Lionel SCALONI to be announced as Argentina coach, will be offered 2 year contract


Reports are coming out that Lionel SCALONI will be offered a two year contract to coach the Argentina team and the announcement will be made today.

AFA president Claudio TAPIA has stated several times that an announcement on who will become the new Argentina manager would be made in December. There are now rumors that the AFA president will offer Lionel SCALONI a contract to coach the Argentina team for two years. The official announcement is expected to be made today.

Should SCALONI accept the offer, it would mean he would coach the Argentina team at the 2019 Copa America.


  1. We can’t blame those who r criticizing Scaloni because of experience. Argentina NT coaching post should not have been a place for experimenting. It should not.its true.

    Its all because of AFA they wasted 6 months saying about a false project which they didn’t discuss at all about with anyone.Because they didn’t have money. They should have hired someone after 1 or 2 months after the WC. There were some reasonable choices available too. But they played the waiting game and failed miserably.

    Now considering there is no option available. Scaloni who is conservatively gud is the only option they have, moving forward till Copa 2019.They will again start this Coach selection drama after 2019 Copa. Goshh

    Let’s hope Scaloni put on a gud show for us in the Copa.

    AFA don’t prioritize the NT I think. They don’t care much about it. Otherwise they wouldn’t have done like this. Informing everybody about a Project for 10years and now No talks about it? Well done Tapia.

  2. REPOST:

    Dear Mundo Friends, now is the best time to vote for the Coach, 23 squad, and Starting 11

    With the help of Ebo, Gonzalo, Godin, Mrinal, and Cox, we’ve completed the full list (if i missed player, ill add him and i’ll happily change my name to “dumbass” for a week lol) Please don’t try to game the survey, let it run its natural course.

    Heres the link but I excluded the full URL since it will have to be approved by admin and that can take 1 or 2 days so im avoiding


    (BTW, According to Mundo votes, SCALONI won by a landslide with 58% :). Gallardo in 2nd with 28% of votes. we have almost 70 votes so far…..I’ll post the stats soon!)

  3. Fantastic!

    There are quite a few positives that I have come to notice of Scaloni. But the most important among those imo is the ability to be flexible. We played highline pressing and possession based against some teams and we played ultra negative deep lying counter-attacking football against Brazil. This IMO is the most vital characteristic of a national team manager – who doesn’t get enough time, and most often doesn’t have enough resources to make a team play like a certain way. Another important thing is how he relized the strength and capabilities of his players within a very short period and implemented them on the field. IMO he passed the internship with a straight A, and rightly so, a full time job is offered.

    The next challenge will be to get to the Copa and compete. I’m pretty certain Messi will be there with Otamendi, Mercado and Salvio from the oldies. As long as the midfield is sorted out, we should be fine.

  4. Ok, can we PLEASE STOP comparing Scaloni to Zidane!!!!!

    There are POLAR opposites!

    Zidane was the assistant of Ancellotti, a world class manager, kicking ass with Napoli at the moment.
    Ancellotti had Real Madrid playing attacking football at its finest, and he boasts having the highest goals per game ratio in La Liga, above Guardiola’s Barcelona.
    – He won La Decima, Copa Del Rey, Eufa Super Cup, and Club World Cup in two years at Madrid.
    Zidane had a SUCCESSFUL mentor and was taught well.
    Zidane learned so much, he followed the steps of his predecessor, not giving a s*** about La Liga lol.
    Zidane won three champions Leagues, La Liga, two Uefa Super Cups, two Club World Cups, and the Spanish Super Cup in 2 1/2 years at Madrid.

    Now Scaloni…
    His mentor is Sampaoli…
    A guy with 7W, 4D, 4L with Argentina.
    He called up over 100 players and never found the solution.
    Sampaoli never had a plan, an identity for Argentina.

    Maybe I’m being too unfair.. he started out well, claiming we have the best attack in the world (which we do) and starting Messi, Dybala, and Icardi, which on paper should destroy any team, but never clicked. He had the right idea but wrong guys, should’ve been Messi, Aguero and Dybala for the best International front three.

    Now his apprentice is doing the same, calling up a crap load of players with no real end goal at sight.
    Not a tactician, just letting the guys do whatever they want.
    Scaloni is not used to winning, so he decides to defend and play conservative football….
    and what has he done with Argentina so far? Wins against Iraq, Guatemala and Mexico?

    The rest of the world does not see Argentina with respect and Scaloni isn’t changing that.
    I expect the same under Scaloni as Sampaoli… which is not much. Sorry, but that’s how I see it.

    • Scaloni was assistant under Sampaoli i didn’t know, i heard substian bacchaee was anyway scaloni is completely different with Sampaoli one who like high pressing other cowardly defends even against Mexico B team

  5. I know many here don’t like Scaloni, But look at it guys from another angle, Who is available now?
    Some of those who don’t want Scaloni to become the coach for COPA are mostly the same ones who say that WE need to work to win COPA, not worry about 2022. How do you think WE can get a coach to win COPA in 6 months?

    Scaloni’s work will pay off in COPA and long after COPA, because he introduced the new generation of players, I know maybe they are not ready yet to win a major tournament in 6 months, but that is normal. 4 or 5 years from today, we will be thankful to him for opening the door wide to any player who wants to represent Argentina and we will be saying, Scaloni’s work was the turning point for the NT just like we are blaming past coaches for not introducing enough fresh blood to the NT.

    With the right mix of young and experienced players we have good shot at COPA19. Scaloni is the best available option because he is the one who started this project and knows exactly what he needs to do. Once he is given the job, he will show more seriousness towards the project. Again, hiring another coach will destroy all the work that we all were asking for. So let us get behind the coach and the NT.

    • Unless scaloni has Zidane kind of black magic copa America will be the disaster for Argentina and will be fired overnight, main problem of scaloni is tactically week and will be overshadowed by Gareca peru, talent wise Argentina is better but a good coach is needed. Somehow I maybe agree with you like Zidane used Cristiano or Valverde using messi who knows under scaloni messi can lift his NT trophy where big name coaches failed but as a coach or tacican scaloni is crap but his team selection is good and messi can save him, after Brazil and Colombia match i never want scaloni as a coach unless he has Zidane Black magic because with messi alone can destroy any big tem

      • I normally would not comment on your ‘ideas’ but please stop with ‘Messi saving Argentina’.
        Messi needs to save himself, first from those who want him to save Argentina…alone

        • Yes messi saving Argentina since 2010, messi makes me Argentina fan noone love Argentina as much as messi expect icardi. Messi easily choose Spain golden generation instead of deciding to play with Argentina farmers and Icardi easily choose Italy under conte instead of wasting his peek 2-3year to give his service for Argentina and unfortunately these two present and future balloon dor winner criticized most in mundo. Only Maradona and old Argentina fans can’t digest messi saving Argentina again and again in 2018 messi wasn’t failed GK and defense let down Argentina, without messi Argentina not even qualified for the world cup nor will if a crap like scaloni remains Argentina coach, varlbade is shit everyone knows but messi saving Barcelona otherwise barca will face similar or even worse than real, only messi can save Argentina in copa if a week tactician like scaloni remain coach only positive is rock solid defense under him and with messi brilliance and icardi finishing Argentina can win but nothing credit goes to scaloni just like Zidane only wish scaloni also knows black magic rather than sleeping with meza

    • I like Scaloni but not too much. I think he is the right fit for right now. He get results and that is very important, he’s able to motivate players to play hard which dumb ass Sampaoli was totally incapable of doing, totally. But he has to work harder at a better cohesion. He also, as a necessity, has to find a formula whereas Messi, if he comes back, can play alongside Dybala and Icardi. I have been saying this and believe it very strongly, if Icardi and Messi can practice together a little bit more IT’S OVER ARGENTINA WILL WIN COPA BECAUSE ICARDI CAN, AND WILL, SCORE AND ON THE OTHER HAND SCALONI TEAM DOES NOT PLAY POROUS DEFENSE. All he needs is someone who can feed him, who can give him good balls. That is what happened, by the way, to Batistuta. Maradona fed him and he exploded on the national stage. Maradona was a great passer, a great assist man but Messi, I think, is in his own planet when it comes to setting up others. Let’s go with Scaloni and Vamos Argentina.

    • thats a good point about the lack of available options. no other coach is willing to take the job so @DFOX92 words are appropriate “BEGGARS CANNOT BE CHOOSERS”.

      > Again, hiring another coach will destroy all the work that we all were asking for.

      that applies if he has instituted an identity into the team but he hasn’t. We looked just as lost in attack the last game as we did the first. I haven’t seen progress.

      Overall, i value tactical aptitude over call ups. As history has proven, we can all the amazing players but as long as the coach sucks ass, their potential will not be realized. Im jaded at this point, i’ve been here before way too many times to be fooled by “player selection”. Id be satisfied if i saw something positive with our attack but after a handful of games, i haven’t seen anything. A good coach doesn’t need a ton of time or only focuses on 1 area at a time. I hear too often “scaloni fixed defense, next is offense” but I think thats a load of horse shit, any great manager would do all at the same time. I hope i’m wrong but Im beginning to think that we haven’t seen much in attack simply because thats Scalonis limit. Again i hope i’m wrong am looking forward to the day we see something great in our attacking potential.

      • If you read between the lines, brother. You will see What I mean.
        In any case. my point of view to Scaloni’s situation and to the NT chances of success straight forward is :
        Once he reinstall some of the seniors, the identity of the team will flow. Midfield will eventually link up with attack. Think about it for a moment.
        Why the defense was good in Brazil match? a lot of people will deny what I am about to say.
        Romero was Gk and had Otamendi in front of him along with Pezzella. Now Pezzella is a good player who reads the game well and did really well, He played along Tagi few times. to me Ota was best player of that match and saved us twice and he held the backline together, Romero and Ota along with Tagi were used to each other. Since Pezzella is a good player and played with Tagi, it was easier for him to adapt. Saravia has good talent and had no choice but to follow the rest of the backline and GK rhythm and did very well. That’s why I think the defense played well against Brazil.
        WE lost the battle of the midfield and in the final third, there was no chemistry between players plus the players were not a match for the Brazilians with all the big names they have.

        There is no doubt that the new generation of players will need more time to melt together as a team, It is not Scaloni’s fault that they don’t link well with the attack. I played football back in the days, the coach kept on telling me, don’t worry so much if you are not successful in everything I tell you to do, because once you are there on the pitch, it’s a completely different story, if you remember 50% of what I tell you, you are doing good.
        Now, If Scaloni wants to put a good show in COPA, He will have to call some seniors to create that missing link between the lines, he has seen that like we saw it. He knows there is no chemistry between the players in the three lines, He applied his vision in the defense and will most likely apply it to the midfield and attack. If we have one senior in each line of the three lines with Messi floating, everyone will fall in place and the link will just surface, naturally.

        • All excellent points, my friend. Really like your thought process.

          > It is not Scaloni’s fault that they don’t link well with the attack.

          it is true..but Scaloni’s strategy certainly has responsibility in this.

          > He knows there is no chemistry between the players in the three lines, He applied his vision in the defense and will most likely apply it to the midfield and attack. If we have one senior in each line of the three lines with Messi floating, everyone will fall in place and the link will just surface, naturally.

          I hope he sees what were seeing. mix of senior with youngsters its the key for now..vamos!

  6. I like Scaloni’s player selection but I am not impressed by his tactical acumen from what I have observed so far. I see Messi struggling again upon his return. In my opinion, he should be the U/20 and U/23 coach. For those comparing Guardiola with Scaloni, must know that Pep was appointed by Barça because of the attractive football his academy team was playing. They didn’t bet on the unknown, the betted on Pep replicating
    tikitaka with the senior team. But time will tell. I hope Scaloni proves me wrong.

    I prefer an experienced coaches like Almiron, Gallardo or Gareca. Because I want a coach who doesn’t rely on line ups or same tactics over and over like Tata. Even in Messi’s absence, Argentina never struggled to score or manage a lead under Sabella. That’s the type of coach I want to see.

  7. Siempre nos quisieron sacar. Lo planificaron todo.
    Paso a paso.
    Macri y Angélici a la cabeza. Ahora a jugarnos afuera,
    Sin Gallardo y con visitantes.
    “Igualdad de condiciones”

    Bosteros putos.

      • They are criminals and they should be prosecuted! Authorities are to blame, not the club.
        But punishing all fans and play the match outside of Argentina is not a fair solution.

        • do you know something my friend?
          for 100 stupid fans i can agree the rest of us to be punished.
          but punished fair.

          do you know what is my opinion.
          the game to take place in Monumental with empty chants.
          as they do in Europe. empty stadium without fans inside.
          this can be one fair punishment.

          • ¡¡¡¡Exacto!!!!
            ¡Eso es lo que yo decía! ¡Que juegan a puertas cerradas seria lo más justo! ¿Pero van a jugar una copa Americana en Europa? Es muy ilógico, quita el sentido de la copa AMERICANA, con los mejores clubes AMERICANOS jugando contra si. ¿Pero ahora van a jugar en Europa?

            ¡No tiene sentido!

          • Ebo you are right my friend.
            i don t speak here never in Spanish but today i am inside ungryness with all this things that happening
            and i can t express myself in English 🙂 🙂 🙂
            i wanted to put out of me my feelings to don t be bomb 🙂 🙂 🙂

            it was difficault in English 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • I can understand , but argentine fans of boca are river plate are enjoying repeating these kind of activities again and again and ptting argentina into shame in eyes of word.
          So strict decision should have been taken as a lesson to these kind of people.

          • Imagine the disgrace in the rest of the world, when the supercalssico is played outside of Argentina, What chances Argentina will have in hosting COPA AMERICA, or the World cup 2030?
            Or even qualifiers for 2022 WC? many teams might refuse to go to Argentina and play, So AFA is putting Argentina in really tight spot. AFA better take strict action and show the world that these things will not be tolerated. Not run away outside of Argentina to play the match.
            Prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law, suspension of certain fanatic fans for life, increasing security in all matches, and take decisive action against those who are known to cause troubles will make other fans think twice before causing more troubles, Rule of Law should prevail.

      • “Igualdad de condiciones”.
        Una frase que parece decir mucho, pero que en los tiempos de hoy no dice nada. Ese fue el argumento del “pacto de caballeros” entre D’Onofrio, Angelici y Domínguez para que el partido se jugara cuando los jugadores de Boca mejoraran luego del ataque al micro.

        El tiempo pasó, se embarró el terreno con mentiras, maniobras turbias del club de la Ribera para conseguir la copa en el escritorio. El pacto de caballeros se rompió, pero faltaba más. Destruir al fútbol sudamericano por completo.

        El 11 de noviembre Boca jugó en su estadio con su público la ida de la Copa Libertadores. Poco importó que el micro de River fue agredido -como siempre-, o que al Pity Martínez le hayan tirado un proyectil dentro del campo de juego. Hoy, River tiene una verdad: perdió su localía, la igualdad deportiva tirada al inodoro por los dirigentes de Conmebol. La Copa Libertadores de AMÉRICA se jugará en otro continente. Así de estúpido suena, así de estúpido es.

  8. I hope Tapia knows what he is doing. In 2 yeas we will be in conmebol eliminatory. Are we gonna change coach during this period?

  9. Agreement made! The Copa Libertadores final between Boca Juniors and River Plate will be played in Bernabeu on December 9th.

    They are preparing the document that will certify the final being in Madrid. It will come out in the next few hours. The club, FIFA, CONMEBOL, and the Spanish federation are all in agreement

    • Messi and Argentina with all its superstars were already outplayed by Garceea’s Peru in the qualifier in La Bombonera. We couldn’t score throughout 90 mins. So, stop your raving.

  10. It has two side for my opinion. We depending on in a big IF? IF he do good.?! But for me his players selection was top notch. Given the fact no one has balls to take responsibility of NT Scaloni is fair step to make. Everyone was criticised same about Pep but rest is history. Not strong point to make but Southgate also done phenomenal job for English. Scaloni attacking play has to improve. He has room to improve and hopefully it will improve with more and more practise session. But he has to stick with ditching some ex-players and has to make hard decision. He can’t ask players for which players he has to pick for XI.

      • It is easy to forget that Rogelio was touted to be the star of the 2 brothers. Ramiro was still a bench warmer at River when Rogelio turned out for Benfica. How things change?
        And I hear that Solari is ready to raid Argentina in this January transfer window.
        Hernan Crespo is to be the new Banfield manager. Returns to Argentine football after 22 years.
        And Gonzalo, what is happening with Martin Sarrafiore?

  11. River is kicked out of Copa Argentina. They lost last night the semifinal against Gimnasia 2:2, on penalties.
    River fielded best team. Once again the goals have scored Pity Martinez and Pratto.

  12. It’s amazing what victories against lowly Iraq, Guatemala and Mexico can get you…..
    Why fire Sampaoli but keep his assistant? You might as well keep his mentor, who’d be doing the exact same thing right now, trying out players. Just doesn’t make sense.

    At least Messi will be able to cover his lack of tactics and inability to read a game….. at least for as long as he can…

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