Roberto AYALA to join Argentina national team coaching staff


Roberto AYALA is set to join the Argentina national team coaching staff.

Lionel SCALONI’s staff is about to get bigger with the inclusion of the Argentina staff. Per Hernan CLAUS, it won’t be long before the announcement is made.

AYALA was capped over 100 times for his country and also scored at the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Walter SAMUEL will also remain on the team.


  1. For some people, in order a player to have his fair share in Argentine football history it’s either he becomes a Maradona or a Messi.

    Well, we know what Maradona achieved with Argentina and their is no dispute over that. We also know how Messi worked hard just to win something with Argentina and in one of his interviews he said he would’ve swaped all the trophies he won with Barca for a single Copa America. Like every Argentina fan I really appreciate this and I’m very happy Leo carried the team on his shoulders for a long time. But the single truth that nobody can ignore is that Messi didn’t win with Argentina anything at senior level till now.

    There is this/these Messi fan(s) who call former Argentine stars “overrated” or “losers”, just because some of our former players didn’t win an international trophy with Argentina.

    So, if this is the base of their argument then Messi is part of them, too.

    Zanetti, Veron, Crespo, Ayala, Riquelme, Aimar, Samuel, Ortega, Heinze, Killy Gonzalez, Cambiasso etc were all as hard working as Messi if not better hard workers but luck wasn’t on their side and never won the trophies we expected them to win.

    I hope Messi generation fans will stop from taking their irrationality to the next level!

  2. Chelsea submitted 30 million euros for paredes..
    He has 2 years of contract left for zenit ….so may be in 35 million euros he can be bought because as he clearly wants to leave Russia as soon as possible

    • If those join the Nt sure it will be
      Fascinating probably will be the
      Best coaching staff ever but I think
      Demichiles will be scouting
      Young players who re playing in Europe
      Because tapia secure a place in Malaga
      Which will the headquarters of afa in Europe. So all the young players and
      The NT will training there .

  3. Ayala is a LEGEND. A true definition of a monster in your defence. Proud to see him with NT. And not every Bielsa student playing defensive football. Pocho killing it in EPL with some nice football. If Scaloni gets intimatiated with the presence of such a LEGEND in NT I would not be surprised lol. Hopefully everything goes well. Only thing I want from them that they must work for a future not dragging oldies for their past fame. Young guns with few oldie should do the job in COPA.

    • Dude Marcelo bielse is the father
      Of the attacking and intense football
      In case if you don’t know.
      He is on of my favourites managers
      In world football a long with gaurdiola
      Heinze poch Tata Gallardo beccacece
      Unai emery manual Pellegrino of West ham

    • Pochettiono is just an average coach beside having world class sqaud didnt win a single trophy even mourinho won couple of trophies with mancester united with average players. Totthenam barely qualified for the knockout stages in the champions league on the mercy of barcelona. Pochettino is another manager with looser mentality.

      • Pochettino is world class manager
        He turn Tottenham a proper
        Exciting team to watch
        Spurs used shite weak mental team
        Now they ‘re one of best teams to
        Watch in European football.

        • World class manager with no trophies. He is good at players development he cant give you trophy.
          His team always collapes at big moment. He should be manger of B team where he can devlop young players.

      • Well that just your opinion mate. World has completely different view about him. Without reinforcing(spending) he made Spurs a top notch team. For example Gurdiaola needed ball playing goalkeeper so he brought 1 first than again be ended buying another one. Liverpool needed a goalkeeper they bought a goalkeeper with record signing. But when Spurs needed one Pochettino developed one. Sissekko came at Spurs with 30 million pounds and he was in bad form but Pochettino didn’t let him go he made him what he is today. If Pochettino given chance a big club and allows to spend like others he will do wonders. I think Pablo.d can explain you better. After all spurs is his team.

        • Its doesnt make a sense to develop players to win nothing and team chocks at big moments.
          Barcelona 2008-13 spent almost no money ,most of their player from their own academy like messi,xavi,iniesta,pedro,puyol,valdes,fabregas,busquests……and won almost all the trophies.

    • It’s mine boggling to say coaching staff wants Messi, Aguero, etc because of “Fame” or “money”. They want them because they are Factually Superior to currentl alternatives and are by FAR the players that will contribute most to the team. Current midfield, with mix of oldie / new defense and oldie attack is by far our best option

  4. Rulli – marcado/saravia otamendi pazella Tagliafico – lo celso paredes benega/lanzini – messi Dybala/Dimaria – Aguero/icardi

  5. Rulli is back with a bang in 2019, Another Man of the Match performance, Form is temporary but class is permanent

  6. That is great news! Anyone who is not that young and witnessed this player on his prime, i believe that they would agree with me that he was an amazing defender with lots of grit and fighting spirit, one of the best cbs ever! He is actually my favourite cb!
    Bringing Ayala in the coaching stuff along with Samuel is a wise decision i think, having masters of defensive skills will only strengthen our defence and gain us more grit and fighting character! It surely doesn’t mean that it will affect Argentina’s playing style, making it more defensive i mean. Parking the bus is something that we will never adapt simply because it is not in Argentina’s dna! Check out Argentina’s history and you will understand what i am saying.

    Besides we have lots of young players who are more than capable on forming a super attacking force, if they will be used properly ofcourse.

    PS: They are way too many overrated players and bench warmers as well from Brazil (coutinho) that some people in here are praising though, while they are calling legends such as Ayala overrated at the same time!
    I really don’t know if this is way too funny or sad!

    • Ayala was for me after Passarella the biggest CB we ever had in national team.
      whoever saying that Ayala was overrated then he don t have idea from football.
      i don t give attention.

      Defensive minded football is other thing and park the bus football is other thing.
      Argentina you are right never play “park the bus” style football. i agree it is not in our DNA.
      just when we played defensive minded football we always succeed to go far in tournaments.
      maybe we didn t be attractive as team but we go very far (1990 and 2014 world cups biggest examples).

      personally i have this philosophy.
      in the modern era of football the successful teams are mostly the teams which they build first one very good defense and after they add the rest of pieces to create and one very good offense.

      • We lost on shootout in 2006 because we went defensive mode after taking the lead. We ended up having Saviola, Messi, Roman, Aimar and Crespo all sitting on the bench at the same time. What a waste of opportinity.

    • Anything YELLOW they think it is good. They loves yellow teams players. Then again so is yellow my shite aswell,so it’s better ignore them. You will see how many of them will pop up during Copa to worship those Brazilians,even though technically we had most of talented players than Brazil recently also we did better than them in last few major tournaments .Horrendous!!!

    • Sorry I’m not trying to disrespect
      You but your knowledge of football
      So limited if you call riquelme and
      Ayala were overrited honestly
      Both has been best on their
      Generations in any countries of
      World football thier respective
      Positions to make more clearer for you both has been world class players

      • This is no surprise to me! On this very forum I’ve seen someone called Fernando Redondo an “overrated” and compared Banega to Iniesta, describing him the “midfield maestro” of Argentina.

        When you login this site prepare yourself for encountring such things and more.

        • Thanks mate now I know
          The funny thing is
          There wasn’t even players like
          Riquelme in terms of his stlye
          And the way he used control
          The rhythm of the game
          He was absolutely art of football
          I used enjoy to watch him
          Ayala there wasn’t better defenders
          Than him he could jump read the game well and he was ball playing
          Centre back .
          Shame we should have won 2006
          World cup f..k pekerman
          He bottoled big time against Germany.

          • The last time Argentina were backed to win the world cup, Ayala and Riquelme were in their prime. Pekerman left Leo on the bench, worst mistake ever. No matter how great Peke was for Colombia, we all knew, he f****d up!

    • How can you call yourself an Argentina fan, much less a football fan?! So blank and absent minded. Try watching him play, and you sill see just how good he was.

        • “They Didnt win anything with Argentina. They Were losers”
          You are not a football fan. You need your eyes to see how good a player moves and his class. Not his team glories. A player does not win you glories. collective effort of a team does. Maradona is only 1 exception in the world. And you cant judge football by that exception. It will never happen again. Your conception makes Pogba or Gotze better than Messi which is Ridiculous.

  7. Robert ayala another Marcelo bielse
    Student.. I hope we don’t become
    Too defensive I hate watching
    Boring defensive football
    Definitely Argentina re too good
    To be playing 10 men behind
    The ball and hove it isn’t thier
    Dna I hope we play attractive
    Balance football.

    • Because now argentina is learning to park the bus against big teams with the young players we have they dont have quality to combine well and attack. Earlier oppostion used to park bus against us now argentina will as we had done against brazil. From all youngesters only lo ceso and paredes is exiciting.

    • If Mammana is placed in defense, they can move up a little because he is quick and can defend against a counter attack or loss in possession. He is an ideal pairing on either flank too.

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