Argentina winger Cristian ESPINOZA signs with MLS club San Jose Earthquakes


Cristian ESPINOZA has joined MLS club San Jose Earthquakes on loan.

The former Argentina U20 man will be coached by Matias ALMEYDA at his new club. Signed with La Liga team Villarreal back in 2016, he has played at Alaves, Real Vallodid and Boca Juniors, all while on loan.

Still only 23 years old, ESPINOZA was part of the 2015 Argentina U20 team which won the South American Youth Championship.


    • If the midfield trio of D. Silva-Fernandinho-Debruyne play, with B. Silva as RF and Sane as LF and Aguero as CF, then yes, City may actually win and convincingly.
      If, however, Mahrez starts, City got NO chance. Much less if Zinchenko starts (I think that’s how you spell it)

      Also, with Mendy out, the fullbacks should be Walker and Danilo, with Danilo as a makeshift LB.

      • I do not very much about city’s player but I think Kevin de bryune is not in good touch recently, both Silva should start with Fernandinho.Kompany must be there do not know about Otamendi.

      • I think Liverpool is more balanced: great GK and maybe the best CB of the world, 2 powerful fullbacks, 2 versatile DM and probably the best attack in Europe. City has a lot of problems in defense, especially on the left and in the middle. Mendy is always injured, Delph and Zinchenko are not natural fullback, Kompany is old and a bit slow now, Laporte and Stones are both overrated. We all know that in Guardiola’s possession football, the fullbacks and regista play very important role but seems this year, he doesn’t have the material. Fernandinho is already 33 and he cannot play every 3 days at such a high intensity. That’s why I think Paredes is a good added value to this team.

        • Am I the only one who thinks Van Dik is overrated as hell, and respected WAY too much?
          What has he done? Liverpool haven’t won anything, his superb defending had them lose to Red Star, PSG, and Napoli, they just edged Napoli at home to somehow go through.

          He’s overrated as f***. Someone like Dybala, Messi, Ronaldo, Lingard, Sanchez now under the new Man U, Griezmann, etc need to put him in his place.
          Just like Messi ruined Boateng in 2015, and he hasn’t recovered since then, I hope to see Messi put Van Dik in his place as well, show him size doesn’t automatically mean you defend better.

    • Why blame MLS? He is being loaned everywhere because he simply is not impressing. MLS is where mediocre players become stars. Let the guy become a star at MLS, bc he wont be anywhere else.

    • I’d rather say the players’ agents are ruining Argentina football. As I said, those guys are ready to sell their clients to anymore just for the commission fat fee. Already a big waste for Pity and Barco.

      • Why to blame the agents only ? Don’t our players have minimum courage to say no to these greedy agents ??its the players who have to play and adopt in a new place not the agents ,then why do they succumb to their agents ?

  1. Althougj even though im also unhappy but other top leagues arent giving respect to argentina players. Look at tat shit pochetino he has 3 argentines but never plays one also simeone

    • Simple we are not producing talented players like Dembele ,mbappe ,martial ,de jong ,de lit etc from last 2-3 years or there must be something wrong in our nt and local club like poor scouting ,career guide etc

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