Lionel MESSI wins record 5th European golden shoe award


Lionel MESSI received his 5th golden boot award on Tuesday.

For the fifth time in his illustrious career, the Argentina and FC Barcelona man was awarded the European golden boot. The award is given for the top league scorer in the European leagues.

MESSI finished with 34 goals last season, equalling his tally when he first won the award in during the 2009-2010 season.

Lionel MESSI: 2009-2010 golden boot winner, 34 goals
Lionel MESSI: 2011-2012 golden boot winner, 50 goals
Lionel MESSI: 2012-2013 golden boot winner, 46 goals
Lionel MESSI: 2016-2017 golden boot winner, 37 goals
Lionel MESSI: 2017-2018 golden boot winner, 34 goals

Aside from Hector YAZALDE back in 1973-1974, MESSI remains the only Argentine to win the award.


  1. 5th golden shoe

    5th balon dor

    5th best player

    5th player to be selected by some Mundo users after the pity, cervi, de Paul, and pavon

    I hope he wins 6th Balon and Copa next year!

  2. But somehow not in the top 3?
    And outdone by Modric of all people?

    Just shows a European player has one moment of magic and he’s suddenly better than all South Americans stars who impress week in and week out according to the media, guys like Messi, Neymar, Suarez, Marcelo, Aguero, Godin, etc.
    Aguero always overshadowed by Kane in the Media, Godin by Ramos, Neymar by Mbappe, Suarez by Griezmann, Messi by Ronaldo, Marcelo by Jordi Alba, the list goes on.
    Meanwhile, they don’t realize clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico, Man City & United, Juventus, etc the core of the team are south Americans, not Europeans, yet we keep getting overshadowed by mediocre displays from them. What a shame!!

    • When was messi overshadowed by ronaldo?
      When was marcelo overshadowed by jordi alba?(i think jordi is better than marcelo).
      When was suarez overshadowed by griezmann?
      Mbappe performed better than joker neymar.

      • – The last 3 Ballon D’ Oro, especially last years. Messi was outscoring, dribbiling, creating, assisting everyone in Europe, yet Ronaldo won.
        – Ever since Valverde took over, Alba is receiving a lot of praise for plays Messi started, meanwhile Marcelo is creator and finisher.
        – Every time Suarez is in the top 5 listing, he’s out done by Griezman or Lewandowski.
        – Everyone knows PSG are shining bc of Neymar, Mbappe is overrated as hell.

        It’s pretty clear, for the past couple of years FIFA has preferred European players over South American ones.
        The media drools when Harry Kane scores, but when Aguero gets a hat-trick…. meh.

        • These are nothing more than your senseless imagination.
          According to media.
          Marcelo is still considered as a best LB in the world.
          Messi is still considered as best player in the world.
          Neymar is still considered as 3rd best player in the world( undeserved , psg is shining when?).
          Dani alves is still considered as a legend.
          Jordi alba can defend and attack , marcelo shits in defence.
          ATM griezmann is better than suarez, suarez passed his prime.

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