Sebastian BLANCO, Diego VALERI, set up Atlanta United and Portland Timbers MLS Cup final


Sebastian BLANCO scored a great goal for Portland Timbers as Diego VALERI scored a goal in extra time to take them to the final of the MLS Cup against Tata MARTINO’s Atlanta United.

With Portland trailing 1-0 against Sporting KC, Sebastian BLANCO scored one of the goals of the season with an absolute wonder goal to draw Portland level. Diego VALERI gave the Timbers a 2-1 lead with a goal from inside the penalty area. But just a few minutes from full time, Gerso FERNANDES scored to make it 2-2 and for extra time.

In the 99th minute, Diego VALERI was one on one with the goalkeeper and scored to send the Portland Timbers into the MLS Cup final.

Both clubs have several Argentine representatives on their side. For Portland, they have Diego VALERI, Sebastian BLANCO, Tomas CONECHNY and Lucas MOLENO.

For Atlanta United, they are coached by former Argentina national team manager Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO. As for players, they have Franco ESCOBAR, former Argentina U20 man Leandro Gonzalez PIREZ, Ezequiel BARCO and Eric REMEDI.

The final will be on December 8 where we are guaranteed to have an Argentine lift the trophy.


  1. Mamoun,

    Alexis MacAllister is back to Argentinos starting eleven and he just gave the winner his club. First win of Argentinos since very looong time, i.e. since he got injury. In the same game once again LB Claudio Bravo was outstanding. He is now good competitor to Angileri as potentiall Tagliafico sub in NT.

  2. Dybala lost all his chances to have a single shot on freekick & penalty ..due to the presence of cr7…
    He should leave juve next season..

    • Well Cr7 has been fair and has already left him kick some freekicks so far, much more than his former team mates. If he can only score by penalties, means that he is not good enough. By the way, in each team there is hierarchy predefined by the coach for the penalty kick. I found the coach has been nice with him. Honestly with this kind of performance, not sure if he can keep his starting 11 place.

  3. Watching Fiorentina Juve, quite a shit match so far for Simeone, Dybala and Pezzella, who was quite solid until Bentacour’s goal but cannot blame. As I said in a previous post, Dybala need a regista like Pjanic or a playmaker who can ensure the transition. He is almost transparent without.

    By the way, Serie A is so tactical that reduce space and makes games boring. Apart from Napoli which plays well, others don’t give me the joy to watch.

  4. That was a Sick Goal by the way.

    Well the Copa Libertadores was already Ruined by the Sick Fans. So now it seems its officially Doomed. by the way I would take playing in Spain more that playing in Qatar any day.

    But its a Shame that the unfortunate events happened. A Final for the Ages ruined by hooligans.

  5. I personally didn’t think it was possible for football to come here to Atlanta and flourish like it has, nm reaching the final and the very possibility of winning it in this ridiculous short time!
    For a city with American football, Baseball and Basketball and a combined ONE LOUSY Championship between them, ATL United winning would be seismic.

    • “There could be a return for Boca captain Pablo Perez and midfielder Gonzalo Lamardo, who were both hospitalised in the attack on Saturday, but in addition Cristian Pavon, who was injured in the first game and looked set to miss the second, may be fit to play. The forward will be one to look out for, having been a key part of Boca’s back-to-back title winning team”

      Source: SkySports

  6. Some statements about River – Boca on Bernabeu:

    “River-Boca en el Bernabéu. La Superliga sin calendario. La Selección Argentina con un proyecto a seis meses. No podemos ser cómplices de la agonía del Fútbol Argentino”

    “Obviamente estoy un poco triste por ese tema como amante del fútbol y como defensor de nuestro fútbol. Creo que el fútbol es un poco espejo de lo que somos como sociedad. Le cargamos todos los hechos de violencia y es un reflejo de lo que nos pasa como país”

    Dani Alves:
    “Jugar un Boca-River fuera de Sudamérica es la vergüenza más grande que he visto como jugador de fútbol. Las personas que no han tenido nada que ver con lo sucedido tienen que pagar por lo que hicieron los maleducados”,

    • “Playing a Boca-River outside of South America is the biggest shame I’ve seen as a soccer player. People who have nothing to do with what happened have to pay for what the rude people did”

      Dani said it all!

      • Batistuta: “River – Boca on Bernabeu. Superliga without diary. Argentina NT with six months project. We should not to be complice in agony of Argentina football”.

    • It’s all so absurd to hold it outside of Argentina, let alone SA. Now fans have to pay a ton of money to travel and local business doesn’t profit either.

      Ironically, “Libertadores” is in honor to the leaders of the S.A. wars of independence from Spain and Portugal, yet the fucking final is held in Ridiculous.

    • because of few stupid fans Angelici Macri and Domingez find the perfect excuse to make the biggest humiliation of Argentinian and South American football in history.

      what a shame.
      this be sure will create more violence for the future.

      and by the way Angelici and Macri.
      the next River Boca match you should arrange it
      to take place in Antarctica with viewers the penguins !!!

    • Some statements about River – Boca on Bernabeu a rough English translation for you all.
      “River-Boca at the Bernabéu. The Super League without a calendar. The Argentine Selection with a project to six months. We can not be accomplices of the agony of Argentine Soccer ”
      “Obviously I’m a little sad about that issue as a soccer lover and as a defender of our football. I think football is a little mirror of who we are as a society. We carry all the acts of violence and it is a reflection of what happens to us as a country ”
      Dani Alves:
      “Playing a Boca-River outside of South America is the biggest shame I’ve seen as a soccer player. People who have nothing to do with what happened have to pay for what the rude people did “,

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