Giovani LO CELSO scores for Real Betis, in Europa League TOTW


Giovani LO CELSO scored for Real Betis in their 3-3 draw against Rennes in the Europa League.

It was goal number 10 of the season for the Argentine and a crucial one at that. Rennes took a 2-0 lead in the second round of the Europa League and it was Giovani LO CELSO who kick started the come back for his team.

LO CELSO also found himself in the Europa League team of the week.



  1. When messi played poor lost control on head when Ronaldo played poor stay focused till the whistle, messi can’t score 90+3 or 120+1 desicive penalty where Ronaldo could or Icardi can, the new main man of Argentina

    • what a bullshit is this? CR missed penalties on Euro and on WC too, missed in Champions League final, missed in Champions League semi-final several times…he just scores a lot, and miss a lot

      • Ronaldo missed 25 and messi 26 penalties , don’t talk shit romance king
        Barca have ucl match in less than 70 hours why would they use energy unnecessarily against a team which hardly looked threatening to score goals ?
        Yes ,messi wasn’t at his best but he still created total 6 chances out of which 4 were clear cut for Suarez ,completed 3 long balls ,gave key passes and most importantly he has discomfort in his thighs

        • And your icardi is immobile luxury striker who is not at all needed in starting 11 of our national team but yes we can use him as sub
          I would rather prefer lautaro before icardi in nt because of his modern style of play even though he lacks pace

          • Icardi is going to win ballon dor and team will bulid around him, icardi has winning mentality like Cristiano, it’s not matter whether Ronaldo missed penalty or icardi but always score decisive penalties unlike messi

      • After messi ronaldo generation, A good season and ballon dor confirmed and icardi is only superstar after messi so only available Argentine to win ballon dor

  2. 10 goals in 28 games, and he is a midfielder, still not consistent ? How many midfielders from top five leagues have scored 10 goals till now this season ? Argentina needs a midfielder who plays better in attacking play, which Massy hardly got in Argentina shirt.

  3. Just like many of us here, I thought Ascacibar was going to be a future NT player but after watching a few Stuttgart games I noticed he is just as average as his mediocre team mates. They drag him down. He must change teams or will fade into oblivion.Sad to see another talent go to waste.

  4. Watching this Liverpool game, impressive football. Klopp’s 433 is almost at the perfection: 2 solid CB with the libero can initiate counter attack, 2 powerful fullbacks with good crossing skill, 1 strong regista good at keeping the ball and long passing with 2 box to box so 1 of them can act as 2nd striker, the other one offers more protection. Up front the 9 can drop as 10, those 2 wingers can cut in anytime and leave their flank to the fullbacks. If Scaloni wants to stay with his 433, this is the reference.

  5. TRANSFER NEWS | Sergio Romero is ready to snub interest from abroad and stay at Manchester United this summer according to The Sun.

    United’s second choice goalkeeper has attracted interest from clubs across Europe including Spain and Italy along with Boca Juniors in South America. according to the report but is happy to stay at the club despite his lack of playing time.

    • Not surprising he seems to be quite happy with that… I forget exactly for how long he’s been benched, maybe 7 years since Sampdoria. I can never understand his mindset even though I play from time to time for fun with friends, I always want to be on the pitch.

  6. We need at least three player of every single position as we know that injuries are bound to happen and we do not want to get confused in last moment.J.correa,Lanzini,Di maria,Messi,Lamela,De Paul,A. Correa for wingers role.
    For center forward Aguero,Icardi,Dybla,Martinez.
    Walter Bartinez does not look reliable.Right now Romero and Gazazinga

    • On the left, there are plenty of choices. I prefer Vargas>Pity>J.Correa>De Paul.
      On the right: Messi>Di Maria>Angel Correa>Lamela>De La Vega.
      For the forward, kind of agreed with your order even though I am not convinced with Kun’s partnership with Messi. For Lanzini, let’s discuss when he recovers.

      • lol that clip never gets old.

        Im sure everyone has seen this but its one of my favorite “feel good” Maradona clips.

        (i hate how when i add complete youtube or other URLs i always get a message saying “your comment is awaiting moderation” and then it takes the admins 2 days to release)

        • oooooooh, that clip ! I must have watched tens of times. I loved that song. Maradona is one of a kind. F…k Brazil 🙂

          I used to have the same problem inserting links, one day , problem disappeared! don’t know why.
          Frustrating, i know

    • Shame in 2010 we had many great players available but not picked up(Zanetti, Cambiasso and Lucho), some were selected but not used(Diego Milito), some were injured(Samuel, Gago), coupled with wrong tactical choice, Messi wasn’t used in his best position.

      My favorite 11 would have been: Andujar-Burdisso, Samuel, Heinze-Zanetti, Cambiasso, Mascherano, Maxi Rodriguez-Lucho-Messi, Milito.

      Team B would be: Romero-Otamendi, Garay, Demichelis-Di Maria, Gago, Banega, Jose Guti-Pastore-Tevez, Higuain

      I don’t remember we have any comparable team in the past. It was our best timing to win.

      • Shocking because stuttgart is always losing so it is surprise for a player from that team rather than a young player from in-form teams like dortmund or leipzig

    • Not surprising since he’s one of the very few bright spots for Sttugart. I have to admit that when i watched him in the primera I wasn’t impressed but he seems to have adapted quite well in Germany just like el Russo.
      It’s a sentiment to both Nico and Russo that they’re able to pull out good performances in a struggling team in a strong league and I think it’s time for Santi in particular to move away from Sttutgart onto a better team.

  7. He is a special player, i can not remember in last one decade an Argentine young midfielder consistently shining like him in almost every match against quality sides. He is the one which Argentina missed years after years.

    • Not so consistent actually. He seems to play better in a more advanced position but we need midfielder in a deeper position. He still need to improve how he resist to pressing. Not so solid in his holding on the ball.

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