Lionel MESSI scores first goal of 2019 for FC Barcelona


Lionel MESSI scored the first goal of 2019 for FC Barcelona in their 2-1 win against Getafe.

For the fourth year in a row, MESSI scored Barcelona’s opening goal of the new year. While being surrounded by two Getafe players, MESSI went passed them, played the ball in between the legs of the goalkeeper and scored the open net.

However, that wasn’t the only piece of wizardry by the little magician. A pass which broke through the Getafe team and one worth the watch.


  1. Someone in an ealier post said that Paredes isn’t a proper DM and that him holding the backline would be a bad idea. And to that I agree in part, so the solution to that problem would be a double pivot of Paredes and another DM, such as Caseres, two attack minded DM’s.

    With two ATTACK minded DM’s, that would reduce the need of Messi to drop deep to support build-up. With a winger and a fullback providing width, and another winger with the freedom to drop into the midfield = midfield dominance. Midfield dominance = goals = wins.
    Back 4 shifting to back 3 in possession + two DM’s would prevent any possible counter.
    This is the answer to our DM problem and best possible line-up IMO

    • In any case Messi has to drop deep because if he does not then he will not have ball for more time as that happened against Croatia.We do not have that calibre of midfielder like Modric Rakitic Pogba who can take control of midfield.Messi must have to drop deep to build up,assist and finish.

      • Yes, as he still drops deep for Barcelona, even with the likes of Busquets, Rakitic, Arthur, etc.
        But the difference between Barcelona and Argentina is how DEEP he has to drop. With Barcelona, he’s doesn’t have to collect the ball from the CB’s, he usually collects it from Busquets when he drops very deep. And Barcelona hold a high line, so he doesn’t have to go as far back as you’d think, he’s always still in the opponents half. And Busquets, Rakitic, Arthur etc are creative passers, so the burden isn’t soley on Messi.

        In Argentina, he drops REALLY deep because there is no-one to control possession in the back. Otamendi is the only decent defender when it comes to passing, and Mascherano was not what he used to be, so Messi has to drop VERY deep. We saw in every formation, 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, 3-4-3, 3-3-3-1 Messi STILL had to drop very deep, deeper than he does with Barca.
        Once Banega was introduced for example in the WC Messi didn’t have to drop AS deep as before. His addition brought more control and creativity in the Midfield, but as we saw one creator in a midfield isn’t enough. For Argentina, he constantly has to drop into our own half to collect the ball and create something because we don’t have many creative midfielders, who can play through balls and pinpoint passes to break down defenses like Barcelona do.

        With a double Pivot of Paredes and Caseres, our best passers, there will be no need for Messi to drop past them, he will still drop as we want him to, but not too deep as before. Also, with the likes of Wingers such as Lanzini dropping into the midfield will lessen the burden on Messi as well to create.

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