Former Boca Juniors coach Guillermo Barros SCHELOTTO set to manage LA Galaxy


Former Boca Juniors boss Guillermo Barros SCHELOTTO is set to manage MLS club LA Galaxy.

Per reports coming out in the media, the general manager of the LA Galaxy, Dennis te KLOESE has reached an agreement with SCHELOTTO. This would be SCHELOTTO’s third job as coach, having previously managed Lanus and Boca Juniors.

He is no stranger to MLS, as he played for 3 years with the Columbus Crew.


  1. Some rumours for winter transfer window: Magallan to Ajax, Almendra to Napoli(instead of Valencia) and Zaracho to Atletico Madrid. Not sure if good move for Zaracho as they got already bunch of midfielders. I hope to see De Paul playing in a team which attacks more. Udinese’s football is so depressive to watch. By the way, Bielsa’s football played by Leeds is a true delight at this moment.

    • If want to enjoy watching football
      Watch bielse team also some of
      His students like poch pep hienze
      Gallardo and Tata .
      Leeds United playing breathtaking football.

      • Leeds are on route to promotion, with 51 pts out of 24 games.

        Imagine Bielsa’s Leeds vs Pep’s Man City!
        Bielsa’s Leeds vs Poch’s Tottenham?
        Leeds vs. Sarri’s Chelsea
        Leeds vs Solskjaer’s new Man United?

        Mouthwatering encounters.

        We’ll see if also Bielsa’s style of football would crumble against the rock & roll style of football that Klopps Liverpool plays. Guardiola surely can’t handle it… we’ll see how his mentor fairs against it.

    • I do not want to repeat these things but thr Atletici interest about Zaracho is another prove that there’s no better way to promote our players than call them up early. Thank you Scaloni for that.

  2. Possible line-up for Copa America. Beginning as a 4-4-2 and shifting to 3-4-3 midfield diamond in possession.

    • Yes, it’s also my favorite system 442 to 343 or 352. But I’d prefer to leave Tagliafico in the 3-men defense and let Saravia play in a more defensive position because on the left there are more options like De Paul, Cervi. I am not big fan of Pavon and not sure how good is Dybala as a right midfielder. Angel Correa is more a striker to me than right midfielder, besides I think his profile is a good fit to pair with Messi, just like Lautaro Martinez.

      In the midfield, I agree to put Paredes/Ascacibar as holding and Lo Celso/Banega as central midfielder. The 3nd man need to be able to break the lines by dribbling, defend very well, box to box and has a powerful shoot. Lanzini seems to be that kind of player, Vazquez can be an option. Pochettino is currently using Lamela in this role, as Alli’s backup.

      • Well, the 4-4-2 would be strictly when defending. But as noted, it would switch to a 3-4-3 midfield diamond when in possession.

        The reason having Tag so high up would be to mimic what Barca and potentially Man City are doing, having the fullback keep the width along with the opposite winger. That would leave Messi freedom to exploit gaps all over the pitch, while Aguero or Lauturo occupy the CB’s. If we were to play a strict 4-4-2, we’d be to narrow and make defending easier for the other team. That would force bot fullbacks to provide the width, and if we were to that like the Real Madrid does with Marcelo and Carvajal, we will suffer greatly defensively every time there is a counter, seeing there will only be 2 CB’s defending.

        You could do a 4-3-3 with a front three of say Messi-Aguero-J. Correa, but Messi will drift out of position into the midfield guaranteed, therefore losing the width of the team. That would force either a fullback or a midfielder to push up to keep the width. In that case, a more attack minded RB would be better, such as Bustos or Peruzzi.
        Nothing wrong with that, but if this were the case, Saravia wouldn’t fit that bill.
        It would look more like this in a 4-3-3, and still shifting to a 3-4-3 midfield diamond when in possession. Would work extraordinarliy well against a team that plays 4-4-2, such as Uruguay, because there will always be at least one or two guys free.

        In a back 3, Saravia can stay back defending with Pezzella and Kanneman, to snuff out any counter attack, along with Paredes shielding the back line. He would ONLY push up if Dybala or any other winger drops back, to provide an overlapping run.

        Either way, in a 4-4-2 or 4-3-3, the same principles apply:
        – Winger and fullback keeping width.
        – A CF always keeping opposing CB’s occupied.
        – Messi freedom to strengthen midfield.
        – Back 4 shift to back 3.
        – One destroyer (Paredes), one controller to organize play (Banega) and one attacker (Lanzini)

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