Lionel MESSI breaks Champions League record in FC Barcelona win


Lionel MESSI scored and broke a Champions League record in FC Barcelona’s 2-1 win against PSV.

Another match, another goal scored by Lionel MESSI which only Lionel MESSI can score. The Argentina and FC Barcelona captain dribbled around PSV players before scoring the first goal of the match. That goal was the most goal scored by a player for a single club with 106 goals.

Another thing is that MESSI has now scored 66 goals in the group stages of the Champions League in 66 matches.


  1. Aguero vs Icardi
    No doubt Aguero is far better and intelligent player than Icardi.And if right now Aguero is better then we should root for Aguero.Only Di maria should be axed because now we have Lanzini ,Lamela, De Paul,A.Correa kind of wingers.But we need Banega

  2. my best 11 for next few years rulli
    not sure pezzella otamendi tagliafico
    Lo Celso G Martínez
    icardi romance king

  3. Building team for future is important so as transition but can’t leave world class players for raw potential, dropping zenetti, roman cost Argentina in 2010 and Argentina must not do same dropping Aguero for lautaro or simeone because if anyone footballing nation leave best striker in the world at home, others team only can appreciate Foolineah what every exparts doing Argentina 2010

  4. It’s ridiculous to see people comparing nearly 90 Matches played Agueros NT performance with 9 match played Icardi.. Gossshhh.

    Aguero, Di Maria, Banega, r great CLUB PLAYERS. For NT we have already seen what their best version can do. They had a great run for the NT till 2016 Copa. Now it’s Over. Move on. We already learned our lesson in a hard way at the 2018 WC.

    • Best version of Aguero came after 2016 and Aguero is the one of the top 5 striker in 2018 along with Kane, Lway, Icardi, CR7, we’re in 2018 not 2022 and can’t leave a world class sticker for any young one because no one can predict the future, kranevitta is best example

    • Yo, 2 different players, one is a 9 half and another is a finisher, you prefer someone at 34y old in 4 years who can’t run anymore or someone in his full strength with less talent? It’s all about how you price.

    • > Now it’s Over.

      No it ain’t.

      > Move on.

      Fuck no. Imagine leaving our best players and one of the worlds best strikers at home… What bollocks

      > We already learned our lesson in a hard way at the 2018 WC.

      Aguero had absolutely nothing to do with shitty performance. You’re blaming him which is DEAD WRONG. In fact, Sampa fucked us by buy starting him against France.

      Nothing but Misplaced blame.

      • How many proofs you people need man… Goshhh they can win the bloddy CL with their Great Clubs but they can’t and won’t help the. NT to win a bloddy trophy. How do I know? Well they already proved it in past 8 to 10 years. So either move on keep holding to them till 2022 or whatever.

        The likes of Di Maria, Banega, Agueros won’t lead us anywhere moving forward. This not any disrespect in any way man, Banega is one of my all time favorite player. But I dont think they can offer anymore to the NT.

    • Icardi Dybala Palacios Lautaro Simeone Locelso Paredes LamelaAscacibar Battaglia Pereyra Foyth Tagliafico Saravia Pezzella Gazzaniga Rulli etc etc must be in…..
      Don’t exclude any one for Old heroes

      Only Great Leo Messi must be in

      • Who is talking about 2022 or 2026 ?
        Scaloni will build the best team possible for COPA, and it will include some of the ‘OLD HEROES’ .
        Romero,Otamendi,Mercado,Messi,Aguero will most likely make the list. Hell maybe Banega and Di Maria, now you can Weep and call for Mascherano,Biglia and Higuain 🙂

        • We will see soon. If Scaloni will lean back to the historicals again like the past coaches. Then we r doomed. I think may be external pressure may make him to take some. I just hope it won’t happen. Because it’s tiring to see them fail again.

          We may fail with younger players too but the youngsters will have tome to rectify their mistakes. Unlike the historicals.

          • Why do you think that 10 year project was bogus?
            and why do you think AFA did not hire a coach till now? it’s not just about the money. WE have to admit that we gonna need some of the seniors back, now if you are going to paint it as calling for all of them, this is not helping at all. some of them have to come back to the team, and this is exactly why AFA was not in a rush to hire a permanent coach. In other words what are they saying now, WE don’t have time to hire a coach before COPA and WE don’t have enough time to let the players grow and melt together as a team, so WE should call back some of the seniors.
            If the new players play and fail in Copa they will be destroyed by the fans and the media,again. Just as they destroyed the rest.
            Our chances of winning the COPA is greater with some of the seniors in the team, any coach in the world going for a major tournament will take a team that will maximize his chances to win, not go there and play to lose.

  5. Angel Correa was good last night, much better as 2nd forward than right midfielder because his work rate does not allow.

    Aguero is great but to replicate his performance with national team, you got to put the similar system which means 2 wingers next to him in a 3 men attack and the whole team plays for him, which also means you got to sacrify Dybala, Icardi, Lamela,..etc. So far Scaloni only talked about Messi’s come-back so not sure about Kun. In my opinion if Messi stop then he will call back Kun.

  6. Icardi was again like taking sunbath in the night , missed clear chance , horrible passing spaletti is an idiot not to use lautaro. I think aguero and lautaro should be our striker in copa 19 maybe simeone is better than him.

    • Simeone should be given more chances…..he plays like team player upfront ….he works hard…do right things in the final third……I think he can cover a work of messi/dybala…
      Messi will never do anything in defence ….simeone can run for messi
      We hv to understand we can’t play 3 players upfront who can’t defend or run……

      • Shubham v.
        “Messi will never do anything in defence.”
        From which world are you? Your comment is such a senseless, I think not a single coach in this world will want messi to help in defence even a defensive coach like simeone will not want that. Its unfortunate for a team if messi is dropping deep deep in barca or argentina . Player of messi’s ability should always be present in dangerous area.
        Still he drops too deep which is not good for barca as all the football experts are saying that.

    • You know what annoyies me most
      When I read people comparing
      Aguero to icardi .. come on
      Get real people aguero ten times
      Better than icardi.. aguero can score
      Anywhere on the field weather is
      inside 18 yard or outside he can
      Beat defenders easily he can link up
      So well with teammates there nothing
      He can’t do it as strike he is complete
      Player he is the most underrated
      Strike in the world.
      He never had proper chance in
      Arg shirt like higuain has

    • Aguero and Icardi is such an insanely dangerous pair of strikers to have as options. Both are my picks until Martinez steps up. Simeone didn’t be anywhere as long as the 3 are available

    • Icardi was isolated from Inters midfield
      Inters midfield is not so much creative and still Icardi manages to score….
      Dybala Icardi are our new front

  7. Well another day another goal, It’s like a routine to see him score like this. And at the same time it’s Frustrating and disgusting to think that some still believe He is currently not the Best player. And that group of people includes FIFA too. Modric, Salah the Best players, LOL MEEHHH give me a break.

    In fact, Messi is one of the Top 3 Players to have ever played football. In whichever order he will be in the Top 3 ever. Maradona was same phenome too. We should be proud that 2 Argentines dominated 2 different eras. I remember In between these 2 there were usually the Brazilians who dominated the BEST PLAYERS SCENE. Even though we still had the likes of Riquelme, Aimar, Veron, Batistuta, Crespo, Redondo etc. etc. (I believe those guys didn’t receive their dues, I mean recognition on World stage which they deserved. May be sometimes wrong Career moves also had an impact)

    But one thing is for sure since Messi Debuted the World of Football has never been the same. Once in a lifetime player.

  8. He keeps on inspecting mess how to do it, that’s what big companies do, n even nevertheless it was a penalty he recorded, he still had to have the equanimity to put d ball in d backbone of d net n not allowing d heaviness to become to him, especially when being 3 nil down Cr7 is indescribable believe me

  9. Scaloni has done a tremendous job so far , he has tried new , young and energetic players in all positions. Most of them have impressed , but there is still a missing piece in the puzzle and that missing piece is non other than Leo Messi. No matter what you guys say he still has good 4 years of top class football left in him. I am 100% confindent that even at the age of 35 he will be no-1 player in the world. Scaloni needs start working on the team chemistry with him . This genius deserves a world cup and with right plans and tactics he can still retire with 2 Copas and a WORLD CUP!!

    • I talked to one of my friends about the goal and the pass, he said, nothing special.
      I told him what do you mean, by nothing special, it was a dead ball and he created a goal out of it. HE said : For Messi , it’s normal.That is the problem, If Messi does not do these things in every match, WE say he is not good. This proves that his success is his own curse.

      I agree, Scaloni found the new base of the team. He approached the problem backwards, instead of keeping the experienced players and inject new blood, he created new, younger, more energetic players as a base and now will probably inject experience into it to make the engine humming with more power and energy.
      Players like Tagi,Pezzella, foyth,Saravia,Paredes, Lamela.Preyera, Ascacibar,Pavon,De PAul, Martinez … etc
      are the driving force of the NT, the seniors will complement energy with experience, whether they play or just be part of the bench, WE are doing good.

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