Angel DI MARIA scores for PSG in Coupe de France win


Angel DI MARIA scored for PSG in their 2-0 Coupe de France win against Strasbourg.

Already a goal up thanks to CAVANI, the 30 year old Argentine scored the second goal of the match to seal the win. DI MARIA received the ball in the air and a side footed shot beat the goalkeeper to double PSG’s lead.


  1. 🔊 de Jong: “I want to wear the number 10 jersey, but they already have one in Barcelona. So, I won’t argue (laughs).”

    “Messi can’t achieve for his national team? That’s nonsense. People want Messi alone to do it for Argentina, but it is wrong. He doesn’t have a great team there – there are good attackers but all six can’t play in one single game. Germany and Brazil have much more complete team than them.”

    “Messi led them to three international finals as a captain. They lost on penalties and in the extra-time. Without Messi, it would’ve been very different for them. Maybe they couldn’t even come close to those finals without him.”

    “Neymar left the club, they said ‘It will be very difficult for Barcelona now’. Tell me what happened? They achieved the league and the domestic cup. Thanks to Messi and Suárez; even Dembélé was injured and Coutinho arrived late.”

    “I watched the Betis-Barça game at the Camp Nou. Was Messi good? He always is. He always does things that no one else can.”

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