Gonzalo HIGUAIN ends 866 minute goal drought, scores winner for AC Milan


Gonzalo HIGUAIN ended a long goal drought as he scored the winner for AC Milan.

It had been 866 minutes since Gonzalo HIGUAIN last scored a goal for AC Milan but a goal in the 64th minute gave AC Milan a 2-1 win against SPAL.

HIGUAIN received the ball inside the area, took a touch away from the defender and scored the winner. After the match, HIGUAIN had this to say about Milan coach GATTUSO:

“GATTUSO has always believed in me, given me confidence and has always been very direct with what he thinks. He deserves all credit for my goal.”


      • Those mundo members only care about kicking out our star players they dont have to do anything with NT or trophies, those are senior haters not argentina NT fan, they want NT to be filled by farmers.

        • They lack common sense unlike us who want a balanced side filled with inform players be it young or seniors bdw their mind is filled with hatred for senior players which is not good at all ,yes I agree that we have to build a team for future but that doesn’t mean we should repeat the mistake of 2010 WC in copa 19 as we haven’t won anything since long so I will go with all in form players with a squad mixture of young players inform players + veterans like banega ,Ageuro and messi that’s it

  1. Not even Higuain could miss from that range … wait … never mind… he has from even closer… 2015 Copa America final!! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. Soon messi will convert himself into midfielder as it is evident in barca that he stays most of the time in midfield creating chances for his teammates ,moreover have read one article too that he has future plan to play as midfielder with the role of playmaking like banega ,ozil ,riquelme

    • I don’t understand why messi
      Obsession from afa and some
      Arg fans it’s too much now
      I read that scaloni wants to
      Talk to messi to bring him back
      To the nt.. I get it he is best
      In the world afa will make a lot
      Of money from him too
      I saw buaze and sampoali did
      Same thing went to meet with him
      What that bring to us a world cup?
      Why afa can not move forward
      Without relying messi too much
      If he wants to be with the Nt
      That is fine if he is not than
      They must move on..
      There is no point keep begging him.
      It’s embarrassing now a football
      Nation like Argentina keeping
      Relying on certain individuals
      Mainly because of financial reason.

        • i feel lucky every time I see messi play, even more so when he’s wearing albiceleste. Hes still by far our best player…yet, Mr Godin cant wait to see the GOAT retire.

          • My friend let me make one thing
            Clear I said before and I’m saying
            Now messi is the best player
            I ever seen.
            I would love to see messi
            Win copa and world cup
            To do that we must build a solid
            Team that doesn’t depend on
            No player for me messi took
            Arg the highest he could now
            He needs team to help him .
            The only thing I’m against him
            Is that he will come with package
            That will let him down in the crucial
            Moment .
            One thing I was supporting arg
            Before even Messi was known
            I will alway support whoever
            Wears Argentina shirt regardless .

  3. As much as I wanted to kill El Pipita for his unbelievably insane misses in the two Copas and the WC, I feel bad for him. He was a hell of a #9, a top 3-5 striker in the world for the past 7-8 years…….performed spectacularly for RM, Napoli, Juve and I have no doubt he’ll do his job with Chelsea and played great for ARGENTINA until the plays the mattered the most escaped him.

    That was some celebration …..good for you Gonzo, good for you.

    • Yeah Sarri knows him well as they used to work together at Napoli. But since few months Hazard has been used as false 9 and it works better so not sure if Higuain will have much playing time. For me, the top 5 of the last 7-8 years would be: Cavani, Aguero, Kane, Benzema and Suarez. In the next 4 years, I guess will be: Kane, Mbappe, Firmino, Icardi and Depay.

    • He is a good striker but gets nervous easily in big games which costed us three finals in a row ,had it been one I wouldn’t have blame him ,but since its 3 I must say there must be something wrong with this guy when it comes to handling pressure

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