Genoa confirm interest from Juventus, Inter for Argentine defender Cristian ROMERO


Cristian ROMERO of Genoa is being linked with a move to Juventus or Inter.

Genoa general manager Giorgio PERINETTI spoke with Tuttosport and confirmed with them that both Juventus and Inter have shown interest in the Argentine defender. Here’s what PERINETTI had to say:

“Both have shown interest, but at the moment the Bianconeri have proved more concrete: the relations with Juventus are excellent, we have made several successful deals in recent times.”

The 20 year old joined Genoa during the summer from Belgrano for €1.6 million and has impressed during his first year in Serie A. Genoa are reportedly asking in the region of €20 million.


    • He is a very rough defender , probably the aggressive one , I was longing for a defender like him for a long time .
      He is absolute beast , but I want him to stay in Genoa ,and continue his development rather than bench warming in big clubs .

    • He has a good reading of the game, he adapts quickly and he’s Ayala-like when it comes to mental toughness……… yeah he’s a fine defender but he’s nowhere near Foyth or Licha Martinez when it comes to ball skills and passing.
      It’s interesting how Argentina has now a sudden surge in CB talent with the likes of Foyth, Romero, the Licha-Barboza pair, Balerdi and Nuhuel Perez (remember Atletico bought him a while back but he’s staying in Argentina till next season), good news for us all.

    • If this is true then it would be amazing, because in the premier league he will be constantly challenged by strong or sometimes stronger opponents and he’ll have to improve his athletic side of the game and start to hustle and haul-ass, which I know he can since he did just that against Brazil.
      AC Milan is also a good destination for him but certainly not PSG.

      • Parades has a coward mentality ,he won’t come out from weak league .See ,he rejected premier league clubs earlier to play for zenit and now he wants to play for Boca ,what does that mean ??It simply implies that he is a big coward despite of being heavy talented ,well to be honest I don’t think he will come out of zenit
        Note = I hope he will prove me wrong for nt’s sake atleast

  1. It is better if he can stays at Genoa until the end of this season.
    Between Roy, there is small mistake in article headline(it should be defender instead of midfielder)

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