Mauro ICARDI, Paulo DYBALA, Lautaro MARTINEZ, SIMEOME, who should start for Argentina?


Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI has a plethora of talent at his disposal but which players should start?

The duo of Mauro ICARDI and Paulo DYBALA recently scored their first goals for Argentina while the like sof Lautaro MARTINEZ and Gio SIMEONE already managed to find the back of the net. Judging by the matches since SCALONI took over, which players would you like to see start for Argentina?

Would you go with a lone striker? Would you play two up front or go with an attacking three? Does Sergio AGUERO deserve to be back in the team?


  1. Icardi anyday, Lautaro the Second preferred, third Simeone. That’s it.

    Icardi is someone who is cold blooded. A fighter that’s what we have been missing upfront for years. Since Batti/Crespo days may be. It’s his time let’s hope he puts on solid performance now onwards, Because the Debut goal is already made. So now he can probably carry on. I hope Dybala too picks up his pace otherwise players like De Paul will soon overtake him, add to that there is Lamela and soon to be returning Lanzini. So literally there is no breathing space in the Attacking Midfield or second striker place. Pavon(Whome I think is still not fully unleashed for us), Pity, Angel Correa are also there lurking for space.

    According to various formations some players should be rotated. Pity, De Paul, Dybala, Lamela, Lanzini, Pavon, Angel Correa, Cervi. There is too much talent up front for Attacking Midfield and Second Forward spot, and I am not counting Vargas who needs to improve more. Lamela by the way can play even deeper roles.
    If or when Messi returns then it would be a huge dilemma of abundance for Scaloni.

  2. I personally think it’s still too early to decide because copa is more than 6 months away and that’s a long time in football terms.
    If however copa was held tomorrow and I’d have to decide, then it would depend if I was gonna go with 1 or 2 upfront. If only 1 upfront then I will go with the tall, predatory CF aka Icardi, if 2 upfront then I would go with Icardi-Dybala. As for Kun, yeah I would have him on the bench along with either Simeone or Lautaro as the fourth and last striker. I know Simeone isn’t as talented as Lautaro but his hustle and hard work could be very useful and to be honest he impressed in the 2 matches that he played thus far.

    At the end of the day though who plays upfront isn’t anywhere as important as whose playing in the midfield and whether they can create chances for those upfront.

  3. Lautaro -Icardi -Dybala
    Palacios- Paredes- Locelso

    Battaglia /Ascacibar/Pereyra /Lamela/Pity/mercado/Acuna/F.mori/Kannemann/Simeone/E.sala/Depaul /A.& J.correa

    Play Attacking

  4. Hey everyone with Argentina in his/her DNA! For me I first wish to see both Mauro Icardi and Paulo Dybala starting in the team always. Moreover, our boys Di Maria and Kun Aguero should be there at least for the whole of the next year because they are still able as they showed in previous World Cup.

  5. Icardi without any doubt, the only Argentinian who has ability to win Ballaondor otherwise real will not desperately wanted him

  6. I think that Icardi has tremendous abilities in front of goal, he works very hard, has great placement and good in the air. There is no doubt that he his our number one choice. The question is how make a better use of his abilities? In my opinion we should play with 2 false 9: Messi and Dybala to support him added to a midfield of 3 like Paredes, Aacacibar and Palacios or Locelso. The time of Aguero has gone for me.


    I would have played in a 4-3-2-1 scheme.

    • But I think it is better to play de Paul and palacios in place of dybala and ascacibar

      I mean de Paul , palacios, Lo celso and battaglia/ parades in the mid field with Messi and Icardi in the up front .

  7. Only icardi with Messi and de Paul in up front. De Paul because his work rate is better compared to others. His scoring ability also good.

    Icardi, Messi,Lo celso and battaglia these 4 players should be in the first team . They are key players

  8. LOL!!!

    The second Copa Libertadores final in Paraguay?!!! Asuncion.

    Apparently they fear what would happen with Boca players if River lost on their home ground.

  9. Like it or not but Dybala, Martinez and Simione.. non of these are as clinical as Icardi. It’s unfair to compare young Lautaro Martinez to Icardi just yet as he has just begun his spell in Europe and moreover he is to learning directly from Icardi, who is by far the most clinical striker in Europe at the moment.However to make full use of our strike force, we should try to at-least field 2 forwards in the starting line-up(**Unlike baldy against France who had Aguero and Higuain on the bench and started with Pavon SMH!!!!!)

    I imagine if we start with 2 strikers Icardi as no-9/poacher and Dybala as 2nd striker( who is more creative and has play making abilities) , they shouldn’t have any problems also by now it’s crystal clear that Dybala can’t play from midfield for us, he is no Messi and it’s unfair to compare him to a player like Messi. Many coaches have tried numerous players to fill the role of Leo but no one could do it. So if we want to accommodate both Dybala and Icardi then both have to play as strikers.

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