Argentina, River Plate’s Exequiel PALACIOS to require surgery, out for 2 months


River Plate midfielder Exequiel PALACIOS will be out of action for at least two months following a knee injury.

The injury happened during River Plate’s match against Racing Club and the latest news is that while it would keep him out for about 2 months, it would make it more difficult for him to reach the Copa America with Argentina.

PALACIOS has been linked with a move to Real Madrid and while a deal has not taken place, this injury could potentially be a set back for the transfer to happen.


  1. i wish you quick recovery Exequiel .
    as soon as possible to return back strong and healthy.

    we need you in River and we will need you in the national team too.

    • He will most likely miss the rest of the games for the season, but he should be back in time for the Copa Libertadors Group Stage and the Recopa Sudamericana Final.

      And if he is indeed as good as he is said to be, he should be more than ready for the Copa come the summer.

        • Nico is my top choice for the DM position even more so than Ascacibar and Caseres who has sadly lost his starting place at Villareal.
          He needs to be given chance in the next 2 friendlies because i think he complements Celso and Paredes in the midfield quite nicely.

          Robertone I like alot but I’m still not convinced that he’s NT just yet while Almendra hasn’t impressed me in the least.

        • Honestly, none of the 4 impressed me so far. I like Vargas that’s why I watched Velez’s game but Nico Dominguez but I didn’t find him that good. Maybe I missed something. I stay with my 1st impression, Palaccios is the best player in this position when he played well. Not convinced to use Ascacibar as box to box. He’s still far from Kante. Maybe we need to be patient either some of the former wingers converted to box to box at club(successful examples like Matuidi, Keita and Wijnaldum) or new generation. The other solution may be 3421, with 1 stopper(Funes Mori, Mussacchio, Balerdi or Pezzella) behind Foyth and Otamendi, those 2 can act as libero who can help covering Lo Celso and Paredes, the fullbacks Taligliafico and Saravia play in a slightly more advanced position so we won’t defend too deeply. That should fix the problem of missing box to box.

          • Football can be highly subjective, how often have we seen a footballer simultaneously criticized and praised in the same match by different fans.

            As you noted Ascacibar is not a box to box player, he’s a classic Argentine no.5 and Argentina aren’t short of b-2-b midfielders cos Celso is one, so is Roberto pereyra and so is Fraco Cervi who – though many people forget – started out in the box to box position for Rosario and infact he was ahead of Celso in that position.
            Lastly lets not forget that Palacios still has a solid chance of making Copa if he comes back in 2 months since copa is in 4 months.

            A 3 man midfield is never a good idea, especially for Argentina. Such a system requires the defenders to be very fast and very technically skilled with the ball and argentina doesn’t have a single CB who satisfies both requirements let alone 3.
            A back 4 is the way to go with Savaria-nico-pezzella-Tag starting and the likes of Dominguez, Licha, Foyth, Musacchio, C.Romero, Ansaldi, J.Silva and Angeleri all vaying for the back up 3 options.

  2. midfield options—
    G.Locelso L.Paredes G.Martinez R.Pereyra Ascacibar Battaglia

    Attack– Dimaria Messi Aguero Icardi Dybala J.Correa

    Defence– Otamendi Pezzella Saravia Tagliafico Kanneman Foyth Mercado C.Romero

    Gk– Romero ,Walter Benitez, Gazzaniga

    • J correa what a joke this guy is good for nothing. Just shows useless skills on the wings and then shits near penalty box.
      A dimaria , M lanzini are 10 times better than him.

      • Jeez, what is your problem with this guy? He has pace, dribbling, and additionally, he is 6’2”! He has good pressuring when he plays midfield. He so versatile and he is miles better than Lanzini. If you count on Di Maria, you may or may not get a goal or assist. If you count on Lanzini, you most likely will get a broken leg instead. This guy, he gives you a chance of playing defensively, and assist, and/or a goal. At this rate, he is better than A. Correa simply because he plays in Serie A. Sure, La Liga is great but Serie A is getting extremely competetive in the last couple years!

        • Thank you! Just because he is not a goal scoring machine, does not mean he is not an impact player.

          His off the ball movement, skills to draw defenders, etc are useful to any team. J Correa is an excellent footballer that would make the cut for 90% of national teams. I think he belongs in the list of contenders for Arg if he continues improving.

        • That why some midtable team of la liga fucking up top teams of serie A. Betis kicked milan, last night sevilla defeated lazio in their home ground.
          Only juventus and napoli are decent teams in serie A rest of them are thrash. Serie A is another farmer league after league 1.

      • J. Correa is talented and versatile but he still hasn’t quite found that level of consistency that would put him among the elite. For now atleast Pity, Depaul and Maria are ahead of him in the pecking order.

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