Sergio AGUERO scores hat trick in Manchester City win against Arsenal


Sergio AGUERO scored a hat trick for Manchester City in their 3-1 win agaisnt Arsenal.

It was the Sergio AGUERO show as the Argentina striker scored his first goal after only 48 seconds. A ball sent in from the wing and AGUERO was standing just a few meters away from the goal line as he headed the ball and made it 1-0 for Manchester City.

AGUERO’s second goal was similar to his first. With the score at 1-1, a pass came in from the wing once more but this time with his foot and not his head, restored City’s lead.

His third goal was similar to his second, a pass into the area, AGUERO slid, the ball appeared to touch his arm and go in. The referee allowed the goal to stand and it was 3-1 for Manchester City.

He is only the second player to reach 10 Premier League hat tricks as Alan SHEARER holds the record with 11 hat tricks.

It’s hat trick number 14 in his Manchester City career, his second one this season.


  1. Inter fans are furious against irardi because of immobile style of play and they are right ,in modern football you cannot rely on a striker who can only score tap ins and crosses ,
    Modern football demands build up ,creating chance ,aerial strength ,off ball movement ,lethal etc

    • i can see that. Part of the reason he’s immobile is a reflection of the manager. He’s dicating playstyle, mandating players to cross non stop, thats all he knows.Would love to see Icardi at Real, and develop further. Hes tapped out at Inter, time to go.

  2. It’s crazy how things can change quickly in football. Few months ago I was excited to see Pastore and Perotti on the pitch for AS Roma. Now you got all these talented teenagers(Pellegrini, Zaniolo and from time to time Kluivert) on the pitch and Pastore on the bench.

    Long time I haven’t seen Paredes playing, finally saw that 15min from him. But for sure PSG need him as a starter. Marquinhos is not a natural midfielder, it’s ok against weak team but against Lyon we saw his limits.

  3. Velez – River 1:2. Alvaro Barreal who should have been taken by Batista for Sudamericano has scored for Velez.

      • Gaby heinze is revelation
        He is going to be next big manager
        From Argentina super league
        He system is high risky but
        When It works guarantee success
        3 3 3 1 amazing he following the
        Foot step of bielse

  4. Aguero’s statistics are incredible and he has now been City’s main man in front and if he keeps his on fire form City can take over Liverpool position, although most of us are always curious can Kun do the same thing at N/T.

    • Rather poor penalty strike though haha.

      Interestingly you can see why Palacios generates the most buzz out of all the four/five young midfielders on the pitch right now. His decision making is much quicker and he is all about one touch passing. In fact sometimes I even wish he takes half a second more.

  5. Aguero and Icardi are top5 striker in the world, both are Argentine we should feel proud instead of arguments and just get lost new huguain lautaro and #2RsStriker simeone fans

    • Still nico gonzalez should improve his final third skills more….time after time he take wrong decision in the offensive third….
      But certainly this guy has talent nd can be very useful for argentina in the future

    • Don’t put huguain and Aguero same bracket, huguain was finished since 2016 , icardi world cup spot was robbed where Aguero is still world class, icardi yet to reach peck

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