Matias ZARACHO of Racing Club linked to Atletico Madrid move


Matias ZARACHO is currently being linked to Atletico Madrid, with a move potentially happening in January.

Per a report by Radio Continental, Diego SIMEONE is interested in signing the Argentina U20 midfielder. Atletico have reportedly been following the player for some time and would be keen on signing him after missing out on Lautaro MARTINEZ.


  1. I think we should try Romero Funes Mori as left back.He has attacking threat so we should use it Tagliafico has a lot to learn.In Copa we should try Mori as left back.

      • The only one who can maybe challenge Tagliafico at LB is Angileri, but other than that, I really don’t see his spot under and pressure.

        Acuna at LB has been one of the worst decisions, out in place obviously by Sampaoli and still kept by his disciple, Scaloni.

    • With all due respect, this comment shows a profound lack of insight. Funes Mori can be a decent central defender on a good day, that’s about it. Not a DM and certainly not a left-back!

  2. Tournaments are not meant for experimenting ,we should go with full strength in copa with only proven players so I would like to see banega ,Vasquez duo who can dominate any big team as midfield is always engine of any team’s success ,I would take gazzaniga as gk who is strong against penalty + his ball distribution is world class
    And for those who want to build team remember we will have many friendlies after copa
    Experiments should not be done at the cost of any major tournament especially after the disaster that happened in 2010 ,neither should we call all seniors,there must be a combination of young proven players + inform seniors

    • I agree with you. It has to be a combination of seniors and youth. In the Midfield I would like to see – Battaglia ( if fit by then ) – Banega – Le Celso / Pereyra. Front 3 should be – Messi – Aguero / Icardi – Di Maria. Back 4 I still have doubts, may be during march it will be clear. With current goalkeeping situation Romero would start for me at copa.

      • Unfortunately he has started in only one game and that too got suspended later so we should look for other options like benitez (regular starter )or gazzaniga(still gets more chance than romero) bdw armani should never be called up

        • ———–Musso—————

      • Banega dimaria Aguero are greats but we have to move forward and give chances to new players
        Paredes Ascacibar Locelso Pereyra Battaglia Palacios pity etc

  3. Most big teams have plenty of players and do need to buy a lot. Bayern Munich is an exception as they need to replace several starting players next summer (Robben, Ribery and others).

  4. Zaracho better stay at Racing and not become a bench warmer or last 5 minutes sub at a big club like Lautaro Martinez.

  5. Apparently, Atletico Madrid is buying alot of Argentine’s right now.
    After Pavon gave Messi one, count them, ONE assist against Haiti, there were Rumors of Barcelona being interested in him.
    These “Links” are just rumors, there is no guarantee of them happening.

    The only rumors that have been consistent enough to have some truth in them are Palacios to Real & Magllan to Ajax.
    Almendra to Napoli won’t happen, doubt Saravia to Atletico will happen either, and neither will Zaracho to Atletico. They already have Lemar who cost alot, Saul, Correa, Koke, Vitolo, etc. He’ll just be a bench warmer waiting for injuries to happen.

    Not hating, just saying, don’t put your hope in “rumors”. After all, they’re just “rumors”

    • You need not to add it would be most satisfying for you to see all these youngsters falling short.

      On the other hand people like you will talk about Di Maria “joining” Manchester United once again. Unfortunately not many cares about him today.

      • That’s why I added at the end,

        “Not hating, just saying, don’t put your hope in “rumors”. After all, they’re just “rumors”

        All I’m saying is that rumors aren’t always true. That’s It! Don’t waste your time on them.
        Magallan to Ajax and Palacios to Real aren’t rumors anymore, they’re in process, and do you see me hating on it? No!
        Your just jumping to conclusions again about me hating these youngsters. As if these big clubs are obligated to sign these Argentine youngsters… news flash, they’re not! They sign who they want, not who you, me, or anyone wants them to sign.

        Oh, and that last point on Di Maria and Man U… that made me laugh!

    • Yeah personally I don’t take any stock in transfer rumors, however the following transfers have some legitimacy behind them:

      Paredes ————-> Milan or PSG
      Palacios————–> Real
      De Paul————–> Sevilla (made a 16 mill offer for him recently)
      Tagliafico————> Arsenal (made a 10 mill offer for him recently)

      All in all I could care less if one of our boys goes to a big club or a small club as long as it’s in a good league where they can get challenged consistently as opposed to say going to PSG where the team is so far ahead of it ‘farmer league’ competitors that the player tends to regress rather than progress, hence why I am more keen on paredes going to milan than PSG.

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