Sergio AGUERO scores in Manchester City victory


Sergio AGUERO scored for Manchester City in their 3-1 win against Southampton.

The Argentina man scored his fifth goal in his last nine matches in the Premier League against Southampton. He also has four assists to his name during that period.


  1. None of the three argentines have started for spurs in last two games ,it really hurts to see that our Argentine players don’t have much value in European (except a few like dybala ,icardi ) 🙁 now

  2. Another exciting talent Lucas Rodriguez of estudientes signed for mls club DC Utd, it’s a good move for mls but not for Argentina, looks like mls could be cause for concern for Argentina as talented young players goes to mls rather than Europe ( estudientes previously rejected Ajax offered for Lucas Rodriguez)

        • They dont produce world class materials, except Dybala (horrible form) and Icardi who really strenghten a top european club (Top20 club), who tried mostly failed (Lo Celso, Vietto, Kranevitter, De Paul, Joaquin Correa, Paredes, Mammana and so on, Lamela and Angel Correa 13-14th members of the squad, not key players) where are our Mbappes, Dembeles, Varanes, Umtitis, Lemars, Martials, Fekirs, Ndombeles, Aouars, Laportes, Lucas Hernandezes and so on, where? only rumors but will these guys play regularly in these top clubs? imo not, simply not extraordinary talents, Palacios will compete with Modric or Kroos or Isco? Or Zaracho or the others? Only Lautaro Martinez and maybe Almada will be in this category

          • “Palacios will compete with Modric or Kroos or Isco? Or Zaracho or the others? Only Lautaro Martinez and maybe Almada will be in this category”

            What you are comparing is completely irrelevant.
            Modric or Kroos or Isco are players of big experience Palacios is not but that doesn’t mean he is not talent of the same category who may once be where the players mentioned are now. That goes for Zaracho and orhers as well.

            “Only Lautaro Martinez and maybe Almada will be in this category”

            “Will be”? But they are not now and you never know.
            You never know what will happend to this or that talented player or which of them will be world beater. Angel Correa few years ago looked like next big thing and you also expected that from him. But he is nowhere near to be big thing now. You see?

            On the other hand no one expected much from young Dybala, remembering his though beginnings in weak Palermo, even nothing impessive in Serie B – but now, when in form, he is close to be Top 10 players. Who could predict that? No one. It took him little time to pass through from Serie B to top of Serie A. You see?

            Palacios emerged out of nothing too, no one expected, and you can’t say where is limit of his talent.
            Tagliafico case? The guy was named be some people as nothing more than next Orban, the more he stayed till 25 in local league. But in a little while some big club may buy him.

          • Your comment is so blank. Are you saying that Lo Celso is not a key player? He is our best player, or at least most effective. You are comparing Palacios to top flight club players. Also, comparing our players to the french team doesn’t work. They are about pace and power, NOT SKILL. Mpappé has no skill, only pace. The same goes for the rest of the French team. Argentina has always been and will always be about technicality. The reason our players have the most potential is due to their ball control and intelligence. Framce are stupid, the same applies to other teams. This isnwhere we do best, and our goal is to make them better for pur NATIONAL team, not their clubs.

          • not a key player in a Top20 european club, Betis is not in this category, PSG is.
            Brazilian club wants Matias Vargas, Barco in the US, maybe Gonzalo Martinez too, Meza Mexico, i dont know one single argentine player who could have stepped up from these leagues into Europe. None, Guido Pizzaro’s one year in Sevilla? No exceptions, dead end, imroving only possible out of your comfort zone under high expectations (bigger clubs) not in a weaker league than Primera.

          • EL MASCHE
            your comment is so baised , no doubt france is producing most talanted young players even those players who has been left out of squad can be world beaters.
            You are telling dembele ,coman,hernandez,lemar,matrial,mbappe has no skills then i dont know how you watch the match.
            Palacios , he is nowhere going to bench modric or kroos a players should move to a club according to his ability , he is definitely going be a bench warmer in real madrid.
            Only locelso is exciting young talent no one else.

          • What’s wrong with Corinthians interested in Vargas? Is not Coritnthians the club that was stepping stone for Tevez and Mascherano before their Europeans careers. You are ill biased to this generation

        • I am talking about young talents not those who are already in europe , because of afa’s mismanagement and local club’s arrogance our nt had to depend on one single generation for so long which restricted smooth transition of national team

          • Well what do you think we are doing now? Stop complaining about the past, there is a reason there are no senior players in our roster right now. We are trying to create a new generation.

  3. Possible line-up’s for Copa America in one of two formations, 4-4-2 or 4-3-3. Beginning as a 4-4-2 and shifting to 3-4-3 midfield diamond in possession.

    It would look more like this in a 4-3-3, and still shifting to a 3-4-3 midfield diamond when in possession. Would work well against a team that plays 4-4-2, such as Uruguay, because there will always be at least one or two guys free.

    – Since always at least 2 guys are marking Messi, there will always be a “free man” for us.
    Doesn’t matter either in a 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3, the team will regardless shift into a 3-4-3 midfield diamond when in possession. When defending, they’ll return in a 4-4-2 or 4-3-3.
    – Width will always be kept with one winger and one fullback in both formations.
    – One destroyer (Paredes), one controller (Banega) and one creative attacker (Lanzini), with Messi at the head of the midfield with complete freedom to expose gaps = Midfield dominance.
    Midfield Dominance = goals, not simply keeping possession for possession sake, passing back and forth from CB’s and DM.

  4. Sergio kun aguero most underrated
    Player in the world.
    My opinion he is the best strike
    In the world and no Argentina
    Strike even can come close
    To him look the ratio how many
    Games and minutes he played
    And goals he scored.

      • Mrinal
        His statistics says everything
        The man play best league in
        The world and he keep performing
        Well the annoying thing is that
        They always keep giving credit
        Other players like David Silva
        De bruyne kompany and sterling
        By the way I don’t hate the senior
        Players .
        What I’m saying is they had many
        Chance .let us give Other players
        Chance in copa.

        • We cannot experiment every young players in copa but still it will be a quite different squad from 18 wc and among seniors we should definitely include ageuro ,banega ,messi and Romero that’s it

  5. Aguero is best center forward in the world right now.He has better understanding of forward line or offside trap and never found himself off side.His headers are acute.Now he has started flourishing

  6. River Plate are going to fight it out with Boca for the signing of Licha Martinez and River are also making a move on signing Angeleri from Godoy Cruz. I hope River pull it off. Looks like finally Ghallardo is changing his mind to signing promising young Argentines. Ghallardo also heaped praise on young Julian Alvarez, rating him as one of the best to come out of the academy in a long while.

    Heinze has told his board to not to sell any of his players right now, so Velez rejected an offer for Vargas fromFlamengo.
    He has signed Leandro Fernandez (the best option available in the Local market) and has moved in for another talented wide man, Angel Gonzalez from Godoy. He has included 5 youths from the academy to train with the first team.
    Boca meanwhile are going after star veterans.
    San LorenZo are loading up with Colombians.

    • While Boca is going to snatch Alexis MacAllister and that could be another exciting in-league move.

      Gallardo needs younger defence. Now it’s time of Martinez Quarta and maybe the coming players like Lisandro Martinez or Angileri. First of all they need replacements for Pity Martinez and Palacios, Quintero soon.

      Gaich and Julian Alvarez are our best young strikers in Superliga. Also out of the Sudamericano strikers I regard them higher than Romero, let alone Colidio.

    • Velez will be one of strongest teams upcoming year of the best players will stay there, especially Vargas. They need reinforcement on RW because Bouzat (wearing No.10) is worst player I ever saw in this club. Angel Gonzalez is long omitted while he is so often outstanding player. His style reminds me Papu Gomez.

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