Argentina 2018 Goal of the Year: All goals scored after the 2018 FIFA World Cup


We are now in December and the first two of three polls in regards to the Argentina national team has already concluded.

Manuel LANZINI’s goal against Italy was voted as the best goal scored by Argentina this year before the 2018 FIFA World Cup. As for the best goal scored by Argentina at the FIFA World Cup, Lionel MESSI’s goal against Nigeria was voted as the best. A total of 10 goals plus an own goal were scored by Argentina after the World Cup.

We will break down these goals into three different categories before finally voting on the Argentina 2018 goal of the year. The first poll included the best goal before the 2018 FIFA World Cup which was voted as Manuel LANZINI’s goal. The second voting was Lionel MESSI’s goal against Nigeria voted as the best. And now we vote on the best goal scored after the World Cup. Once we have the top 3 goals, we will put them to a vote to select the 2018 Argentina Goal of the Year.

Here are the highlights and the goals scored at the 2018 FIFA World Cup with the poll below:

Argentina vs. Guatemala: Gonzalo MARTINEZ, Giovani LO CELSO, Giovanni SIMEONE

Argentina vs. Iraq: Lautaro MARTINEZ, Roberto PEREYRA, German PEZZELLA, Franco CERVI

Argentina vs. Mexico (match 1): Ramiro FUNES MORI

Argentina vs. Mexico (match 2): Mauro ICARDI, Paulo DYBALA

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    • FARMER KING, you really don’t know what you are taking about.

      First of all, Mourinho sucks and his best days as a manager are long gone. As far as I’m concerned, Manchester United waited too long to sack him.

      Second, Argentina has a plethora of talented managers, no need for an overrated foreigner. Most of whom we can’t afford though.

      Which leads me to the third point. Even if AFA somehow decided to hire a foreign coach, they can’t cause they are broke. So there you have it. Most people here know this but you somehow don’t.

  1. It’s realy sad that saying paredas
    Is slow or his passes not good
    That is far from the reality
    Personally parades is the best
    Midfielder we have since riquelme
    He is full package he can set deep
    And spray passes I mean forward
    Passes not side ways or safe pass
    If you know what I mean.
    He shoot from distance
    He can score free-kick
    As well swing set pieces .
    It really shame that some people
    Saying caseres is better than him
    Tel me what is so especial about
    Caseres or ascaciber all they do
    Side way passes. And play safe
    Not disrespect them but no way
    Near paredes level.

    • Here you are? Where you were when he was noting few outstanding games in a row?! If you pretend to judge him fair why you were not talking about his goals and assist recently? Because your judgements are horribly tendencious.

      • The problem with him was always the lack of end product, in his 91 european first league matches ha gave 3 assists, from an attacking player this is unacceptable, the “chicken head” Di Maria, who cant pass as we know from the professors of the forum gave 47 assists during this time (only in champ). Correa plays quasi a striker or second striker in this season next to Immobile, so he has to score goals, a lot of goals as good second strikers do, 15-20 goals.

  2. Leandro Paredes player analysis. This video shows why paredes is not a proper DM. He can be played in double pivot or as a CM. battaglia would have been good partner with his aerial ability and overall energy, but he is injured. So that makes Ascacibar the available choice. OR a midfield trio of three CMs i.e,
    Lo celso—paredes—palacios(with only average-decent defensive abilities) can be deployed but how they will perform against a past paced team we dont know.

    • He is NOT a DM, proper or otherwise, he’s a regista aka CM aka deeplying playmaker, think more Gago and less Mascherano.
      As you said, Ascacibar or Dominguez or Caseres partnering with him in addition to a box to boxer like Celso or Palacios or possibly Depaul/pereyra would work best.
      I think the Lo celso—paredes—palacios trio would work very well against solid/strong teams but not against top level teams like Brazil or France where palacios would have to be sacrificed for someone like Nico Dominguez.

  3. Kante (91%) has more passing accuracy than kevin debryune(87%).
    But none of the pass of kante looks dangerous ,most of them are side passing and short passing in other hand for me kevin debruyne is the best passer in the word, almost all his paases looks very dangerous so here stats doesnt tell everything.
    For me also paredes is a way better passer than Caseres.

  4. Paredes and Ascacibar have been called the next “big thing” for Argentina being the most solid DM’s we have…
    but has anybody taken into account Caseres of Villareal and the season he’s having? His stats are pretty good!
    ………………………Games Played….Goals Scored..Assists…Touches/Game….Pass Accuracy
    Santiago Ascacibar: -14/15-………………-0-…………-0-…………..-55…………….-82%
    Leandro Paredes:….-15/17-………………-3-…………-2-…………..-81-……………-88%
    Matias Kranevitter:…-5/17-………………-0-…………-0-……………-66-……………-89%
    Santiago Caseres:…-11/16-………………-0-…………-1-……………-63-……………-91%
    Compared to Mascherano’s sats for the World Cup… not the Chinese League,
    Javier Mascherano:..-4/4-…………………-0-…………-0-……..-Not Available-…….-91%

    Mascherano was defensively s*** but you cannot deny that he was a good passer, good with the ball. We need a DM as good if not bettet passer than he was, to be the pivot for the team, start the attack himself.
    And the only one who comes close this his passing is Caseres. If we are to be a Mourinho team and park the bus, Paredes or Ascacibar are your guys, but if we are to have possession and attack, I think Caseres is that man for the job. Paredes, Kranevitter, and Ascacibar aren’t playing in a “competitive” league. Caceres at only 21, playing in La Liga, one of the most demanding leagues in the world, he’s got a future!

    • Problem with Whoscore and such stats is that this is failing to discern between creative pass and easy, safe pass. There are players that are leaders of such stats just because their passing accuracy is really high but they take no risk of delivering creative, dangerous passes. I know there’s category of ‘key pass’ on Whoscored but that’s way too little to get to know enough about player passing abilities. So far the categories are to much limited, inflexible and artificial (like AI) – not enough adequate device to discern and estimate whole spectrum of passes, from the ordinar ones, safe but correct to that creative but with dose of risk being intercepted by defender. So Paredes is much better passer than Caseres, because much more creative even if with more losts. And yes, Ascacibar is better option because much better defesively and learning still a lot on the passing department.

    • There is no way Caseres is better at passing than Paredes. Paredes started as a creative playmaker for Boca, his passes are just on another level. So, I don’t think he’s suited for a defensive based team, on the contrary he is much better for a possession based one. Ascacibar yes, not Paredes.

      In summary, Caseres is better at passing than Ascacibar but not than Paredes. One could argue we would benefit from having Caseres at the expense of Ascacibar but Paredes is not in the same category. He’s currently a deep lying playmaker, like Joringho or Pirlo (although he’s much better defensively than those two).

      • Or why not both? If Mascherano and Biglia pivot worked in 2014, why can’t a Paredes and Caseres pivot work now? Their names even rhyme! lol

        With arguably the 2 best passing DM’s we’ve got, possession is safely secured under their watch.

        It could work in either a 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1, depending on the game.
        Paredes-Caseres-Lanzini/Lo Cleso
        Messi-Aguero-Lanzini/J. Correa


        Messi/Di Maria/Dybala-Messi/Dybala/Lo Celso-Lanzini/J. Correa

    • Caseres’ passing is good. He just needs to add a little more bite while defending. I think he’s still slow to read the game. He needs to make more interceptions and clean tackles. This is his first year in La Liga. So I am keeping my fingers crossed.

      Though, if I get to choose the team, I would always play Caseres alongside Palacios and Lo Celso. Because Caseres represents the philosophy – Take the ball, pass the ball.

      • If that were the case Banega fits the bill more. Seeing Palacios in the Libertadores final he was good… but he was not the best, not enough to get excited about, he just did his part.

        Paredes is good, but first of all he’s not fast, second he’s pretty lazy, doesn’t move to create space or drop into the half spaces.

        However, both Caceres and Paredes together could be the solution we’ve been looking for. Hopefully, that won’t give Messi the burden to drop as much and stay as forward as possible.

        • No Banega please.

          Agree with you on Paredes being lazy. That’s why I want Palacios. His work rate is much better. He can carry the ball and most importantly, make runs into the box. All in all, Lo Celso-Caseres-Palacios is a highly energetic, possession based midfield. It is unlikely under Scaloni because he prefers a more defensive approach.

        • “Paredes is good, but first of all he’s not fast, second he’s pretty lazy, doesn’t move to create space or drop into the half spaces”

          Lol……What about Banega? Does he have a blistering speed like Bolt? Is he a great hard worker like Mascherano used to be?

          Paredes is the best deep-lying midfielder we have right now. His vision, passing, and positining are excellent. It is true he is not fast, but he is not slow either, somewhere in the middle. Give me a single evidence that shows the laziness of Paredes and the hard working of Banega. I think if you have watched all Argentina friendlies with open eyes you could easily know how Paredes is invaluable to the team.

          • @Dadir10,
            I would suggest you to check Paredes’ performance against Mexico. When he started alongside Lo Celso. Check how many times Mexican players were passing around him. He was marking no one. No question on his playmaking abilities. But can we afford him against high quality opposition? Midfield is a highly contested area these days.

          • @Imtiaz, I watched both matches the full 90 minutes and Paredes was one of the players I kept an eye on in those friendlies. I don’t say his defensive skills are EXCELLENT and I admit his marking techniques need a little a bit polishing but he offers his fair share in defending, his great tackle in the first Mexico friendly is a good evidence for that.

            Paredes’s strength is in playmaking and building attacks from the deepest point of the midfield, so he always needs a good defensive midfielder alongside him. Do you remember how Marcello Lippi used to deploy two playmakers on the pitch at the sametime in 2006 WC? Lippi used Pirlo as a deep-lying playmaker and Totti as an advanced playmaker. Gattuso was alongside Pirlo to destroy the opponent’s attack and he helped Pirlo to carry out his duty.

          • Gattuso wasn’t a box2box, but Simone Perrotta was. Perrotta was good at defending and attacking as well. Lo Celso, Palacios, and Pereyra take that role for us.

  5. I think scaloni should call barco ,portau,almendra,balerdi and even de LA Vega to the squads , its good if they are called early . the last time an 17-18 years old called up were messi ,aguero, di maria , if talk about recent callups those were lamela and mammana ( excluding palacios -19 years old ).

    Personally I want riquelme and Ayala to leave their comfort and join the staff .
    It will be only good , just imagine scaloni aimar , Ayala and riquelme (excluding w.Samuel , he is gone ),experiences in each positions .

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