Argentina man Leandro PAREDES reportedly linked to French club PSG


Leandro PAREDES is currently being linked with a move to PSG.

Per a report by News in Russia, the French club would have submited a bid to Zenit of €33 million for PAREDES. However, there are reports that Zenit have turned it down and would want to receive a bid of €44 million. The Argentina man has been the subject of a move away from Russia for the past few weeks and with the January transfer window coming up, the rumors have intensified.

The French league champions are reportedly looking and reinforcing their midfield and PAREDES is one of the names being mentioned.


  1. Well 2018 was a bad year because of the World cup but there are things to look for:

    1. Being out of the 1op 10 means jack and it will only mean something come May or April when the ranking will mean seeding for copa, until then Argentina has 2 friendlies to finish among the top 3.

    2. Walter Benitez is the 2nd best GK (according to stats) in europe! Gazzaniga has stepped up when ever he was called on, Musso is quite solid and there is still the ever reliable Romero to call on. Honestly I think the GK situation is alot better than when the WC ended.

    3. No paradox, if Lio comes back then it’s great for everyone and if he doesn’t then Argentina can survive and even thrive without him like they have for almost a century of international football.

    4. You’re absolutely right 2019 is another year and another chance for the albicelestes to get back on their feet and while Argentina aren’t favorites for copa, I certainly think they’re contenders and even if the team doesn’t win if the tournament gives them the opportunity to cement their playing style and gain some confidence and experience then I would consider that a partial win since the real target is WC 2022.

    5. That’s the impression that I got because to be honest his team hasn’t played in an entirely convincing manner even if the results have been solid and to be honest I think it’s good for him to consider himself a interim coach because it may stop him from being complacent.

    6. I’ll add one last point, seeing the standout performances of Icardi, De Paul, Benitez, Celso, Tagliafico and Dybala (in the CL) not to mention the consistent fine performances of Pezzella, paredes, A.Correa, Caseres and Ascacibar is heartening to say the least. I also shouldn’t forget the emergence of players like L. Martinez, Pussetto, Foyth, C.Romero, Musso and Gazzaniga in europe and the likes of Palacios, Saravia, the Licha Martinez/Barboza pair, Dominguez, Angeleri and MacAllister in Argentina.
    All of the above plus the return of Mammana and hopefully that of Lanzini and ‘oldies’ like Kun, Banega, Maria and Otamendi continue to show that they still have life in them and may prove useful to back up the younger gen. All in all there is plenty to look forward to in the next coming years.

  2. At last this catastrophic Year has come to an end (From an Argentine Football Fans perspective)

    Points to be noted at the end.

    1) We r out of the top 10 after long time.

    2) Our favorite Goal Keepers r not at all performing consistently. Some r always on Bench. How long we can carry on with that situation needs to be seen.

    3) The MESSI PARADOX – Nothing else to say.

    4) 2019 seems to be another opportunity for us. With Copa in the horizon. But we r no way a contender. Hope we put on a good Fight.

    5) Scaloni still believes he is an Interim (Which is weird)

    Hope we have a better 2019 Happy New Year to all my co writers here….

  3. Marcelo Bielsa is recreating magic for Leeds United, as he once did for Athletico Bilbao.
    Glad to read that an Argentine is a point of reference by many a top coach.

  4. That’s odd, isn’t his buyout contract 30 or 35 million? It might be that he’s not interested in going to another farmers’ league and would rather stay where he is and if that’s the case then good for him.

  5. This is exactly what happened to Di Maria. He moved to Manchester and he got ruined, because they wouldn’t let him play. Paredes meanwhile is doing great at Zenit and the Russian league is more competetive than Ligue 1. After all, what will he do? Farm with Veratti, or cook with Neymar😂?!

    • Yes but he should move to a team that doesn’t have many good players. Lo Celso got lucky as now, even though La Liga is harder than ever, he got playing time and adjusted quicker with Betis.

  6. Mori should be left back we have many option for center back.Tagliafico is not faster than Mori neither he is good header or good dribbler than Mori.There are many great player who were converted to other position.We should experiment now.
    Sarvia. Pezella Otamendi. Mori
    These four make good defence for team.This 4-man backline is good.
    I like Tagliafico only as substitute nothing more

    • With all due respect, this comment shows a profound lack of insight. Funes Mori can be a decent central defender on a good day, that’s about it. Not a DM and certainly not a left-back!

      • Personally, watching Funes Mori in the Copa America Centenario… I never liked him.
        He’s so mediocre, I don’t know why he keeps getting called up.

        I’m going to get so much heat for this, but I prefer Rojo than Funes Mori.
        While other Argentine’s might perform better for club than country, Rojo’s the opposite.
        He is awful for United, but for Argentina he turns up.

        I mean he being a CB scored the goal that got us to the round of 16, started the play that lead to Aguero’s goal against Iceland, was the best player against Nigeria, etc.
        Sure, his rash decision cost us a penalty against France, but the whole defense, Tag & Otamendi included, suffered against the pace of Mbappe. It’s not ALL his fault.
        And he’s only 28, meaning he’s got another World Cup in him… and he has scored in the last 2 World Cups, showing he is still important to the team.

        In modern day football, you need 2 left footed and 2 right footed defenders to make build up easier.
        My two left footed CB’s I would call up would be Rojo and Kanneman, with the two right footed CB’s being Pezzella and either Otamendi, Mammana or Magallan, joined by fullbacks Tagliafico & Saravia.

        The back 4 could look as such:

        • I actually thought FM was pretty good during copa. Quick, Agile, wins areal duals, dribbles really well “ball playing” type CB, tenacious, etc. i thought he would easily cement himself as starter with Otamendi until his injury. Then he went to shit and hasn’t regained form since then.

          I will always like Rojo but as @enganche points out, Rojo aint even making the bench for United which worries me.

    • Mori is a 6 foot CB, and he can’t run or dribble. Mammaba can be converted as he is just like Tagliafico. He is short, fast, and can dribble fairly well, with good defending. Mori is just too big.

  7. Seems to be a great opportunity. Currently Marquinhos playing this role but he is a CB, for sure they need badly a number 5 to pair with Verratti. But seems that they are actually more interested in De Jong, wonder which one they will take in the end.

    • At PSG, even Lo Celso could get away with playing as a Defensive Midfielder. Opponents barely have the resources to put PSG under pressure in League 1. But look what Real Madrid did to Lo Celso in the CL. The first time he faced a top quality opponent, RM exposed all his flaws. I would rather Paredes moved to Milan.

      • Milan? So he can have Biglia as his mentor right?
        Milan are on a very steep decline, and he will only sink further with them.
        If Andre Silva couldn’t save Milan, much less Paredes will.

        PSG would be better IF it’s true.

        Either PSG or Man City are the best options as both are DESPERATE for a DM ASAP. Either could take him in January.
        Personally, Man City would be best as Guardiola will develop him to be probably one of the best #5’s in the world with time.

        • @dontbethatguy,
          What’s wrong with Biglia mentoring Paredes? Biglia is a fantastic defensive midfielder despite his lackings on the attacking front. Paredes on the other hand, lacks defensive skills despite his obvious attacking talents. Sounds like a very good mentor-disciple combo Lol.

          Serie A as a whole are on a steep decline, not just Milan. Most of the teams have horrible midfield. Still, Serie A is way better than League 1, which is better than Russian league of course.

          Milan are probably gonna sack Gattuso soon. His tactics never convinced me. Arsene Wenger has been linked with them for some time. If It’s not AC Milan, then I hope It’s at least Serie A or, La Liga for Paredes.

          • Idk… Man City are desperate at the moment for a #5 back-up for Fernandinho… (Also a LB back-up for Mendy *cough* Tagliafico*cough*)

            Barcelona were desperate when Neymar left and they bought a washed up midfielder Paulinho & and two contract rebels Dembele & Coutinho.

            Paredes to Man City in January isn’t that far fetched.
            In the summer, yes it won’t happen, as Guardiola will look for someone like de Jong, Ndombele, Aouar or Ruben Neves. But in January, in their desperate need, it’s not impossible to see City make a desperate purchase…

          • Guardiola asks a lot from his players, both on and off the ball. Paredes cant match that intensity. That’s why I think this isn’t going to happen.

            You know what I am rooting for? Caseres to Man City! Yeah, I know it’s far fetched. Maybe, in a years time.

          • “You know what I am rooting for? Caseres to Man City! Yeah, I know it’s far fetched. Maybe, in a years time.”

            You know I haven’t really thought of that, but I think that’ll be great! I thought Villareal was the right club for him, but his stats are very impressive over there. He pass accuracy and other passing stats are high up there with the like of Paredes, Kranevitter and such.
            And at 21, he’s got a long career ahead of him, filled with growth and potential.

            So yea, why not? lol

      • That is because PSG is so called “the farmer” league, because there is one club dominating, so that means the other clubs are not good, which makes the players have bad exposure. Lo Celso was blessed for this opportunity, I hope they buy him.

  8. While the French League is still better than the Russian one, it is a far cry from La Liga, EPL and even Serie A. I would prefer him to go to a mid table club in a strong league. Hope that he ends up in Milan instead of PSG. In Zenit he gets lazy and does not develop much.

    • Why not PSG? Who will compete against him for the DM position?
      Verratti? He’s better off given freedom to roam around.
      Draxler? Di Maria? Rabiot won’t be there much longer. Thiago Motta is gone.

      He will be guaranteed minutes! He will not only be the #5 for PSG, he can learn from a world class cm like Verratti at his side. That will also allow Neymar to go back to being a winger instead of a #10.

      Who knows, with an actual #5 they might even switch back to a 4-3-3.

      So in short, Paredes to PSG is not bad at all.
      But again, IF it happens.
      I’m not one too big to believe rumors. After all, they’re just “rumors”.

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