AFA president Claudio TAPIA: Argentina want to host 2020 Copa America


AFA president Claudio TAPIA has confessed that Argentina want to host the 2020 Copa America.

Changes are coming to the Copa America format. This year’s edition will be the last time that the tournament would be held on an odd year and moving forward, it would have a four year format. Meaning that there would be a tournament in 2020, 2024 and so on and so forth.

There were rumors that next year’s tournament would be held in the United States, as it was in 2016 but that has been shut down. Claudio TAPIA has come out and stated the following:

“We know that it won’t be held in the United States as it was mentioned and we have started to talk. The dream (to host) the 2020 Copa America is there. We’ve made an informal request and we are starting on the formal request.”


  1. NO Mr president
    enough financial problems we have in the country this years
    IMF come again. we face economic crisis again and almost every day we have people
    down to the streets for protests against government etc

    with all this you want to host Copa here?
    in which country you are living?

    we don t need to host this kind of costly events.
    if we want to win Copa america tournament we should build team to win it.
    not necessary to try take advantage the host position.

    anyway in 2011 we failed win and that cost us in moral most of all very much.

    • The Copa America would help the economy in Argentina… it would bring in tourists from all over South America to boost the economy and local business. There isn’t great expenses either as all the stadiums are built already… and infrastructure laid….

    • @cox4
      Con todo respeto, pero al contrario, tener la oportunidad de ser el pais anfitrion del Copa America ayudara el estado economico del Pais.
      Todo el tourismo en el pais no sera un dano, sino un ayuda.

      Y tambien la posibilidad de poder ganar la Copa seria muy grande jaja

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