Cesar Luis MENOTTI talks Lionel MESSI, Argentina national team


Cesar Luis MENOTTI was officially presented as director of the Argentina national teams and spoke at a press conference in regards to his ideas.

MENOTTI, who knows a thing or two about Argentine football, gave his thoughts on a few topics. In regards to himself, here’s what he had to say:

“I had never entered Ezeiza’s premises. TAPIA was the first one to invite me. The coach of the Argentina national team is above all. I am here to accompany, to help. I’ll be in everything. I want a national team that trains. We will take a look at the calendar, I want to fortify the Argentina team players that play in Argentina so that the coach can work. I am never anywhere I don’t feel comfortable.

“I will never interfere in the coach’s decisions. I am here to help, to advise. I want to unify the criteria between the presidents and the coaches of the clubs. I am one of those that believe that there are a lot of good players in Argentine football.”

In regards to Argentine players:

“I love that a player knows what it is to play for the Argentina national team. Argentina is a country that has very good players and are looking for a team. The teams are built like an orchestra, with good musicians but with also very good tests.

“When I look at the eyes of the coaches that are with the Argentina national team, I see that they are full of enthusiasm. I’m very happy with the desire they have.”

Talking about Lionel MESSI:

“I have no doubt that MESSI will be in the Argentina national team. But that doesn’t mean that just because Leo comes back, that we are saved. Playing with the national team is an invitation, not an obligation.”

The team which surrounded Diego MARADONA and what he wants to do:

“If you look at the team MARADONA had at the World Cup in Mexico, you would see that he was surrounded by players of a very high level. The first thing we have to do is to form a team of very good players.”


  1. Will be good to see the young players in the local league can have their chance as Menotti said. There are already Saravia, Palaccios, Pavon and Gomez who can benefit from that. Young players like Matias Vargas, Lisandro Martinez, Bravo, Almendra, Almada, De La Vega, Mac Allister have the potential to go to the national team, especially the first 2. Among more senior players, you have also Benedetto. There is decent material to work with. Shame that Pity and Barco left for MLS.

  2. i am from Bangladesh.i m very much addicted for argentine football.i cant imagine any single day without thinking about Argentina football.i followed (everyday) mundo albiceleste since 2011.i followed la liga,epl,seria a,lig 1, super liga ,etc.only & only for argentine footballers.vamos argentina.

  3. The boys olny train together less than
    A month the problem us arg fan
    Is we want too much too soon
    By the way that gaich guy
    Could done a lot better but
    Not too criticise we must
    Give time to the youth

  4. what is make me so surprised from today s game was the fact that the team instead of
    game after game to improve and play better and better it is happening the exact opposite !!!

    game after game they play worse and worse.


    • He have lost 2 good opportunities just like Romero within short time before finally scoring penalty. De La Vega, Maroni, Alvarez – all they were missing today. Gaich problem is finishing but he os hardworker

      • Why not facundo colido, who knows how to score goals, was top scorer in cotif, scored against Barça, psv, Tottenham in UEFA youth league, scored continually for inter. I’m totally dissapointed that he ignored by batista.

        • Romero, Alvarez, Gaich – they all have more to offer than Colidio. I just can’t understand why Batista took 4 strikers and not one CM, AM or winger more. No we see how we lack depth on DM position. Vera is weak what we saw yet during COTIF tournament against India.

          Batista should have been call up Ayala or Maxi Lovera or Garre

      • If a team can afford to have a hardworking forward who doesn’t score much but can help others to score and can press the opponents and can help creating corners and freekicks, then it’s ok. I agree, we need to keep De La Vega in the 11 consistently, he is the one who can break the lines.

    • To be honest, I don’t worry much. At least they create opportunities, that proves that an idea behind in their playing style. With a bit of luck, right choices of 11 and substitution, we will have done better. It’s a good start.

  5. Fingers crossed….

    But seriously Fernando Batista is not the right guy….we hv always been outnumbered by Peru in midfield ….thnxx to that red card we r still safe
    Nd btw Lucas alario is close to joining real betis

  6. Some supporters think that these young ones going to clinch title all by themselves they are too stupid to think in right way.They think young ones goona do something they hope because it feel good and feel competitive but that is not gonna to happen anyway.Without Messi Aguer Di maria Banega Romero they gonna win nothing.They are just deluded supporters who bring nothing good.

  7. what a player insuarralde is..very mature..maroni has great dribbling skill but he tries too much and loses the ball..La vega also great player along with perez..why balerdi not playing?

  8. Icardi winning balloon dor in next 2year, haters keep hating for the best striker in the world currently along with kane

  9. Argentina XI>> Any South American team, Rulli/Romeo – Marcado/Saravia Otamendi/Foyth Pazella/manama Tagliafico/Acuna – Lo Celso/pareyra Paredes/Ascaliber Lanzini/De paul – Messi/Dybala Icardi/Aguero Dimaria/Dybala/Corera

  10. i am ready to enjoy our kids play one more game with the glorious albiceleste jersey.
    i don t care for anything else.


  11. What is going on in Batista’s mind ,he benched Almada and balerdi ?Or he is trying to replicate sampaoli and maradona ??Who the hell appoints such kind of mentally unstable person as manage of u20 who are supposed to be our brick for future dreams
    Stupid afa

  12. Lineup suggestion


    Ottamendi(we don’t have any other players for now)

    Lo Celso


    Walter Benitez
    Kün Aguero
    Pity Martinez
    Funes Mori

    I went for 4-4-2 so we have balanced attack and defense. If we don’t have balance we may tire out the players or cause fatigue.

  13. Yeah I agree we hv very very talented players but we hv to fill some gaps before another wc…..I think we can make pavon a better player in few years ….I think we should give more chances to pavon ….good teams identify thier talents and give them more shots than others…
    Nd otherwise we would be okay ….just little bit worried about our full backs department….we need more young talented players to fill that gap….and I think we hv a very good crop of young midfielders and centre backs…..Nd going forward would never be our concern …only we lack pace there

  14. I have watched some predictions on youtube . Most of them are predicting colombia to win the group, they are telling argentina to qualify out of group only because they are giving some respect to lionel messi. I hope argentina will surprise them.

  15. Ok lets see..

    Icardi: one of top strikers in the world and in terms of stats, goals per attempts ratio, the most prolific striker in Europe. He even passed the great cristian vieri, you can check what i mean. Real madrid is chasing him the last two years.

    Dybala: Real madrid made a huge offer for this “overrated” player.

    Lo celso: The most influencial player of real betis.

    Lanzini: Great potential and skills, the same for Pereyra who i like very much and Palacios as well.

    Pavon: Tremendous pace and very good skills, i am one of them who has big faith on him.

    We have lots of talented players as well as the ones who are the future such as De la vega who is my favourite one, Romero and many others.

    And now some things that may upset you:

    Neymar: A far cry behind Messi but maybe the best “entertainer” in the world: If you touch him he will dive and start screaming like he broke his leg! Besides, Brazilians are well known for this theatrical comedy!

    Coutinyo: Arguably Brazil’s second best player and a benchwarmer for Barcelona.

    Gabriel Jesus: Mediocre player, nothing more. Firmino is Brazil’s best striker currently but way behind Icardi and Aguero.

    I don’t fear Brazil. I worry about people who are in charge of our beloved team as i think that this was always the case. I am very glad seeing Menoti taking over an important role for our team. I respect and admire this man a lot.

    • Icardi , he is the most dependent striker in the world thats why real madrid is delaying to confirm his deal looking for a better option like rodrygo or someone else, most profilic striker in the europe could not beat PSV in the home ground to qualify for knockout stage.
      Dybala- Yes he is most overrated player in the europe , being a star player no solid offer from any club.
      Pavon-What a waste , hope he will improve his game we badly need his pace but right now he will be waste a position.

      • Real Madrid is delaying to confirm his deal?? What are you talking about??

        He denied their offer twice! Moreover, go check real madrid’s offer for the “overated” Dybala. Besides, name to me a Brazilian striker better than Icardi, let alone Aguero.

        And something else: We are getting through hard times however we were the only south american team reaching in a wc final the last 15 years, where was the “mighty” Brazil??
        Lets see, they were predicting that they would have won the 2014 wc but they achieved the biggest humiliation on their soil instead, they were very lucky we lost in the final and didn’t win in their backyard, some of you here were predicting them champions again in 2018 wc but again, despite they had an easy group, as always, they couldn’ t even win the only good team on their group (Switzerland) and they were kicked out of the tournament when they faced a top team (Belgium).

        You can keep on underestimate our players and team all you want but personally i won’t take the Brazilian hype!

        • @walveride I dont know from where you get these news , icardi and wanda both are dying to join real madrid . But real madrid is not putting any bid on him they are looking for a more creative striker not a poacher like icardi , dont compare him with aguero, aguero is a legend. In recent serie A games inter is playing better without him. Firmino>Icardi
          Dybala , no club has put any bid on him officially , eventhough juvetus is open to do business on him.
          And its you who are talking about brazil more than me.

          • You are maybe right, i am talking about the yellow team more than i even like maybe because this site is transformed to a Brazilian rather an Argentine site lately by many people in here! I am sick and tired seeing people in here praising the yellow team all the time especially when Brazil does not deserve the hype!

            Firmino better than Icardi? See what i am talking about? Still this is your opinion mate and i guess that i have to respect it but i rest my case.

        • @walveride I don’t think Brazil are the best team in the world either, but they are certainly top 5!

          I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.
          Sampaoli, although he failed miserably, had the right idea. And what was that?
          Play to our strength!
          And out strength is our attack!
          “We have the best attack in the world” he said, and he’s right. And it’s still true.
          Name another country with the attack we do. Messi, Aguero, Dybala, Icardi (meh), Di Maria, Lauturo, etc.
          Where Sampaoli failed is finding the balance. In FIFA, you can play 6 strikers, but in the real world you can’t.

          Brazil don’t have the attack we do, but they have a midfield that is enviable.
          Arthur, Casemiro, Coutinho, Fernandinho.
          And another thing they have that is their strength, are fullbacks.
          Marcelo, Dani Alves, Alex Sandro, Felipe Luis, Danilo, etc.

          Wingers we are basically equall.
          They have Neymar, we have Messi.
          They have Douglas Costa, he have Lanzini.
          As even as it could get.

          Both teams however, don’t have good CB’s.
          That is where Uruguay reign supreme.

          Overall, we have to play to our strength, and that is attack!
          If we sit back and defend like we did against Brazil last year, we will lose.
          If we don’t use our assets to the fullest extent, then what is the point?
          Might as well play a back five with one striker.

          • Dontbethatguy, i agree we are getting through hard times but we are Argentina, i have faith on my beloved team. As long as the right people are established on the right spots for our team we will be unstoppable!

          • @dontbethatguy, hey mate, I think the problem wasn’t the tactic itself. To beat this Brazil team, staying behind and waiting for counter attack is the right direction. France, Uruguay and Belgium can execute that very well. But it requires lot of discipline and physical strength to maintain the pressure on the opponents. Argentina players don’t have that football culture(or not yet).

    • This little anylis of yours made our fellow mundo Brazilian fan cry and rolling in the floor.
      “eymar: A far cry behind Messi but maybe the best “entertainer” in the world: If you touch him he will dive and start screaming like he broke his leg! Besides, Brazilians are well known for this theatrical comedy!”
      I think Mrinal1234 is Brazilian coach Tite. He just stocking in here with disguise 🤔🤨🙄

      • LOL @mmh007 this shows your limited interest and knowledge in football because you only good at throwing cheap jokes and calling other a brazil or some other fans.
        What i had seen new argentine team parked the bus against overrated brazil and still lost the game, nobody was there to drive the ball forward to threat their average defence without thiago silva,dani alves , marcelo.

        • This “new Argentina” team was missing most of our main youngsters, let alone the core players such as Messi, Aguero etc and still lost to Brazilian A team by a late goal from a corner kick, what an accomplishment by Brazil!

          Yes, we didn’t play attacking football either like Brazil’s astonishment of 3 shots on target in a full game!

          • Yes, argentina was missing
            armani, who cant save a goal beneath his hand and not a single penalty in his life.
            pavon, who is even struggling in farmer league like superliga.
            pity martinez, at 26 still in superliga and now joined mls.
            palacios, who has not done anything yet.

        • And you still MISSED with your huge football knowledge that it was our only 3rd or 2nd game against a Brazil team that built for years and welmachined. People like you would point your fuckin finger if we had lost with big margin also it would been great setbacks for the young team. We did play good and Brazil was lucky compare the situation of both team. Little bit shocked that with your HUGE FOOTBALL KNOWLEDGE you can’t figure that scenario out. Please be REALISTIC but don’t be UNREASONABLE. Don’t bring your PlayStation football knowledge here.

  16. Little analysis about our young ones
    Icardi- Needs continuous flow of crosses to score goal does not participate in midfield,his back is always towards his own goal post
    Dybla- most overrated player in Europe slow dribbler slow passer only his final touch is good.
    Lanzini/Lamela injury prone.
    Lo Celso is not consistent and yet to be tested against big teams(vs Real Madrid he was waste)
    Paredes is going to farmer league league 1
    Battaglia i do not know where he is playing so i think he may be quite an average player
    Pezella and Mannama has not got many chances so they will take time to gel with team
    Tagliafico This man is the definition of average.Should be discarded immediately.Can not cross or dribble just runs like headless chicken
    Savia He was good against Neymar.
    He has good skills both in attacking and defending but needs to increase his speed or sprint
    So these young ones can take NT to quarter final not anymore.and in world cup to round 16.
    Against player like Suarez Cavani Rodriguez Neymar B.silva they gonna to have hard tine.

    • Spot On bro, spot on!

      I don’t understand why everyone thinks these guys will win a World Cup? THE WORLD CUP!
      Against the likes of Mbappe, Dembele, Jordan Sancho, Asensio, De Ligt, Leroy Sane, Kane, De Bruyne, B. Silva, Andre Silva, Vinicius Jr, Rashford, Martial, Van Dik etc.

      These guys,
      Lo Celso, Giovanne Simeone, Ascacibar, Magallan, Cuesta, Correa, Pavon, Rulli, etc all had their chance at the 2016 Olympics and failed. Not only failed partially, failed BIG TIME, losing out to Honduras of all countries!

      It gets better.
      Palacios, Ascacibar, Zaracho, Montiel, etc also failed at the U-20 WC too in 2017. Missing out to England (Our rivals) and South Korea, the hosts. But hey, at least we beat New Guinea 5-0! World Cup here we come!

      And we’re not even guaranteed to play in the 2019 U-20 WC in Poland yet, seeing how bad we are playing on the Sudamericano.

      I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.
      If Messi, Aguero, Higuain, Mascherano, Zabaleta, Di Maria, Lavezzi, Gago, Pastore, Dimicheiles, Gago, Mercado, Garay, all this GOLDEN generation failed, what makes you think these average mediocre players will go further?

      I know to be optimistic, but you have to be realistic too.
      It’s not going to happen.

      • Mate
        I don’t understand why everyone thinks these guys will win a World Cup? Against the likes of Mbappe, Dembele, Jordan Sancho, Asensio, De Ligt, Leroy Sane, Kane, De Bruyne, B. Silva, Andre Silva, Van Dik etc.

        Re those all from same country
        The answer is no
        Sancho just hype
        Leroy sane couldn’t get Germany Nt
        De ligt and van dik Holland
        Couldn’t even qualify last two
        Major tournament
        Kane will always be overrited
        De bruyne Belgium had complate team couldn’t beat france like arg
        B. Silve and ander silve been
        Knock out by Uruguay ..
        One thing I tell you mate
        Weather you like or not
        Argentina will have better players
        Than those
        Parades and lo celso will be
        Best midfielders in the European
        Football dybala will be playing
        Real Madrid icardi will always
        Score goals in top European league
        Mammana foyth balerdi Romero
        Will domanite next generation of
        Defenders in Europe..

        • “Sancho just hype?”
          – LOL! Have you even seen him play? Toppling Bayern in the one sided league, something Stuttgart can’t do.
          “Leroy sane couldn’t get Germany Nt”
          – Neither could Icardi for ARG LOL
          “De ligt and van dik Holland couldn’t even qualify last two Major tournaments”
          – Ummm, you mean Robben, Van Persie, and Schneider couldn’t? Van Dik was playing for Southampton at the time and is now the most expensive CB in the world. De Ligt and De Jong beat France last year to get to Euro Nations Semis, something Argentina couldn’t do soooo….
          “Kane will always be overrited”
          – True. Don’t know why I mentioned him.
          “De bruyne Belgium had complate team couldn’t beat france like arg”
          – At least they finished 3rd, something very few countries can say
          “B. Silve and ander silve been knock out by Uruguay”
          – No shame in that. And later Uruguay by France.

          “Parades and lo celso will be Best midfielders in the European Football”
          – LOL! At 25, If Paredes could’ve, he would’ve by now. Lo Celso couldn’t even make it at PSG LOL
          “Dybala will be playing Real Madrid”
          – Maybe. Maybe Not. We don’t know.
          “Icardi will always score goals in top European league”
          – So does Kane….
          “Mammana foyth balerdi Romero Will domanite next generation of Defenders in Europe”

          Get the idea. These are all “IF’S”, not Facts! They “Will” is not the same as they “are”.

          However, everyone else mentioned is killing it in top leagues around Europe, and with the exception of Andre Silva, are into the Octavos of the Champions League. You can’t say the same with our “future”.
          Only Argentinians in the r of 16 are Messi, Di Maria, Aguero, Otamendi, Romero, Rojo (like it or not), Dybala, Fazio, Pastore, Tagliafico, Correa, Lamela.
          Out of all those guys, 8 are “oldies, 4 are the “future”.

          I’m not trying to be rude, I’m just saying, the class levels are VEERY different between the Argentinian youth and the youth around the world, like England, Germany, France and such.

          • Don’t bethatguy
            No matter what you say mate
            But I gaurnteee you Argentina
            Will always produce top talant
            Just wait and see
            One more thing Argentina will
            Always be better than most countries you mention it
            Oh I forget how many times
            Belgium England and so so
            Reach world cup finals .

            I have big respect messi and
            Co what they done for Argentina
            But I’m glad Messi generation
            Coming to end so thier fans too
            Only real Argentina fan will always
            Have hope Cose the talent is

      • “It’s not going to happen”

        You envy our youngsters for their bright future, nothing more! I have a very big faith in our youth if they are guided well.

        I think Messi-generation is the first Argentina team you watched which makes difficult for you to see them retire.

        I had that same experience, when my favourite Argentine players retired I felt sad but I moved on after a while. Man, you will get used to it. Don’t worry! Messi-generation gone with the wind.

      • Yeah I got what you meant. True that individually the new generation is not comparable with that of 87-88. But I am not that pessimistic. If you compare 2014 with 2010, we had definitely better choices of players in 2010 but we did much better in 2014. The reason behind is Sabella knows better how to use the resources, much better than Maradona did. The coaching and tactics play very important role. Now look at the players that we have now, obviously in some positions like left back and box to box we don’t have much option. But on the others, it’s kind of ok. If you add the new guys from U20, there are Balerdi, Almendra, De La Vega, …etc. If a coach is smart enough to use them efficiently, obviously with Messi’s come back, I guess they can do something.

    • Not wrong on your summary, Pezzella is kind of slow in defense. Dybala is a pure half 9, cannot be used as winger or 10. Lamela is much more talented but he doesn’t have playing time with his club. Lanzini can be used in many positions I like him a lot but always injured. Tagliafico is the choice by default. I agree, but really I don’t see anyone more eligible. Maybe use Funes Mori as left back. Mammana I think he’s not a tough defender. I think he’s more a CB in a defense of 3.

      But overall I am bullish on Icardi, Lo Celso, Paredes and Saravia. Hope Lanzini to come back soon. He can be used on either side in a 442 or 433. The best attacking midfielder that we have.

  17. Same shit from journalist as always: “…talks Lionel MESSI, Argentina national team”. There’s team and Lionel Messi. Two equally important entities and realities while the second ought to be just integral part of the first but that always had worked like here in these seperate matters. That was always symbolic for what we see finslly on the pitch.

      • Maradona too, but he won nothing without cheating, absolute nothing, hand of god plus coacaine intoxication (very hard dopping) in todays football he flies on first doping test where he want, phenomenal player but only with cheating, and in Copas his best place is 3-th (with 4th and 8th)

    • Calling them LOSERS & COWARDS is bit harsh and unfair. I am sure they played their heart out. AFA and specially our previous all coaches and staff didn’t help very much either. They could have done much more better. Coach the one who should have dictated the players in past and AFA should have supported not looking for money. These all last generation players gave us some joy too now their time is up and we should respect them and appreciate (yes even for 3 lost final)

    • if you’re referring the messi and co, then youre a fucking coward. keyboard warrior. fuck off. Anyone else thinks the same thing, then fuck you too.

  18. I”m so happy to have Cesar Monetti
    As director of football the man
    Have so much knowledge in
    Football it wasn’t long ago
    When pep gaurdiola travelled
    To Argentina to meet Monetti
    That tells you a lot about him.
    we re moving Right direction.

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