Gonzalo MARONI scores great goal as Argentina defeat Uruguay at Sudamericano


Gonzalo MARONI scored a great in Argentina’s 1-0 win against Uruguay.

It was a match where Fernando BATISTA’s boys couldn’t afford to lose. With the score at 0-0, the man wearing the number 10 shirt scored a goal which would make Lionel MESSI happy. A strike from outside the penalty area gave Argentina the victory and a big chance of making it to the next round.

Argentina have one match left in the group and are currently in second place. They will play last place Peru on Saturday and a victory would guarantee them progression into the next round.


  1. Messi is the best player in the world, without a doubt, but also Argentina played with Pedernera, with Sívori, with Moreno, with Di Stéfano, with Maradona and with Messi, and tomorrow if it is not Messi there will be another, I have no doubt that he will be but I do not want to make this idea strong that if Messi comes we are saved because that does not work for us, “Menotti added.
    The new Nt director Ceser Menotti.

  2. @Gonzalo, @elpipita and others
    How good is Claudio Bravo as LB? I wanted to watch banfield yesterday but then I slept. Ofcrse he wont get at a chance at copa19 but afterwards since argentina can get 6 more friendlies due to qualifiers being pushed to 2020.
    Is he better than Angileri at the moment?

  3. After Ole, the ‘La Nacion’ is reporting about the involvement of “histoticals” in copa19 squad, According to them.

    Lionel messi:- definitly in team if he said yes to the call up. Contrary to what Tapia said messi never denied or accepted the next call up.

    Sergio Romero:- very very difficult for him to get to team. All the other goalkeeper who played in friendlies are above him in pecking order. This is due to the lack of playing time in club level. The technical team thinks that even the goal conceded against brazil is due to his lack of match experiences.

    Angel di Maria:- He is back in the team. This is because the coach thinks he can play in many positions and also he is a starter at PSG.

    Sergio Aguero:- very difficult for him to get into squad. Although he in excellent form The DT is thinking about giving continuity to other three forwards.

    Gonzalo Higuain:- discarded from team

    Ever Banega:- very difficult, his condition is same as Aguero. Instead of him the coach is looking for variants from Paredes and Ascacibar.

    Marcos Rojo:- Discarded from team. Although he is still young, his zero playing time and lack of defensive discipline is the reason

    Otamendi and Mercado:- Both will be in team.

  4. Sebastian Beccacece should be the coach of U-20 team. His Defensa y Justicia of youngsters with another win yesterday over San Lorenzo.

    Gallardo, after 2 losts in a row will try introduce more young blood tomorrow. River is openening the door for players of their academy while Boca, as it was a half year agorather is going to buy once again, also foreigners. Hence their players will never have enough time to grow together as a team.

    • I always liked Beccacece…..Even after the world cup I wanted Sampaoli to continue because of beccacece but then the reports starts coming out saying him and sampaoli have fought during wc and then he stepped down from the seleccion staff

      • But if I remember good he was not coach during youth WCs or even Sudamericano. Hard to find in Argentina any other who can manage youth so quickly into winning formula.

  5. There’s no easy games on this Sudamericano. Brazil make it to the next round hardly beating Bolivia thanks to penalty goal.
    Chile – the host- is out. Venezuela top the group. Today last 2 matches in first phase.

  6. Leandro Paredes has created 98 chances in Russian Premier League since his arrival in July 2017, more than any other player in that period. Light?

  7. Ponce plays great in AEK Athen lately, overall 10 goals in 1100 minutes, maybe he wont be another wasted wonderkid, Boye on the other hand absolute useless player, never knew how to score goals and never will. No killer instict.

  8. Confirmed: There will be Copa América also in 2020. It would be announced today during the draw for the 2019 edition. The venue would be the US and Canada. Mexico could be added. There will be 16 teams,10 from CONMEBOL and 6 from Concacaf.

  9. Lanzini return can help Hammers seal top 10
    Apparently Lanzini is still ‘some time’ away from a first-team return, but the fact that he is already back in training is brilliant news, especially after it was feared he could miss the whole season.

    The forgotten man is a quality player on his day, and will more than likely aid West Ham’s bid to finish in the top half when he does return

    • Hadn’t been for the injury in WC than definitely he would have shine and could have gone to a bigger club. I tend not to get those arguments over oldies and youngsters but I must say Argentina s biggest mistakes was not to include all these promising midfielders in the squad. Little experience would do wonders now. Now they will learn the hard way in copa

  10. Paredes to PSG is confirmed. It is ok move compare to he was in Zenit also he is only 24. He has played already 3 respective leagues in age of 24. He could boost his stats in PSG with his passing range because he will have Mbape,Neymar,Cavani & Di-Maria to pass the ball. Any midfielder will love to have players like this in the attack. Just hope he gets first team start and Touchel doesn’t play a DICK move as he did with Lo Celso. Wish Paredes a very good journey in PSG.

  11. I wonder what midfield will set up Batista against Peru as our No.5, Sosa, is suspended for cards and Moreno seemed to be injured. Yesterday I’ve got slight impression that Julian Lopez might be better in box-to-box role.

    best of these squad:



    …………Gaich………….De La Vega

    • I like a lot Perez and balerdi both re comfortably with the ball
      Also can defending well with composure
      Not rushing either .
      Sosa is good too he will improve under gallardo.
      He will be starter River ahead of ponzio
      Ortega looks good too.

    • Gaich not even talented, another Marcelo Torres, Maroni on a diff level than others, Almada still a big talent, De La Vega quick like hell, the only positives so far

      • Gaich is more usefull than static and invisible Romero. He has problems with finish (as most of our forwards on the tournament) but with him on the pitch Argentina is more dangerous. He is working a lot dropping back again and again. You need look at player as a whole: he is not elegant but his height, physical strenghts, decent ball control and activity makes him best choice of all the strikers we have in squad.

  12. Argentina vs Brazil
    Banega-Paredes-Lo Celso
    Dani Alves-Marquinhos-Miranda-Marcelo
    Douglas Costa-Gabriel Jesus-Neymar

    Romero vs. Allison – Alisson sure is better with his feet than Romero, but shot stopping wise, they’re pretty equal. In a penalty shoot-out, only Bravo is better than Romero.

    Saravia vs. Dani Alves – Dani Alves is obviusoly MILES ahead of Saravia, both attacking and defesnively

    Pezzella vs. Marquinhos – Honestly, their both mediocre, so they’re equal.

    Otamendi vs. Miranda – Miranda has the height advantage, but I honestly believe we have the better CB in this case.

    Tagliafico vs. Marcelo – Attacking, no-one matches Marcelo, only Jordi Alba. In defensive, Marcelo is always caught out of position, but in both aspects, Marcelo is MILES ahead of Tagliafico.

    Banega vs. Arthur – Both are controllers, and both are key in controlling the midfield for both teams, but the experience gives Banega the edge over Arthur.

    Paredes vs. Casemiro – Paredes is the better playmaker, but Casemiro is better defensively. I would say Casemiro has the slight edge over Paredes…. very slim though.

    Lo Celso vs. Coutinho – The Coutinho at Barcelona does not compare to the Coutinho that plays for Brazil, and was the star for Brazil at the WC. Lo Celso has yet to put in a solid performance against big national team yet. Coutinho

    Messi vs. Douglas Costa – Really? Messi all the way!

    Aguero vs. Jesus – Master against apprentice? Gotta go for the master. Aguero

    Neymar vs. Lanzini – Really? Neymar all the way!

    Overall, Brazil has a midfield to envy, but Argentina has an attack to envy as well. In defense, both teams are equal, but Brazil has a MAJOR advantage when it comes to fullbacks. Goalkeepers pretty similar.

    Combined 11
    Dani Alves-Pezzella-Otamendi-Marcelo

    But anything is possible!
    Vamos Argentina! Te Amo!

    • Comparison should be
      Messi vs Neymar
      Aguero vs Jesus
      Icardi. vs Firmino
      Lanzini and Di maria vs Willium. and Countinho
      Marcelo vs Ansaldi/Tagliafico/Angelleri
      Banega vs Fernandinho
      Romero vs Allison
      Dani Alves vs Sarvia or Mercado

    • Not totally agreed on the players, Dani Alves and Miranda are old. I am not sure Arthur and Gabriel Jesus will be in the 11, Fabinho and Firminho are on fire. Costa? not so sure, he’s been on the bench for a while.

      On Argentina side, Otamendi and Pezzella are both slow, should get only one of them with a faster center-back. In the midfield, we need a more defensive profile box to box instead of Banega to keep the balance. In attack, we need faster players. I see Lanzini in competition with Lo Celso and we need a left winger who can cross.

  13. We should not fear about Brazil.We have good player if they stay fit throughout the competition we can win.
    My team Copa 2019
    Sarvia. Pezela Otamendi. Ansaldi
    Lo Celso. Banega. Di maria
    Messi. Aguero. Lanzini/Lamela
    /De Paul
    Dybla. Icardi. Parades. Palacios

    Brazil is very strong team but I think their CB are not that good and recently Marcelo form has been dipped and also seen Allison conceding many goals.So I think Argentina has chance.
    We need to get rid of Meza. Tagliafico Salvio Armani and Pavon.
    Any new player can take their place if he is talented.Ansaldi and Angeleri should be introduced in team.Ansaldi is so much talented his long crosses are so unique and acute.Messi needs Jordi Alba in NT and that one is Ansaldi.

    • Ansaldi is already 32 and I don’t think Messi and him have ever played together.
      Jordi Alba and Messi have been playing together for 7 years. Of course they’ll understand each other better.

      I agree, I really don’t like Tagliafico, but its TOO late to introduce someone new now. We have to stick to our guns.

      Lanzini is already reaching match fitness again, which is a good sign.

      I’d therefore lineup as such:
      Banega-Paredes-Lo Celso

      • If we have better then why to settle for average.Do you think Tagliafico has better understanding with Messi or team.Any new player can be introduced in team if he knows his position well.They are playing for a decade they know everything about their team or their role.So it’s never late.

        • As it stands, we have 2 friendlies locked and set in March.
          Maybe we will have 2 more max in June.
          But that’s it! Only four games for a new LB to come into the fold?

          Trust me @kavin, I agree with you 100% Tagliafico is more a liability than an asset, but it’s too late, at least for now. We’re stuck with him for the meantime, unless Rojo is brought back into the mix.

          It’s too sudden to bring in someone new now, any manager would be against it.
          So as it stands, it’s either Rojo, Tagliafico or Acuna for this summer.
          After July, then we can start looking for a new LB.

    • Brazil was one of those few teams who tried to play attacking football in the last WC. To beat them, the team need to be compact and disciplined, staying behind and wait for counter attack. You need more defensive midfielders for winning back the ball and pass it to Paredes or Messi to make the difference in counter attack. So you need some faster players for that. The forward need to do the pressing on the center backs and their defensive midfielders.

  14. Argentina U-20 team win a must-win game to advance into the next round?
    Sounds very similar to what the “oldies” (something a 12 year old would say) did during the Summer.

    ARG 1-1 ICE / ARG 0-3 CRO / ARG 2-1 NIG
    ARG U-20 1-1 PAR U-20 / ARG U-20 0-1 ECU U-20 / ARG U-20 1-0 URU U-20

    These kids are learning soo fast!

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