Full list of Argentine players in Europe’s top 5 leagues, EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1


A full list of Argentine players in Europe’s top 5 leagues has been put together and we have it for you.

La Liga and Serie A boast the highest number of Argentine players. A total of 27 in La Liga and 27 in Serie A, with the Premier League in third spot with 16 Argentine’s. In Germany, the Bundesliga has 7 with last place Frane having only 5 in the league.

We have the full list available below or you can navigate using the Argentina Player Database in the menu.

Argentine players in the Premier League
Argentine players in La Liga
Argentine players in Serie A
Argentine players in Ligue 1
Argentine players in the Bundesliga

I’m also working on putting one together for MLS as there’s an influx of Argentine’s joining the league.


  1. Cardiff chairman Mehmet Dalman issued a statement on Tuesday morning saying the club was “very concerned” for Sala’s safety.

    “We are very concerned by the latest news that a light aircraft lost contact over the Channel last night,” he said.

    “We are awaiting confirmation before we can say anything further.

    “We are very concerned for the safety of Emiliano Sala.”

    • Premier League soccer player Emiliano Sala was on board a single-engine light aircraft that lost radar contact while flying over the English Channel late on Monday evening, a French police official and a second source said.

      Guernsey’s coastguard said it received an alert at 20:23 local time from air traffic control that a small aircraft had gone missing approximately 15 miles north of Guernsey.

      No trace of the aircraft, carrying Sala

    • Today, there was reported to be “genuine concern” that Sala was on a missing plane, the Piper Malibu, which was flying from Nantes to Cardiff.

      The plane had gone missing on 21 January.

      It’s now a tension situation for all well wishers….God please save him & others in that plane…hope he will be found ok

  2. Great work Roy, here is how I see things:

    For the BPL

    Lanzini, Gazzaniga, Foyth are of huge interest because they could be very important in 2022.
    Kun and Otamendi are important especially for copa 19
    Lamela and Pereyra can be important especially if the former settles his fitness issues.

    For La liga

    Celso, Correa and Caseres are of huge interest
    Banega could be important for copa 19
    J.Silva could be of interest
    Messi is only 5th best player in the world and thus he’s useless 😉

    For la liga

    Dybala, Icardi, De Paul, Pezzella, C.Romero and Musso are all of huge interest.
    Pussetto with Papu and C.Ansaldi could be very important with the latter 2 especially important for copa 19
    Not sure about J.Correa and Simeone yet but haven’t given up on them yet.

    Lige 1

    Benitez is the only one of real interest.
    Maria and Ocampos could be useful.


    Ascacibar, Nico Gonzalez and now Belardi are of interest.

  3. Copa America 2019
    Messi-Aguero-J. Correa

    Copa America 2020
    G. Montiel-Otamendi-Pezzella-Tagliafico
    Lo Celso-Paredes-Lanzini
    Messi-Aguero-J. Correa

    FIFA Confederations 2021 (Hopefully)
    G. Montiel-Pezzella-L. Martinez-Gabriel Rojas/E. Pereyra
    Messi-Lautaro-J. Correa

    WC 2022 (Final 11)
    Romero (Unless some REALLY steps up, his spot is all but guaranteed)
    G. Montiel-Pezzella-L. Martinez-G. Rojas/E. Pereyra
    Lauturo-Messi-J. Correa

    You can evolve the squad, but smoothly, not all at once in one day. Otherwise, it’ll lead to confusion and you’ll get nowhere.

      • He’s the one that came in mind, but you get the gist.

        Transition is a slow process, takes time.
        Look at France for Example, the squad they played in the 2016 Euro Final is much different than the one last year. Took them two years to change 5 players. Now imagine an entire squad practically.

  4. Argentina in euro
    Argentina A. (4231): 1. Romero. 2. Mercado. 3. Ottamendi. 4.. Pezella. 5. Tagliafico. ….6. Banega. 7. Bataglia…… 8. Lanzini. 9. Messi. 10. Dimaria. 11. Aguero.

    Argentina B (4231): 1. Gazaniga. 2. zabaleta. 3. Fazio. 4. Garay. 5. Rojo….6. Ascacibar. 7 Paredez….8. Angel Correa. 9. Dybala. 10. Di paul . 11. Icardi.

    Argentina c (4231): 1. Musso. 2. Roncaglia. 3. Mamana. 4. Musachio. 5. Cristian arsandi. …6. Jose mauri. 7. Biglia…8. Joachin correa. 9. Papu gomez.
    10. Pereyra. 11. Simeone

    Argentina D (4231) :
    1. Rully . 2. Salvio. 3. Juan foyth. 4. Cristian romero. 5. Emiliano insua…..6. Escalante.7. Caceres….8. Pusetto. 9. Valentin vada. 10. Lucas campos. 11. Higuain.

    Argentina E (3412) 1. Walter benitez 2. Palomino 3. Matias silvestre 4 David abraham. 5. Emiliano rigoni 6. Jonatan silva. 7. …..?.8……?9. Pastore. 10. Lamela. 11. Emiliano sala.

  5. The players from EPl for nt are

    Lamela not good enough
    He may have one or two good games
    for me not a Nt player.
    Aguero legend for me sorry
    We must move on from the old
    Generations same goes
    Romero and otamandi

  6. Epl : startingXI (442) 1. Romero. 2. Zabaletta.3. Ottamendi.4. Federico fernandez.5. Marcos rojo…… 6. Juan foyth……. 7. Lamela.8.lanzini.9. Pereyra.10. Aguero. 11. Luciano vietto.

    La liga (4231): 1. Rulli. 2. Mercado. 3. Garay. 4. Funes mori. 5. Jonatan silva……6. Santiago caceres 7. Banega….8. Messi. 9. Lo celso. 10. Franco vazquez. 11. Jonatan calleri.

    Serie a. (3241): 1. Juan musso. 2. Pezzela. 3. Musachio.4. Fazio…… 5. Jose mauri 6. Biglia…..7. Pusetto.8. Dybala. 9. Alejandro gomez. 10. De paul. 11. Icardi.

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