Argentina to play Czech Republic in March friendly


The Argentina team will play Czech Republic in a friendly match in March.

In an announcement made through the official Argentina team’s Twitter, Lionel SCALONI’s team will play the Czech Republic on March 26 in Germany.

As we reported a few days ago, Argentina will play Venezuela in the other match.


  1. Many are criticizing playing against week oponents my question is will man city playing against barca, real, byern to build up team chemistry answer is big no, Man city playing against week teams to build up team chemistry and bring back prayer confidence and form so that they can beat big teams later, at moment Argentina playing against France or Brazil is Disaster just look at Germany struggling, playing against week team most importantly help to build up chemistry and player confidence, to win copa America Argentina need to beat Brazil and Uruguay and with messi nothing is impossible on other hand young team needs matchs, against Brazil Argentina lost 1-0 but leave effect that with messi in copa America result will be opposite in favour of Argentina, icardi+Dybala broke the deadlook now need icardi hat trick in upcoming friendlies

  2. Now the next 2 opponents will be india and china. AFA is just trying to hide that they doing nothing behind closed doors by playing against weakest opponents.
    AFA just again hoping that messi ,aguero and romero will come and save argentina from embarassement.

    • Then, San Marino and the Bahamas in June days before the Copa, all at home to make it all the more even!
      And after our early elimination due to not being prepared, we play Pakistan and Somalia in August.
      It’s even comical how these games are set up.

  3. Great. Another joke opponent like Mexico, Singapore, and Haiti to mask how dreadful we really are.

    And then when we score a goal, oldie irrational / emotional haters will hail scaloni as a great and repeat the madness/idiocy that some players are better for the NT than Messi, Aguero, and Otamendi

  4. First Venezuela, now Czech Republic? Why are we playing against these weak teams?
    We need to REALLY see where we are at by facing stronger opposition.

    Enough going up against Guatemala, Haiti, Iraq, Mexico, Singapore…
    We need to play against top 10 teams, we need to play France again like Uruguay did to see where we are at.
    Croatia, Belgium, France, Germany, Uruguay, Chile, etc.
    All the teams that qualified for the Euro Nations League Semi-Final, such as Switzerland, Portugal, Netherlands, England we need to play.
    Remember no South American team made it into the semi-finals, showing the football right now is at Europe, so we need to play these European teams to see where exactly we are at.

    Enough against these small teams. These games are getting us NOWHERE!

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