Sergio AGUERO scores for Manchester City against Lyon in Champions League


Sergio AGUERO scored for Manchester City in their 2-2 draw against Lyon.

Despite not starting the match, AGUERO managed to rescue a valuable point for Pep GUARDIOLA’s Manchester City. With City trailing 2-1, AGUERO scored goal number 12 of the season for himself.


  1. Salah against the Big Teams this Season:
    Chelsea – 0 Goals
    Chelsea- 0 Goals
    PSG- 0 Goals
    PSG- 0 Goals
    Arsenal- 0 Goals
    Tottenham- 0 Goal
    Mancity – 0 Goals
    Napoli- 0 Goals

    bUt He ScOrEd AgAiNsT WaTfOrD 1!1!1!

    What’s more…

    PSG have won every match in Ligue 1 this season and Liverpool are undefeated in the Premier League.
    Napoli were drawn against both in Group C – they are yet to lose and are top with a game to play

      • Same thing they said about Mahrez in 2017 after he won the PFA player of the year in 2016. Now it’s 2018 and he is back to his old form, and bette with Manchester City. Salah is still young (26 years old, same as Icardi) . He was one season wonder while playing for Fiorentina, then 2 years wonder in Roma, and 1 year wonder in Liverpool. that is 4 seasons wonder. When a player dips in form for a while, it has to do mostly with tactics of the coach and counter tactics of the opponents who will do everything possible to neutralize dangerous players. You are calling Salah as a one season wonder, but still call for Icardi to replace Aguero! and want him to carry on for the NT regardless of his poor performance, hoping that he will click ‘someday’.
        under your definition I can call Icardi a ‘one match’ wonder, too.

        • Dude Icardi has been cutting the cake clinically in Inter for some seasons now, Not like Salah who already is a proveing that he infact was a One Season wonder.

          We have seen enough of Aguero what he brings to the Table for the NT. He choked when needed, Its proven. Icardi has just started 9 Matches for the NT, How many Games have Aguero played for us 90. F***ing 90 Matches. how on earth u people are comparing a 90 match player vs 9 Match played player, I dont get the logic behind that.

          Its ur opinion which is fine. but it seems i dont and wont agree at all.It doesn’t matter by the way.

          • You are right, friend.
            IT does not matter at all, WE don’t have to agree as long as we discuss our opinions in civilized fashion. I truly respect all opinions, and likewise as you have seen, don’t have to agree with all. At the end I hope Scaloni or whoever is the coach, will field the players that will give us some edge based on what he thinks, not what we think, and at that point I, and you and all the fans will have to support his decision and get behind the NT. NO MATTER WHO PLAYS, and it is not a matter of ‘players fan club’, it’s just merely and opinion.

  2. River – Boca final really likely in Qatar. Meanwhile within few hours River plays Gimnasia in semifinal of Copa Argentina.

  3. ……………………….armani…………………..

    Jose gomez………foyth…….mammana…….tagliafico…….

    …………palacious………………………..lo celso…………..


    ……….dybala……………………………….pity martinez……….


    One heck of a team bro………… 2022 and copas im future………
    Which team can easily say u can beat this team bro……..???

  4. Mamoun,

    what about Lisandro Martinez and LB Claudio Bravo (Banfield) being so regular on winning MOTM in SUperliga.
    I think such passes as Martinez assist in last game are very typical for him so Licha really can contribute a lot ofensively even being CB or fullback. He and Barboza are great on the long passing.

    • Honestly GonzaloI haven’t focused on Bravo at all, so I can’t comment as for Licha, yeah the kid is scary good, might be even better than Barboza! Still you know my rule, if a player proves himself for an entire season then said player should be given a chance (otherwise you get another meza who had a great half dozen games run and then fizzled) but then again palacios and foyth haven’t done that and they still got called up and did really well against decent teams so……I’d say give the Defensa CB pair a chance and maybe they can give the Otamendi-pezzella pair a run for their money.

  5. I have always been hard on Kun for the very obvious reason- severe lack of contribution to ARGENTINA.

    Having said that, he wasn’t the same ole Kun we got used to, run here, run there maybe a shot on goal maybe not and then he is out injured!
    He was poised and looked very eager to do his part and then Sam decided to have him sit on the bench when it mattered the most.
    Having him on the team is a no brainer, at least until Copa.

    • It’s a no brainer.

      Lying and blind Mundo users keep repeating the same bullshit while ignoring that he has changed for the better. To your point, He may have deserved criticism in the past but that doesn’t hold true anymore.

    • Dude, Aguero (30), played 4 games for Argentina this year, starting 2, scoring 3 goals, scoring twice in the World Cup… yet nobody cares!
      Icardi (25) also played 4 games for Argentina this year, all Friendlies mind you, starting 3 times, scores once in a consecutive friendly against Mexico with a pretty weak display… and he’s the next big thing?
      It almost makes too much sense! *Sarcasm*

      • I can sum up our love-hate relationship with Kun in one word- JADED, but there is no denying that he is an exceptional striker before Pep and a Killer-striker since pep took over ManCity.
        He is fitter, more of a Professional than he ever was in the past and above all, healthy.

        I’m repeat what I said before, Messi, Kun, Otamendi and Romero should be on the team. Romero is negotiable providing another GK proves his worth but the other 3 should be on the team and chances are they will.
        Rest of the old squad can sit at home and watch like the rest of us.

  6. Csabalala,

    so you are already so much angry because De Paul is much much better than you’ve said… So sorry for you…

  7. Dontbethatguy

    “After watching the Champions League today…
    What is so good about Cervi again? Someone mind explaining that for me?
    Also, excluding Aguero, can someone explain to me why that’s a good idea as well?”

    You know what is good about Cervi? That he is better for NT rather than for his club unlike some famous ‘has been’ old stars that you are claiming to come back. If you are hoping for Di Maria instead of Cervi you should forget because he is rather not going to be again in NT. Aguer is another one who can’t shine in NT as in club.

    • > Aguero ….can’t shine.

      Oh come on boludo. you keep ignoring the fact that he was one of our best players in the last worldcup, despite the shit mess that was Kamikze Sampa. He may have warranted criticism is the past but he’s improved for the NT. Your criticism simply isn’t true anymore when it comes to Aguero

      • What so special he did in last WC that our younger strikers like Icardi or Martinez couldn’t have. Had he some impressing goalscoring ratio in that WC? Or his goals were somehow manifestation of individual skills of someone more than mere poacher like Icardi is. With young Icardi and Martinez having opened already their goalscoring accounts in NT no need for player that cannot to be in NT nothing more than Icardi. Always lazy off ball and nothing have changed over years (alleged metamorphose thanks to Guardiola’s didn’t made him more active player on WC). Whatever more than mere poacher some people want to see in him on NT level is just wishfull thinking. He is not more clinical than Icardi, in NT no more movement from him than with Icardi or Martinez so it’s better to invest with younger ones.

        • Let’s compare the two then…
          Between 2017 and 2018:
          – Played 9 games for Argentina, starting only 4.
          – Scored 5 goals in 9 games, from 2017 to current 2018.
          Scored against Russia, Nigeria, Haiti, Iceland, and France.
          – Played 7 games for Argentina, starting 5 of those 7 games.
          – Scored 1 goal in 7 games, from 2017 to current 2018.
          – Scored against Mexico, who have 1W5L in the last 6 friendlies.

          So it’s no comparrison, Aguero has contributed more for Argentina in the past two years than Icardi has, without a doubt.
          Aguero is miles ahead of both Icardi and Simeone, why is it so hard to accept that?
          We still need him!

          Another thing. Equality, atmosphere, feelings in the NT?
          Are we talking about men or a girls scout? Screw their feelings, they should give their all bc they love their country, not because they are treated nice ffs!!!
          The best should play, Period!!! and Aguero is the best CF we’ve got without a doubt!

          • “So it’s no comparrison, Aguero has contributed more for Argentina in the past two years than Icardi has, without a doubt”.

            You can’t compare that way Aguero with Icardi having just his hard beginnings behind. With first goal scored some things should be easier for him now. And how many starts Martinez had so far? Scoring goals is also easier when you have Messi around. If I remember correctly Icardi didn’t had most of the games unlike Messi.

            “Equality, atmosphere, feelings in the NT?
            Are we talking about men or a girls scout? Screw their feelings”

            This is it. With such ignorance of the things we will never manega to understand past losts. The things really play important role. We need new atmosphere in the team . If Messi will back – he also needs to have new faces around. Faces that will not remembering him losts of past.

            I’m not closed to AGuero. What I want to say is we should continue with Icardi and Martinez until may. If they will not scoring Aguero may back last minute.

            I mean: Aguero comeback is charged with big risk of deteriorate the new, health climate we have now in the team so we should take him only as emergency.

          • Icardi didn’t just have Messi…. he had both Messi AND Dybala with him… and still didn’t produce.
            Aguero has played the harder games this year and still scores, Icardi has played only friendlies this year, and just now scores to a defeated, low moraled Mexico. When we needed him to turn up against Uruguay, Venezuela, he never came.

            And you don’t need to be bff’s with someone to work well with them. Look at Ronaldo. He admitted he didn’t have the best of relationships with his Man U teammates like Scholes, Giggs, Ferninand, but they won premier leagues and a Champions League together. So it doesn’t matter if they not bffs, they just need to love their team enough to be able to put aside their differences and work together to win. This “healthy environment”… we’re putting that ahead of actual results and performances.

            Aguero is not a posibility, he’s a must! So is Messi, Banega, Otamendi, and Romero.
            The rest of the older players can watch from home

      • Another thing is with Messi and Aguero together once again in NT we can forget about maintaning the current atmosphere and feeling of equality in NT. The famous pair of the two friends will walk together separately, adore each other making themselves FAMOUS BIG ONES in comparison to the kids and bring new divisions. One of them ok but if together they will not merge into the team.

    • Choripan.
      Gonzalo is blind lover of young players and blind hater of senior players performance and talent doesnt matter of him. Sometimes i even doubt that he watches football of just keep making the list of U-19, U-18,U-17…….U-10 players.
      Or may be a 5 years old kid who just started playing somewhere in argentina.
      He always talks about future present is more important because many things can change in future.
      Messi’s generatin had won U-20 world cup but they were unlucky to win a trophy at senior level.

      • Mrinal,
        where are the my list of teenagers? Find and show me.

        BTW My NT line up consist of 20 – 30 yo players, so, again lie.

        • If messi Aguero best friend then why higuain starts always, Mascherano and biglia created friend club and sadly Aguero wasn’t part where messi soft target

  8. Argentina U17 team beat Colombia 2-1 at ezeiza earlier. Palacios scored again for us. We’re definitely heading in the right direction. Vamos

    • > I think city will face biggest challange to replace aguero, when he will leave.

      and Arg.

      I love Icardi but Martinez is still green and even though i think he’ll become a NT goal scoring monster, nothing is guaranteed. Simeone is nothing to get excited about, no comparison, alario either. Theres a huge gulf in talent after Aguero and Icardi. i know we produce attackers like breeding rabbits but i’m a bit pessimistic.

  9. “I wonder if something goes wrong in Copa( eliminated from group stage or QF) people here and in Argentina will call for Scalonis head again. AFA will sack him amidst public pressure. It will be interesting whom they go to next?? Aimar?? Heinze??”

    Let’s live in our present and let the future be a future. Right now everything goes great and Scaloni is implementing his ideas very well.

    • Dadir, Even I am in favour of Scaloni. I had stated that many a times here. He has integrated new players with a fresh identity which is clearly visible. My only concern is his inexperience as a tactician. There will be some wily coaches in the copa that he would be facing. Hope he can outsmart them.

      On the counter, we had good coaches in all the tournaments since 1993 ( except Maradona in 2010 and may be Batista in 2011 Copa) with no joy, may be a inexperienced one will bring us that much craved for moment.

      • @Deepjoy, I agree with you that experience is very importan, not only in football but also in every aspect of life. But let’s also not forget that having an axperienced coach on the bench isn’t a guaranteed way of lifting a trophy. I think Alfio Basile vs Dunga is a case in point.

        Sometimes you may find in a valley what you may not find in an ocean!

  10. Aguero (Messi’s friend) will score anywhere and everywhere but will not score for Argentina. Why dudes here cry for Aguero… probably time will tell? …. naa …. it didn’t happen then. .. it will not happen hereafter.

    • What about the rocket he unleashed against Iceland at the world cup? Or, the one against France after coming on as a substitute? Do those qualify as big game goals? Btw, it was from Messi’s cross against France.

    • goodness this nonsense again.

      Just because you repeat the same bullshit over and over again, it doesnt make it a fact or remotely true. Are you blind and if not, did you even watch the world cup? If you did watch, then you must have amnesia.

      You keep saying lies about not scoring but what about Iceland and France during the world cup? I mean, give me fuckung break, that was only a few months ago. Aguero literally scored and was easily one of our best players despite playing for one the worst coaches ever (sampa) yet you come here and post absolute bollocke.

      The senior hater crowd that you and your Mundo friends belongs spew nothing more that nonsense.

        • Yeah, some will not just get over the idea of Messi and his teammates being the enemy. If Messi comebakc and they fail again, regardless of who plays they might as well say that Messi misses his friends. Sarcastic

  11. We should think about our fullback position.Saravia is good but I would prefer José Luis Gomez once he returns bit for left back position we should try other player Tagliafico is not an answer,Acuna is good but we need to try out other.Fullback provides stretching in attack so it creates space for other players.

    • I hope they find pacy wing players ASAP ….pavon can be an answer
      That’s why I always felt that di maria is irreplaceable for argentina…..we don’t produce quick acceleration players neither we hv Africans just like europeans….nico gonzalez also hv some real pace..I hope he develops well for future
      One real pacy player can do wonders for our all playmakers

  12. Argentina players are in top form week in week out… for their clubs.
    If they can do for the NT half of what they do for their clubs, NO ONE will beat us!


    • That is right bro
      But we need long term plan
      With good attacking manager
      Like tat I’m sure if Tata had stayed
      Up to last world cup we would have
      Shock a lot of world audience
      I mean playing beautiful football
      Probably reach world cup final
      I’m sure Croatia France and Iceland
      Won’t embarrass us

      • Long term coach is very difficult for Argentina, because all the fans are expert coaches!
        The media is very demanding in the shortest time and they are very disrespectful of the NT. But I agree with you. If tata stayed things would have been different because continuity is a good thing. He could have started injecting new players after 2016, he had problems with AFA too

        • That was his plan to inject new
          Players he already started
          Like funes mori lamela ‘ correa
          Kranevitter macerdo dybala
          Also he was planning to call
          Lo celso lanzini mammana
          Simeone ascaciber rulli
          For Olympic games in Rio

          Agree: managing Argentina
          Now days is the most pressure
          Job in the world the media
          Fans weather they re inside
          Argentina ‘ here in mundo or
          Around the world for that reason
          Alone leaves the management
          The players a mountain to climb.
          God help Arg

          • There is no option apart from Scaloni. Its a sorry state but its a fact. I wonder if something goes wrong in Copa( eliminated from group stage or QF) people here and in Argentina will call for Scalonis head again. AFA will sack him amidst public pressure. It will be interesting whom they go to next?? Aimar?? Heinze??

      • Couldn’t agree more. We would have done much better under Tata. Although none of us could ever have imagined Sampa being so bad given his history. When he first signed up, I was over the moon with joy. Shame it ended so poorly.

      • Me too friend
        I was happy when sampoali appointed Arg I couldn’t stop
        Saying now arg have proper
        Bad man manager
        Than happen what happened
        I still believe Tata would have
        Done better job than crazy Sam

        • lmao….dude, my exact thoughts. After so many years of complaining about managers –

          1) Bauza was mind numbingly awful. Fuck knows what we were doing.
          2) Sabella got results, we reached a final thanks to him and i will eternally thankful… but it was all through defense. little creativity and he certainly didn’t unleash our attacking potential

          …when Sampa was announced, after seeing what he did with Chile and Sevilla, i was like “FINALLY, we FINALLY get a great attacking manager”. I truly thought this was it but then…..nightmare started and you know the rest.

          I know many would disagree but really liked Tata and how we played beautiful attacking. I hated how he left too soon, and that scandal with AFA not paying. I don’t think there is any question that he would have done better than Sampa.

          • I couldn’t agree you more
            But worst thing is Tata didnt
            Leave because of money
            He left cos Argentina clubs
            Didn’t want to release thier
            Young players to Olympic games
            In Rio

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