AC Milan, Inter Milan reportedly interested in Argentine Rodrigo DE PAUL of Udinese


AC Milan and Inter are reportedly interested in signing Argentine Rodrigo DE PAUL from Udinese.

Reports continue to emerge that AC Milan want to sign the Udinese player with negotiations between the club and the player being advanced between the two. DE PAUL would join in January should the deal happen.

However, news is coming out that the other team in Milan want to sign the Argentina. Per new reports, Inter would like to sign DE PAUL in January for a rumored price of €20 million.

Rodrigo DE PAUL first joined Udinese in 2016 and has scored six goals in 13 league matches this season.


  1. De Paul is someone who is surprising us. A meteoric rise,he may can become our underrated star. He and Pity will have to fight it out for 1 spot I think, may be a threat to Dybalas spot too. Cervi is someone who I’m not impressed of till now. Acuna meanwhile is playing in a much safer position as a Back up to Tagliafico. So he will probably be in the 23.

  2. 20 million is a joke for a player who is literally keeping an entire team from relegation and who happens to be one of the best players in serie A currently.
    I’m really happy that he’s found his groove because I remember that there was alot of hype surrounding him when he went to valencia.

  3. Yeaaaaaaa……
    After watching the Champions League today…
    What is so good about Cervi again? Someone mind explaining that for me?
    Also, excluding Aguero, can someone explain to me why that’s a good idea as well?

  4. De Paul should join Inter as well as parades too, maximum Argentinian playing for single club benefits NT

    • Too much versatility could be the problem as well. I prefer player who are specialized in one position than all over the field. It would be easier to form team with that kind of players. Roberto from Barca comes to my mind with average skills at all positions.

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