Nicolas TAGLIAFICO scores for Ajax in Eredivisie win


Argentina man Nicolas TAGLIAFICO scored for Ajax in their 2-1 win against Den Haag.

TAGLIAFICO, not known for his goal scoring, headed the second goal of the match for Ajax, which proved to be the winning goal. TAGLIAFICO headed the ball from close range off a LABYAD pass.


  1. I like pochettino the way he defended
    Juan foyth he said foyth was best player
    By far also said how many players lose
    The ball half way on the field
    He said is easy to blame him
    Because he is young that is absolutely
    Right unlike some so calls arg fans
    Here slaughtering young boy
    Cose he lose the ball half way
    Saying he is not ready this game
    Let me tell you something even if toby
    Or Sanchez play spurs would have lost anyway that game
    Arsenal was dominated

  2. Tagliafico needs to move to England so he can work on his transitional defense… it’s hard to forgive him for the Second goal against France .. poor positioning and effort

    • He had a horrible mistake that gifted arsenal their third goal; much like his mistake in the 1st Mexico game.. was beat by Ramsey’s pass that arsenal scored their second in as well…

      • Ajax is playing in champion league so tagliafico already played big matches, but a player like his caliber not stay longer even i don’t remember young world class left back at moment so tagliafico will be huge in next transfer

    • But Haters rubbish here before that always said him as a farmer since he was in independiente..actually we should give chance to all player at Arg not criticize them too future we do not know if they will success later..

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