol, Goycochea etc etc. Even Maradona, Messi, Bati, who wont be capped higher than Romero, because this guy starts in all F***ing matches for us. Even friendlies till now. Goshh Scaloni or whoever drop him ASAP.

    • Why should he shut the fuck up for Icardi? Based on what? Legacy? Let’s talk when Icardi becomes really decisive in official competition. Personally I like the player and nothing wrong to be honest but he should do his talking on the pitch.

    • > Romero should shut the fuck up or retire the fuck out. It’s like the club of friends want to be honored for 3 close losses.

      Nagh, Romero should keep talking. He didnt say anything wrong. The only people that should shut the fuck up are horrible Arg supporters that show no respect to senior players. They need to shut the fuck up. Desegracidios de mierda.

    • IF anyone against so called ‘friends club’, then Icardi is forming his ‘own friends’ club and should not be encouraged by those who are against the ‘old friends club’. Romero was just responding to a non sense unfounded,baseless argument, and Romero was making it clear to everyone who underestimates the pressure and the ‘Monkey on the back’ of the seniors. No one is willing to listen,though.
      Scaloni has to step in, in order not to create a rift between the players and save the integrity of the dressing room. Because that is what Icardi is aiming at. HE could have said that long time ago. Or just let the ball on the pitch do the talking

  8. All friends club members must be kicked out Romero Banega Dimaria Rojo marcado otamendi, higuain, ezo etc forever from national team. Except Messi and Aguero all old guards belongs to friends club run by Mascherano and biglia. Icardi is now only Argentina successor and team must be build around him

  9. Me I think this kind of thing is inappropriate to be said in the public even though I appreciate Icardi’s frank speaking. I can understand that his 1st goal is kind of revenge to his previous frustration. What Romero said is just reply him, nothing wrong too. He implicitly means the new generation does not have the level yet to pick up.

    There were exceptional players in the previous generation but more concentrated on a few players. You don’t have Messi or Aguero in the new generation but much more balanced. If you asked me a team cut into 2, 7 players staying behind, 2 players waiting for the ball and expecting Messi to make the difference or a team playing collectively in bloc, I won’t hesitate.

  10. Ebo

    Why do you believe the things written about the love triangle?
    We dont know what really happened!
    It is the same situation like the friends club.
    Accusations for both icardi and the friends club.
    I am not a follower and never will be one. It doesnt matter whats written, after processing information I end up making my own conclusions.
    I believe icardi, maxi, wanda are no angles and all of them made mistakes and so did the friends club.
    It‘s just favoritism makes us turn a blind eye for the friends club.
    I don‘t have hopes that icardi is our saviour, and I also dont think they were failures, you are saying that not me.
    I think some players occupied other players place not on merit but because of nepotism. Those things decreased our chances of winning. We could have done more if we had putmeritocracy above friendship.
    Doing your best and increase your chances.
    Thats all.
    Nobody can give you guarantees.

    • I never read about the love triangle. To me it’s just a matter of principles, She is hot, though 🙂 and so is her sister.
      I am well aware that players are no angels. John terry had an affair with his teammates girlfriend, but did not marry her and take the kids, and lost captaincy In the English team under cappello, Rooney was accused of extra marital activity, no way a friend should have an affair with another friend’s wife/girlfriend. What do you think about teammates? How others will trust that person? So in that case the ‘friends club’ and the coach have a reason to keep him out. Half of Argentina despised the guy including Maradona. But I think if he was tactically gifted, He could have made his way through, he had no place in the team tactically, it’s all clear.

      AS for the existence of friends club, I think it’s blown out of proportions. In every team in the world there exist such group of close friends. Certain Players are always consulted, But they don’t go as far as dictating who play and who does not. unless you consider Meza,Tagliafico, Acuna,Benedetto,Fazio as part of the friends club. and Di maria, Aguero, Banega are not part of that club because they were on the bench in important matches the last WC.
      I think enough said about the subject, I will respectfully understand your opinion.

    • Let us agree on one thing very important
      Support the NT no matter who plays. I was the first one to comment on Icardi’s goal couple of days ago and said great goal, right away.

      Vamos Argentina, Carajo

      • Ebo
        Taking anybody’s wife is wrong, no matter who that person is you teammate, friend or stranger.
        Taking the National team hostage is also wrong.
        Both should be condemned.
        Because it wasn’t only Icardi who was persecuted.
        We have a saying when someone responds without being named.
        “he speaks who has has the a fly under his hat”
        Romero knows he was responsible and he had 2 ways to respond:
        Apologizing or defending himself.
        I hope the people in charge take the right measures and prevent monopoly and backstabbing so we can work together and increase our chances.
        Thank you for the discussion.

  11. Tapia must shows the 10 years afa reform as he told us several times in his tenure. I am not going with Scaloni common guys we are not peru,chle or any minnows where anyone get coaching role of national team.we are Argentina,we want a good coach with good cv,please dont tell me about scaloni 6 match streak,Argentina have lots of good coaches available like Holan,Coudet,ANtonia mohammad,Almiron,ALfaro etc
    there are lots of coaches available in super liga who is having good history with them in club level.Scaloni is good but only for u-20 level not for our nt he even dont have any coaching experience before these 6 matches. MAD SAMPAOLI get him in his coaching staff as a video analyst for apposition match. argentina deserve a coach who is having a very good cv.AFA and Tapia must shows the comittment for our beloved albiceleste, if they dont show us the next 10 years cycle for argentina football as well a good coach for us than i am bet sure we will not win anything in near future. vamos albiceleste

    • I was just talking about you to my friends, and the upcoming River Vs Boca final
      I did not know that a lot of people who are mainly interested in European football are looking for the match. Non of them is Argentine, they are all from the middle east and they will watch the match. Great, Let’s go River

      • Yes. i already turn my attention to that.
        really i feel i will not sleep tonight from stress.

        if we not win it will be the disaster of the century for all the River plate fans.

        really i don t feel i can handle the idea of one possible defeat.
        i feel as stressed i can t find words.

    • @cox4
      I am heart broken since then 🙁
      I remember that I went dancing in the streets in New Jersey and was the only one with argentina shirt, I passed by a house where everyone was screaming, and all came out with the albiceleste shirt on and celebrated together. It was nice as we are total strangers celebrating a common happy moment.

      • that day was one of the most happy days of my life.
        i remember every single moment of that day from the morning till the late night.
        what i did where i was etc.

        this day i will not forget till i die.
        yes it is the last joy we had till today but that never destroy anything inside me.
        i have the desire to watch again and again and again that video and that game.

        every time i want to feel happy i go back to those days.
        whatever will happened in future that things nobody can take it from me.

        in 1986 i was small child and i don t remember anything.
        but in 2014 even if we lose in final i can never keep inside my soul anything negative.

        i thank the God because he give me this days back in 2014.
        and i will be FOREVER THANKFUL TO ALL THE PLAYERS THAT WAS IN SQUAD in that world cup.
        because those guys give me one of the best summer of my life.
        something that i will take with me till i die.
        even if we win in future world cup again i will never forget.
        because in my culture it is sin to forget those who give you happy.

        so because of that i will give my “blood” to defend Mascherano , Romero , Messi , Garay , Zabaleta , Rojo , Perez and all those give little or more to happened what happened.

        to defend them i mean from people that is so small inside their soul
        because they didn t learn to say 1 thank you and show respect.

        • Cox04: being the senior citizen on here I have told longer members before how I was about 7 for the 78 (I just remember parts on it in black and white tv) but 86 feels like yesterday and I remember walking to school screaming “we are the champions of the world” its was an unreal feeling that ill never forget.

          14 we blew it and every day I still feel the pain of losing that final.

          • I was 12 in 78 (old guy I know) and remember Kempes. ardilles, passarella very well. I watched the WC with My older brothers who did not like Argentina and were supporting Holland and Italy. happiest moment was 86, I was watching the WC on a 14 inch TV at 2 AM with my friends in Cyprus, and the neighbors called the police on us for screaming too loud.

  12. Romero counter against icardi proves that he was feel lonely in November friendly as no old guard was part of it also Romero was missing his bedroom partner Higuain. Icardi deserve to be the regular since 2016 and Argentina wasted icardi peck two year also

  13. except Messi and Aguero all old guards are the part of the Friends club lead by Mascherano vice captain by biglia reason choker higuain still part of the squad after constitutive 3final misses

  14. Just watched Leverkusen vs Stuttgart…..
    I m glad sampaoli didn’t pick insua for WC bcoz he doesn’t have skills nor brain.

    Caseres is far better than ascascisbar ….actually I think ascacisbar is not good enough to ever play for NT…he doesn’t know defending nor passing…..doesnt hv creativity ….he just do unnecessary tackles nothing else

    Nico gonzalez has pace and skills ….he can be something in future if he develops well

  15. Icardi wants messi to come back and also said the truth about friends club proves one thing messi was always a soft target

    • ‘Friends club’, better than ‘enemy club’ 🙂
      French coach after qualifying for the WC2018 final:

      “Still, he thought, the nine players who were in the squad at Euro 2016 would ensure the French team for Sunday would learn lessons from the experience of that final, if only to pass on how it felt to lose such a big match.”

      Yet many guys think that they can qualify to and win WC2022 without passing the experience from one generation to the next. By the time WE WC it will be maybe 2030 and all those younger players many are calling for will not be there in the squad.

      AS a coach, I rather have a group of 8 friends than a group of 11 who are enemies, because it will dmage the spirit of the team as a whole, If Icardi was really good for the NT, no one could deny him his place in the team.
      Many say his style is not suitable for the NT, do you deny that? If he scored only one single goal in the last friendlies when no one of the ‘friends club’ was present, He can not blame them and say he did not feel comfortable and that’s why he did not succeed when they were around.He did not succeed now ,neither. Why did he wait to say what he said ONLY after he scored?

      • @ebo
        My friend take this from me
        I have respect masch and co
        Especially masch if anyone
        Deserve to lift a trophy for Arg
        Is masch more than any other
        Player the man suffered for his
        Country for me he is legend..

        Friends club
        Nothing wrong to be friends
        But the true is that has been
        Existed in the Nt. The problem
        Was they were keep blocking the others
        Getting chance if they were smart
        Enough they would and should
        Slowly started to inject the team
        Young ones give them chance
        Example for me was lanzini
        And pezzela paredes ‘ j correa
        Pity Martinez battaglia
        should be the team around 2015

        If you remember bro I said
        I would have simoene over him
        I still stand by that ..
        I’m not icardi fan I can see in him
        He wants to form his own friends
        Club now and that is really big

        The old guard:
        I have much respect for them
        Real talk is they put Argentina
        In the world map again after
        Years of been quarterfinal team
        They breaked the parrie which
        Was really important..
        For me they were unlucky not
        To win it the world cup and copa

        The truth :
        Telling the truth is one thing
        Love and respect players is
        Another thing for me I will
        Tell the truth even if it against

        Love Argentina viva albicelestes

    • My friend, of course they were friends and its no secret. This isn’t the illuminati. They have been playing together for so long, how could anyone not expect players to develop friendship. Di Maria, Higuain, Masche, Aguero, Masche, Messi were also apart of the exclusive club of “worlds best”….elite players with Messi being in a league of his own. Not only were they insanely talented for club, but they also got us to 3 finals. Most countries would dream of such success. Don’t act like they’re scrubs… I’ve asked this before i get 1 answer “no one else was given chance so we don’t know who” but ill ask again, feel free to tell me who was good enough to take their place? i do think Icardi should have been picked instead of Higuain for WC18 but even Icardi couldn’t have helped the SAMPA KAMIKAZE insanity, no one could have.

      the part where you’re wrong is that you keep insisting they controlled the selection of players. you have absolutely no proof whatsoever to make such a claim. Not only do you not have proof, but all players and coaches have come and said its venomous lie thats perpetuated by the shitty media.

      As for Mascherano, i couldn’t have been happier to have EL JEFECITO (the little BOSS) take command of the team. Hes was integral, injected spirit and motivation. he was a great leader.

        • i think they should have be taken as well. Especially Lo Celso. such a mystery as to why he did not play. Fazio was picked ahead of Pezzella, after all, he was having an amazing season. I guess the point here is that you make a claim that senior players blocked lo celso, paredes, pezzella, where is your proof?

          • I don’t need to prove a “negative”. You’re the one making the claim so you need to prove it. Its like if i said “Hey Godin, I have a flying car”. if i made the claim (positive), i need to prove that i have a flying car. Its not the other way around. Its NOT your responsibility to prove that I don’t have a flying car (negative).

          • without proof to support your claim, youre no better that the ARGENTINE media who make up shit all the time. It’s dangerous what you’re doing and certainly doesn’t help with moral.

  16. Cox4, you expressed exactly my thoughts my friend, hats off to you, as we are our own worst enemy! I will also add us, the fans, to this miserably circus, as we won’t miss a single chance on bashing our team, it’s players and every single effort on trying getting things better! And you know the best part? We give gredits to other teams and its players where they don’t really deserve to!

    We didn’t play attractive against Brazil. Well, we didn’t indeed! But did Brazil best potential 11 played convicingly against an experimental Argentiina B team?? No, they didn’t! Some said here that we should have conceeded four goals against Brazil as we only had just a single shot on target. Well, Brazil had JUST THREE but still some stated that we should have been down to four goals! I don’t know whether to laugh or get ungry with some comments! Brazil also won Uruguay with a penalty, how convincing! Where are Brazilian forwards as i didn’t hear anyone of them scoring tons of goals lately!

    Have these people really BOTHER watching France and Germany?? Their performances as well as their way of playing were far way than convincing in uefa nations league! The only team that really liked currently was the Netherlands. But still we feel the obligation to point out only the negatives regarding our team, pointing out the Mexican B team pretending that they were playing against Argentina best team instead of an experimental B side as well and so on…

    You see, expressing our opinions and sometimes need to criticise is ok, but when criticism is done only for creating a hostile environment is toxic and sadly this was always the case regarding our beloved team.

    • Exactly my friend.
      do you know what make me crazy in same time with some people inside here?

      they don t try understand what one player saying and criticize the opinion.

      they just see who is speaking and if the person is speaking is somebody they like
      then they agree and support even if this is the biggest nonsense ever been said !!!

      and if the person is speaking is somebody they don t like then they speak very bad for him
      even if he say something truth !!!

      Romero said some things which nobody can say that it is lie
      and if you read comments from some people is like Romero did a crime!!!

      how i hold myself my friend really only i know.

  17. Everybody with a brain knows that the friends clubs existed.
    Someone who was discriminated has the need to get that shit out of his chest.
    Romero can go enjoy life in Manchester where he doesn’t play.
    Bye Romero!

    • If Icardi proved himself he would have been part of the team, but he did not have what it takes to be selected ahead of Aguero,Benedetto and higuain, You can see that the way he played last friendlies, he played in the last qualifier vs ecuador and missed a clear chance in 92 minute. Even now many say his style does not suit the NT, do you deny that? Why did he wait till he scored a goal to say what he said? because now he thinks he has a reason to be proud of himself by scoring one single goal in 5 matches when no one of the ‘friends club was in the team’. If he was really not comfortable with them, why he did not score more goals when they are not around? He should just kept his mouth shut, a player who cares about his teammates, should not encourage any rift between players. Why him and his wife came out few weeks ago and said there is no bad blood between him and Messi? and he himself called on Messi to come back, if Messi was part of the so called ‘friends club’
      Why he did not have the balls to say that back in 2013? 2014? 20145? 2016? 2017?
      He had his chances in the qualifiers and did not prove he is worthy of the shirt. till today many think his style is not going to work in the Argentina NT.
      Same with Dybala, Many accused Messi of keeping Dybala out of the team, but now they see that Dybala did not convince in the last friendlies, neither. and many admit that Dybala and Messi can not coexist on the pitch together.

      • Ebo
        It’s simply! Now he thinks they cant sabotage him.
        You seem to be a good hearted human being, but you are supporting injustice in this case.
        I dont think icardi is a must, he can be useful.
        But sabotaging a player for his private life and not his on pitch performances is unjust.
        Especially considering that most of them arent angles themselves.
        Icardi is not the only case.
        You are supporting injustice, nepotism,and holding hostage of the team.
        Keep believing your fairytale.

        • AS for any smart coach, I support not calling Icardi even if he was the best in the world. A coach will look for his group to melt together on and off the field, they need compassion to succeed as a group.What he did with his teammate (maxi) is the lowest of the lows, and clearly no one will trust him, and the coach will just keep him away. How could someone has an affair with a teammates friend’s wife and then take his kids away? How low he has to be, that is not just a private life issue, it’s a team issue. players have to be friends to play together in the NT. better than being enemies.


          a fairytale is an imaginary thing, just like the ‘friends club’
          signs are not enough to support the major influence of the ‘friend’s club’ as many describe it.
          But let me ask this: If WE won 2014 and 2015 or 2016 Copa, will you still call for ‘Justice’ for ‘sabotaging’ Icardi’s chances as you called it?

          • What ifs are useless to discuss. We didnt win.

            May I ask you something?
            How do you know what happened between those 3?

            The chemistry was excellent without Icardi at the 2018 world cup.

            Do you think the other players are angles?
            Whose wife did Riquelme f…?
            Whose wife did tevez f…?
            Whose wife did gomez f…?
            To name a few.

            I shoulda said denial.
            You live in denial and support nepotism.

          • @ghostdeini
            You have ,twice, accused me of being irrational, believing in fairytales, and now you say I live in denial and supporting nepotism !

            You already have your mind set and fixated in a specific angle based on rumors spread around, or personal vendettas and based on analysis of the aftermath of a certain event. I have laid out my reasoning here on mundo few times to negate the ‘huge influence’ of so called ‘friends club’, and blaming the results of the NT on the existence of friend’s club. and I am sure you have read those reasons.
            I am not here to convince you, nor force you to accept my way of looking at this subject, nor I am going to insult, or accuse you of being blinded by hate towards certain group of people who are failures in your book. I am Just pointing out certain points which made me believe otherwise, and from my past experience, I don’t believe everything that I read on the net when I hit the search button on google, unless I find an acceptable,reliable source, or that specific subject falls within the boundaries of reason. To my definition this is being more realistic and being cautious in accepting information that god knows who, and why is spreading them.

    • > Everybody with a brain knows that the friends clubs existed.

      Well no shit. of course they were friends and its no secret. thanks for your detective work. This isn’t the illuminati. They have been playing together for so long, how could anyone not expect players to develop friendship. You’re dead wrong when it comes the player selection control issue. you have no proof. players and coaches have come out time and time again and said that what you’re saying is a straight lie.

      You also don’t realize Icardi wasn’t liked by the elder class. Maradona was infamous for hating Icardi and went on a warpath whenever his name was mentioned. Icardi did rub a lot of people the wrong way. You’re also ignoring the fact that we was up against the worlds best strikers Higuain and Aguero and the weres imply better.

      > Romero can go enjoy life in Manchester where he doesn’t play. Bye Romero!

      This is truly a silly comment. You do realize hes been bench for ever. This year isnt anything new. And during his “bench years” he’s was easily one of WC14 and copas best goalies.

  18. really i don t understand the issue here.
    what Romero said it is true and i support him.

    just what Icardi said was not something bad against his experienced teamates.
    i understand his point.

    as i understand some media start again to create things to make upside down our team
    to keep us busy.

    the usual old story again and again.

    ah ah ah my poor country 🙁

    • “as i understand some media start again to create things to make upside down our team
      to keep us busy.”
      Exactly. It’s not as complicated and Serious as media and the people are hyping

  19. What Icardi said is true and not complicating
    What Romero said is true too but it’s complicating

    Icardi Dybala Lautaro Locelso Paredes Pereyra Foyth Tagliafico Saravia Pezella G.Simeone E.Palacios Gazzaniga Rullli & (Meza) are our keyGroup now…..they must be trusted…
    Messi is always welcomed by Scaloni Icardi Dybala etc ,,,,,they told it publicly
    So there is no problem ..let’s Messi to decide…
    Messi is the best…..

    I think this midfield group might have helped Messi more by release some pressure on him…

    • Messi is not supposed to be our savior anymore. Messi will face more pressure by coming back and then be burned forever. Players need to share equal responsibility.

  20. Hello guys. Many of you are happy about scaloni’s being next coach of Argentina, me too happy about it but what about our u20? Scaloni is also argentina u20 coach, Will it be like “standing on two boats”?
    I am asking because I read somewhere that all other southamerican nations already started training and practice for january tournmnt….

  21. Although I’m one of those who strongly believed (and hated) in the existence of the “club de amigos”, I really didn’t like how Icardi has brought up that issue. That is a sensitive thing when you are a player and going into such dangerous waters can cause him a lot of problems. Now, he needs to rephrase his words to make things better since Romero (2014 WC hero) feels loneliness in the locker room. If Icardi continues these irritating comments I think the coach needs to act quickly and do something about it. The most important thing our needs right now is calmness and unity!

  22. Icardi should have been more careful with those avoidable words. It’s true that the infamous grouping couldn’t save us from the World cup disaster. And it’s also true that, the same blocked players like Icardi into the squad.

    But he was talking about a golden generation, which “almost” won a World Cup, two Copa Americas in Succession….

    we are talking about a NT which is yet to win an International tournament in 25 years. The alleged “group” was there only for a maximum of 6 years in the cup draught quarter century. In that 6 years, I’m again repeating, they ALMOST won a World cup & two Copa Americas.

    Icardi should have been very very careful when using those kind of words about his seniors.

  23. Whole world knew the cartel led by Masche was running the team, so there is no point bringing this topic up over and over again. The fans, the players themselves and Baldy’s career, everyone paid a heavy price for it. Icardi and Romero should both keep their mouth shut. Especially Romero who suddenly is feeling alone in the team!! If Romero continues this kind of dirty politics then he should be immediately dropped. We have young and promising keepers who are ready to take over him anytime.

    • 100% agree nothing to disrespect but no need Romero for Argentina at moment sticking with him may cost like Mascherano in 2018 expect messi and Aguero all old guards past their best only Dimaria/benega can be considered for bench

    • First of all he was not meant to be there during this generational Change, I for one always wished he should have played in the 2018 WC so that it was over and he hung up his boots for the NT. Well now he is targeting 2022, wholly God. Its not like he is Irreplaceable, He is no Casillas, Buffon, Kahn, Neaur etc etc. He he has always done okay for us but not a Great GK. its as simple as that. (Now all will say he saved us during the WC 2014 Semis, Come on now where was he in the 2015 and 2016 Final Penalty Shoot outs? he only save 1 penalty in both the finals combined)

      Its Scalonis only player selection which is a mistake as per me. Selecting this guy and making him the F***ing Captain of Argentina NT. Come onnnnnn.

      • @mik you’re disrespecting buffon khaan Casillas comparing with Romero and for Neuer is the best GK in the world like messi is the best player in the world

    • > Whole world knew the cartel led by Masche was running the team, so there is no point bringing this topic up over and over again. The fans, the players themselves and Baldy’s career, everyone paid a heavy price for it.

      what the hell are you talking about? Baldy fukced his own carreer by his own dumbass decisions. The team played like GARBAGE because sampa fucked up. Nothing to do with players. And no, the “whole world” doesnt know shit because what your making up isnt true.

      > If Romero continues this kind of dirty politics then he should be immediately dropped.

      Romero simply responded..what dirty politics are you talking about??

      This is from another post – Romero is addressing my (and other mundo members) criticism of the shity argentine media and fans that talk so much shit about them. Romero basically said that when Icardi joined them (prior team), he joined a team with “backpacks” that were much heavier than what the players today are wearing. Each player knew that every single thing that went bad whether it was severe or minor, would create a media and crazy fan firestorm of insults and criticism. The lack of public support really fucked up their moral. Its vastly different today when they do not feel the burden and firestorm of insults.

      • Again, Romeros main point in his response is that Arg have an absolute disgraceful toxic media and a small fan base that always talk shit and lie. They made life hard for the NT. THEY (shitty fans and toxic media) ARE TO BLAME for fucking up team moral.

        • this is what icardi said,too

          Why did he wait and say that till he scored his first goal?
          Can someone read between the lines? is it pressure on this generation to play better than the ‘OLD TEAM MATES, because they still don’t.
          Or is it the pressure on him personally to score, which does not mean much for a striker of his caliber, or is it the pressure on the new team from the media
          which demands quick and instant cohesion and delivery from the new generation, or what?
          in any case he is contributing to rifts between players, he just should kept his mouth shut, but it seems he was waiting for that goal to say, here I am, I am better!
          What Romero meant to say is that certain players were under tremendous pressure to deliver and Icardi was not of them . He does not know or feel the kind of pressure and moral instability they were under because of the criticism and demands set upon them from the media and fans.

      • Do you remember these comments When we were talking about the pressure on all the players?
        WEll, Romero said : he (icardi
        ) does not know when 6,7,8 players are under tremendous pressure to deliver
        and Icardi said: Finally the pressure of the old players are off our shoulders.

        This is what Me and you were talking about the pressure on all not just Messi

        Ebo November 2, 2018 at 5:49 pm

        It was not just Messi’s eyes, it was all of them, even Romero, TAgi, Meza, Dybala and Icardi in the last matches.

        Choripan November 2, 2018 at 5:52 pm
        oh man. i just laughed out loud at the insane truth of your comment.

        Throw in desgraciado comments like “pecho frio” and “club de amigos” etc.

        Its crazy. i really feel for these guys. its so freaking obvious – no shit it will destroy team moral but then sadistic people will say irrational things like “so what, thats life, suck it up. shows they’re mentally weak and shouldn’t be playing”..all this nonsense. was all them, not just Messi.

    • Romero is feeling alone….
      I love Romero
      But it’s time to move on…..we have Gazzaniga Rulli Musso etc…

      Starters for club must be given priority

  24. I don’t think there is an issue between the 2.
    Clearly Icardi is taking a swipe at his previous call ups. He felt unwanted and segregated.
    Now that some of the old or bad eggs are gone, Icardi can push his weight around. He feels he can be the top dog now. He needs to prove his worth yet. Romero is quietly slamming Icardi’s statement, reminding him that the top dogs have not left just yet…

  25. Icardi and Romero rivalry maybe due to captaincy anyway scaloni not giving chance Romero in November friendly indicates no longer number uno and if Gerardo become next coach then Armani is going to be the no1

    • @Romance yes we have seen armani in WC 2018 what can he do in the big game and watched romero WC 2014 what can he do in big game for NT.
      Argentina kicked out of the WC one of the biggest reason was romero’s injury, this guy would have saved our ass again.
      Atleast respect our 2014 WC hero romero he had done enough for NT and always performed well when argentina had a GK problem there was no one.

      • you can’t criticized Armani when Sampaoli playing high defense line with poor back line and for the god sake that match was Armani 2nd cap in quarterfinal, I’m preferring current from more than anything where Romero lacks without denying his contribution

  26. Argentina is doomed, it’s not because the team or talent that the country is not winning trophy but because of the rest, the best player is carrying all the pressure, in Portugal they release the pressure from ronaldo.

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