Former Inter man Esteban CAMBIASSO favorite to coach Argentina U20 team


Reports are coming out that Esteban CAMBIASSO is the favorite to coach the Argentina U20 team.

With AFA president Claudio TAPIA offering Lionel SCALONI a job as Argentina coach on a 2 year basis, there are reports coming out that former Inter man Esteban CAMBIASSO will replace him as the coach of the Argentina U20 team.

Pablo AIMAR would continue on as coach of the U17 squad while Diego PLACENTE would remain as U17 coach.


  1. for me Americo ruben gallego is the best coach who has found trio ortega, aimar, saviola attack on River plate.
    who was the 2nd best coach to produce the three different club champions and went to coach in one of the lower tabled club in chile that club got champion during his coaching.

    I think Argentina can give a chance to him, he is like tite, he can threat tite if he get the chance

  2. Manny great generations have been washed away due to bad coaching!!

    These idiots still can’t afford a great candidate, what references does Scaloni have?? Oh…. intuition from AFA?? What a joke? Guys, keep dreaming about getting a power house coach!!

    Remember that AFA has not made an investment towards a great coach while we still have the best player of all time… end of story. We want to drive a Mercedes but can only afford a Fiat!

  3. Well there is a 10 year project, Which AFA secretly designed. From outside it looks gud, How it will be implemented on Grass root level will be seen, Hope this leads to some trophies for the NT. Within this 10 years. We r in need for one desperately. lets hope for the best.

  4. If Pochettino and Simione can succeed, so do Cambiasso, Aimar and Scaloni.

    Argentine players are just smart and genius in terms of tactics. Period.

    I think Cambiasso plays very smart game during his career. He just needs some experience as a coach, then he should be a very good backup for Scaloni.

    • Yes, me 2 big fan of him as player and it will be interesting to see how he will coach, nobody has a richer experience than him. He knows the fast and collective 1 touch passing Argentina football taught by Pekerman, he spent years in Italy and won many trophies, so should be very developed tactically and can bring more discipline. Along with intensity of Premier League football style, If he can mix it all together then could be a very powerful football.

  5. Tapia has presented the 10 years project for the national team across all verticals. Can somebody please share the gist of the same for the National Senior Team and Youth Team in English?

    Roy, you can also put up an article about the same.

  6. For me the best Argentine coach at present is pochetino this guy is really gem who can turn normal players into beast ,Kane ,delle Ali ,son ,lorris ,sissoko are some examples .I hope afa appoints him as national coach after the expiry of scaloni’s contract .I believe he can build golden generation like Pekerman for Argentina

  7. It’s great that the Riquelme generation is taking over the Argentine NT at all age groups. There will be some great Coaches for us to choose in future. We already have great coaches in the Batistuta Generation like Simone, Pochettino, Gallardo etc, Heinze looks gud too. He could be the leading one on the Riquelme generation. Hopefully.

  8. Hope he can continue what Pekerman did in the past. We stopped producing good football players after Messi/Aguero generation because Pekerman left. Some decent players arrived after like Pastore but either weak mentally or don’t know playing collectively. Not the real Argentina football.

    • This guy pastore is such a big talent whose playing style reminds me of riquelme ,I still fail to understand why he was kept out from national team especially in wc where we could have used him instead of enzo perez

      • “I still fail to understand why he was kept out from national team especially in wc where we could have used him instead of enzo perez”

        @Munawar, you are missing a very important point here. Pastore is a gifted player but he is lazy and injury-prone. On the contrary, Enzo with all his talent limits he is a hard worker. I think you watched him at Brazil WC.

        • I agree with you. And also what we seriously lacked in that 23 list was a defensive minded one to compensate the biglia blunder. It was all between Peredes and Enzo. Taking Enzo was no brainer. Pastore with all his cons deserved it ahead of Meza, in my opinion. Anyway these are closed chapters.

          • Yes I think several positions were the driving factors of elimination. I remember I got insulted by a lot of people here when I said Biglia was a mistake. Fazio got his 1st cap at 31 and we all know why. Enzo was handicapped by his injuries, Meza, Salvio and Pavon don’t have the level. Rojo has been benched for years.

            Biglia and Enzo replaced by Paredes and Battaglia, Fazio and Rojo by Pezzella and Garay, Meza, Pavon and Salvio by De Paul, Correa and Cervi. That could have changed so much.

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