Inter reportedly in for Argentine Rodrigo DE PAUL, despite Udinese not wanting to sell


Inter are reportedly in for Rodrigo DE PAUL of Udinese.

Per a report by Gazzetta dello Sport, Inter are very interested in signing the 24 year old Argentine. Udinese apparently value him at €25-30 million and despite not wanting to sell, Inter would still be intersted in purchasing him.


  1. Bustos,Meza,EnzoPerez and Pavon should not be in NT as they need lot of work to do on themselves to probe themselves.They all are not on world class level whatever may be the reason.Enzo was good in 2014 WC

      • I bet if any of 2 Correas, Angel/Joaquin, will give our NT something really valuable (not like Angel goal against Bolivia or Joaquin against Singapour) that will be Joaquin and not Angel. The second is barely team player. Sooner or later Joaquin shall be called up again and then I’ll remind you about your words.

        • You keep waiting the call for j correa . Angel correa recently got call against tough opponents like brazil where is j correa.
          Thats why angel correa plays in world class team like athletico madrid and another world class team liverpool wanted to buy him where j correa is bench warmer in a b grade team like lazio. Angel correa sometimes saved ATM in important moments whereas j correa barely contributed to sevilla or lazio.
          The only problem of angel correa is his stamina

          • 1. J.Correa is not just bench warmer in Lazio
            2. Lazio is not a b grade team, rather solid one
            3. A.Correa problem is not stamina but lack of team play intelligence and simply often selfishness

          • “Thats why angel correa plays in world class team like athletico madrid…”

            Woah dude! Lemme stop you right there! Atletico Madrid. is NOT a World Class team!
            Just because they won the Europa league doesn’t mean they’re world class. Sevilla have won the title too, several times. They’re not necessarily world class. Shakhtar Donetsk have won it. Zenit. CSKA Moscow, etc. Not necesarrily World Class teams. More B grade teams.

            They’ve made it to the Champions League final twice, but have never won it.
            Juventus has made it to the final twice as well, but at least they win league titles every year.

            Angel Correa is’t even a starter, he’s a bench warmer. And Simeone, an Argentinian himself, doesn’t play him.
            They ‘re a defensive team. Score from counters or deadballs, such as corners, freekicks, penalties, etc.

            ATM, Man City=World Class Team
            Barcelona=World Class
            Juventus=World Class
            Liverpool = World Class
            Bayern Munich=World Class
            Dortmund=World Class
            Man United under Ole Gunnar Solskjær = World Class

            Both Madrids, Atletico and Real, not at any of their levels.

          • Lol
            Athletico madrid won europa league and uefa super cup in 2018and played 2 champions league final and won la liga .
            You are of contrdicting yourself only
            based on trophies
            liverpool = worldclass(why?)
            man city = world class(why?)
            Thats why juventus os afraid of facing Athletico madrid , no one gives a fuck about lazio and farmer league like serie A .
            Everybody knows Athletico Madrid is a world class team nobody contradicts except you.
            And angel correa is a very important part of the team so simeone rejected an offer made by your so called world class team liverpool but nobody cares about j correa.

    • Otamendi has declined a lot since the WC and I think we have the appropriate CBs for his replacement. But Pereyra is very versatile and he is the kind of players the team needs badly. Idk how many of his games you have watched, but referring Pereyra as a slow player isn’t the correct describtion about him.

      The only two problems he has are the repeating injuries and sometimes his concentration is not that good, but overall he is one of my favourite players for the upcoming Copa. I hope he will be free from injuries!

      • You right mate
        Rob pereyer is so versatile player
        Plus he got goals in him
        He is olso reliable on the ball
        He has been link to Chelsea
        Recently but Watford won’t sell
        Him now.
        But some mundo followers so emotional intact the measi
        Generations and will criticise
        Any other player who try to
        Improve our squad.

  2. People are saying oldies this and oldies that, and we should get rid of them all.
    Can someone actually name all the “oldies”?

    When I hear that, I think of 8 players specifically:
    – Mascherano
    – Biglia
    – Messi
    – Higuain
    – Di Maria
    – Aguero
    – Rojo (Even tho he’s 28?)
    – Romero

    Anyone else I’m missing?

      • Ok, let’s review!
        – Mascherano
        – Biglia
        – Messi
        – Higuain
        – Di Maria
        – Banega
        – Aguero
        – Romero
        – Rojo (Even tho he’s only 28?)

        Now out of all those guys, who has retired?
        – Mascherano
        – Biglia
        Who will most likely retire soon
        – Higuain
        – Di Maria (If he’s not called up, he’ll most likely retire)

        Who does that leave left?
        – Messi
        – Aguero
        – Rojo
        – Romero
        – Banega

        All the five who remain are still very useful to the NT.
        -Aguero? Scored 2 of the 6 goals ARG scored in the WC.
        -Messi? Scored 1, assisted 2 out of the 6.
        -Banega? Assisted 2 out of the 6.
        -Romero? He has saved at least 1 penalty in the last 3/4 penalty shoot-outs ARG has been in, ARG (4)-(2) NED, ARG (5) -(4), ARG (2) – (4) CHI. The only exception was the penalty shootout against Chile in 2015, where both Higuain and Banega missed, only Messi scored.
        -Only doubt is Rojo and his tempermant.

        Long story short, the two players that I’m glad are gone are Mascherano, and especially Biglia! Never knew how he could be called up to begin with.
        When I think of the players at fault, it’s those two.
        Argentina was doing fine in the Copa 2016, why? Because those two weren’t playing together, it was a midfield of Banega, Mascherano, and Agusto Fernandez.
        Martino had it all right, until the final, where he decided to bring back the duo of Biglia and Mascherano. And we all know what happened then. The team was flowing brilliantly until they were brought back together. Biglia missed a penalty against Chile for a second year in a row. They were a disaster. But the positive, they’re now GONE!

        With those two gone, along with Higuain, there will be a midfield revolution,
        in which Messi and Aguero will thrive. But we can’t keep blaming the fowards! Messi has to drop supper deep to actually create a decent chance, something he shouldn’t have to do.
        Banega should be a sub to bring control in the midfield for the final 30-20 min of the game.

          • They are all great players but their time at the national team is almost over. Instead incorporating more of the senior players, we should try to only keep messi and more you gsters. Messi is a true captain and his hard work will inspire the youngsters

  3. My team will be like this
    ……… gazzaniga
    Saravia pezzela mammana taglafiaco

    ………. paredes
    Pereyer……………. lo celso

    P dybala l Martinez pity Martinez

    G montiel
    M acuna
    De paul
    C Romero
    G simeone
    M. Vargas
    J correa

    My dream manager m Gallardo
    I love Messi aguero and banage
    But it’s time to move on
    We can’t keep rely on messi
    If lanzani is fit he wiil be my
    My squad probably my start 11

    • Wow, that is the most brainless comment here. Replacing Messi with Lanzini? He will get injured the moment he touches the field. Messi is our leader, and he can guide the young players.

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