Argentina qualify for next round of Sudamericano with win, Maxi ROMERO of PSV scores


Argentina defeated Peru 1-0 and have qualified to the next round of the Sudamericano.

A 1-0 win courtesy of a penalty by Maxi ROMERO of PSV. The 20 year old scored his second goal of the tournament to send Argentina to the next round. The team finished in second spot in the standings with 7 points, behind Ecuador with 9 points. Uruguay completes the top three making it to the next round with 6 points. Paraguay with 4 and Peru with 3 miss out on the second round.

Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay make the second round.

Argentina vs. Ecuador, January 29
Argentina vs. Colombia, February 1
Argentina vs. Venezuela, February 4
Argentina vs. Uruguay, February 7
Argentina vs. Brazil, February 10

The top three teams qualify for the 2019 U20 World Cup as well as the 2019 Pan-American games. While the team finishing in fourth would only qualify for the World Cup.


  1. Romero
    Mercado Pezzela Otamendi Tagliafico
    Lo celso Paredes Banega
    Messi Icardi Di maria

    come on …we r favorite dude
    Oldies+young blood= Copa 2019 champion
    vamos argentina

  2. Only Higuain and Enzo Perez should not be in the team from old generation.
    From young ones only Lanzini, Lamela ,De Paul,Paredes and may be Lo. Celso are trustworthy.
    Pavon and Tagliafico should be discarded.
    Case of Meza is very difficult he is something different kind of player we do not see in our national team.He is like box to box if we can use him properly or taking best out of him he can be considered for team but he should not run like headless chicken.I think we should give him chance.

  3. Thank you, GOD… Argentina win the match and qualify to the next round…

    Vamos Argentina! Go Tango! Be the champion!

    Support the Argentina National Football Team no matter what… GOD bless….

  4. On plus: we have not lost many goals.

    All I want from the team is to give us place on U-20 WC, even as the fourth team. To the time of WC stisl we may improve tactically and selection mistakes – reinforce with players like Almendra, Ayala, Barco, Lovera or Cristian Ferreira.

  5. Seriously our U-20 team on last WC (that finish on group stages) were giving faaaaar more pleasure on watching than this one. That was pleasure to watch them, they just incredibly lacked of luck while this one is dull most of the time. Still the first 60 minutes of first game, against Paraguay, was best and quite promising. We have only good moments from some players like Maroni or De La Vega and moments of good team football in the middle area.

    Batista killed the team with selection. What he expected taking 2 DMs while one of them, Vera, proved against India on COTIF tournament to be far inferior to Ayala who was left out by Batista. We have not sub for RF Alvarez (actually he play as striker in club) who is disappointing (Batista rejected wingers like Barreal and Marinelli who during COTIF had goals and assists) . De La vega proper position is the left wing not right. Maroni should play in central as AM/playmaker, behind strikers and not as left winger. Batista took too many strikers and for the reason one of them, Colidio, is permanently unused while his place in squad could have been given to creative and versatile player (AM, playmaker, winger) like Lovera or Garre.

    To all that we really lack real captain and mentall leader like Almendra was.

  6. Not convincing at all.. but results are more important and with the coaches that all our national teams currently have … we should all be happy with just results … rather win ugly than lose pretty

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