Sergio AGUERO scores for Manchester City, Franco VAZQUEZ for Sevilla


Sergio AGUERO scored for Manchester City while Franco VAZQUEZ was on the scoresheet for Sevilla.

A massive 5-0 win for Manchester City against Burnley saw Sergio AGUERO come off the bench and score his second goal of the week. A penalty kick goal saw AGUERO’s shot send the goalkeeper the wrong way.

Franco VAZQUEZ scored for Sevilla in their 5-0 win against Levante. With the score ar 2-0, VAZQUEZ dispatched from close range to add the third of the match. Ever BANEGA also started for the winners.


  1. Almada has been used as a false 9 by Heinze at Velez. Batista can try this as it’s clear that our strikers have no goals in them. De la Vega and Alvarez can play on either side. Maroni can play in the 3 man midfield alongside Insaurralde and Sosa.

  2. Dumb rumor is saying Simeone wold be picked ahead of Aguero. If this is true, it’s would only possible because of mental retardation. Seriously, one would have the possess the futbol knowledge of a 1 year old to support this idea.

    Such a moronic rumor i refuse to believe its true…

    • Maybe for preparing for the future? I am not a big fan of Simeone, his technical skill is quite average. I actually think he should be converted to defensive midfielder. I’d go for Angel Correa and Lautaro Martinez if it’s for replacing Kun in longer term. Besides, Dybala can play in this role too.

      • As a big Fiorentina fan, Gio never convinced me. He sometimes scores important goals but his skills are limited. He can improve in the future since he is young, but right now he isn’t the kind of stiker Argentina needs. With that being said, Aguero won’t do better than Gio for the NT, so I think he won’t be the solution, too.

  3. Good for Vazquez, he’s been very average since a couple of months now. This goal will boost him. He need to be good because we don’t have many #8 who can defend in the national team. Palaccios and Almendra are still young.

  4. In next match I would like to see a creative player instead of 2nd striker or Moreno. The attacking can be:-

    ……La Vega………….Almada
    Basically play with only one no.9

    • I’d prefer Gaich to Romero as starter for the tactical reason and then Romero replace him in the last 30 minutes. Gaich seems to have some qualities that can really help the team and Romero is a better finisher. Given that Almendra and Palaccios are not here, I think it makes more sense to to play 3331, Almada as 10, Maroni and De La Vega on each side and Gaich as forward.

    • Unfortunately not much likely Batista will start with both Maroni and Almada. He will keep with 3 CMs rather than double pivot + Maroni, Almada, De La Vega.

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