Cesar Luis MENOTTI named as director of Argentina National Teams


World Cup winning coach with the Argentina National Team, Cesar Luis MENOTTI has been named as the director of the Argentina National Teams.

The official AFA, Argentina Twitter account announced on Monday that as of February 1, MENOTTI would take over as director.

Congratulations to MENOTTI!


  1. Despite his old age and old books theory, Menotti is much needed for his straight talk advised and have no vested interest in building the N/T with its true tango characteristic. I think this is the most crucial things to do for bringing the glory back. With the combination of new era from the young coach of Scaloni, Aimar, Samuel as national coach and the come back of Messi hopefully it will goes well.

  2. Not to be disrespectful, but he coach the winning team of Argentina when we hosted it.
    Had we not won the cup, we would’ve been a joke.

    Other than the World Cup won at home, Menotti hasn’t been very successful as a manager himself.
    This again is a desperate move by AFA.

    • Then again, Bielsa didnt won many championship, yet he’s always being respected by so many … why? because winning WC qualifier ? or Olympic?

      Menotti won Argentina their first WC and their first u20 WC.

  3. I would choose Amerigo Gallego, Passeralla or Coco Basile instead. Im not saying that he can’t be useful but I am concerned that He may be old school and outdated.

  4. Excellent !, Menotti experience and philosophy on football is great and will be helpful for Arg football overall. At last he want to get involve after such a long years. Right man and Arg still need his advise despite his old age.

  5. Turning to an 80 year old comes across like a pretty desperate move. I respect Menotti and am glad they did not pick Bilardo, but at this age his best years are long gone.

    • It’s not about age or years if not Gianluigi Buffon would have hanged up his boots already. What matters is the experience honesty and respect and eager to win titles.

      • Mario Zagallo worked with the Brazilian Football Confederation untill his late 70s. I think Menotti can work with the AFA for 3-5 years and we can benefit from his experience and guidance.

  6. Boca have signed Ivan Marcone. A great signing by Boca as it makes his chance of making the NT higher. Marcone is a top no. 5. I also hope both Guido Rodriguez and Zelarayan return to the Superliga.
    But looks like Almendra will rot in the bench as Boca have signed yet another Colombian midfielder (4th Colombian).
    River are back to their old ways. They are about to sign a Colombian to replace Pity Martinez. They are also targeting Juan Komar from Talleras.
    Emiliano Sala is about sign for Cardiff City.

  7. Since last world cup disasters
    Afa started to make right moves
    Honestly I said before it can’t get it.
    Any worse than last few years
    Appointing ceser menotti as
    Director of football is amazing
    Only his age is problem but
    Should be fine at least till next
    World cup and hopefully will win

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