Manuel LANZINI close to returning from injury for West Ham


Manuel LANZINI could make a return for West Ham when they play Fulham.

The Argentina has been injured since the start of June after suffering a ruptured anterior knee ligament during training. West Ham coach Manuel PELLEGRINI had this to say on Wednesday in regards to the injuries of his players and more specifically, LANZINI:

“He is coming back from a long injury so we will decide the best way for him to return to the team. He is a player who gives you different things, he is very fast and a very technical player.”

“All four playmakers in our squad were injured, which is always difficult, so the return of [LANZINI and NASRI] injects more quality into the squad.”


    • You do realize Paredes was not allowed to play this match because the match was supposed to take place last December before PSG bought Paredes hence Paredes was disqualified from playing in this match. It had nothing to do with his ability or fitness.

    • Great to hear that Manu is coming back, the kid’s a legit talent but sadly he’s also made of glass 🙁 He kinda reminds me of Marco Reus, a highly talented attacking player who seemed to miss out on all the major tournaments due to injury. I really hope Manu sorts his fitness issues out because if given enough time he can be world class and that’s not something I can say about alot of players.

        • Bro there is a difference between World Cup and Champions League . In Champions League there 8-10 super strong teams unlike WC mostly 1 or 2. You cant win champions league by just parking the bus to win it you will have to play real tactical football.

        • Godin11: i like d/s and he does his best with what tools he has in his roster unlike so many of the other teams real.m, barca, man.c, man.c chel, b/m etc who all spend up large every year but ath.m do not spend or have massive budget to buy the best available as they simply do not have the money to.

          As for lanz im very pleased he is back as i do rate his a lot but its far to early to even think about him being back for the copa as he needs to once again play and prove hes fit, then he must rediscover the wonderful form he once had, this will take time for lanz to do and for me no player should walk back into our n.t with out both fitness and wonderful current form-no one should be back in the n/t on past form/repuation alone as we have seen far to often in the last 10 plus years.
          the shirt must always be earned!!!!

    • I get why Correa didn’t start, he did afterall start the last 3 matches straight and now that Koke was fit simeone wanted to use the fresher of the 2.
      I watched the last 30 min of the match and thought Atletico played pretty well and were the side that clearly deserved to win. My real complaint was how far wide Dybala was playing, for the love of god the kid’s a striker not an advanced right midfielder, which seemed to be the position he was playing at.

  1. Although there is no info on G.Avila’s (COTIF fame) defensive attributes he scored two goals in two matches for boca reserve team. There is high chance that he will be back in team for WC

    • Yes he was best known for being best goalscorer among defenders on the youths levels in Rosario Central. We need to have on U-20 WC the talented trio of CBs: Nehuen Perez, Balerdi, Avila.

      • Yaa talleres vs palestino CL and DyJ in copa sudamericano today.
        Also Atlanda united in concacaf league tomorrow it is not interesting as libertadores or sudameticano but there is indication that barco is returning to form under new manager so excited for him & Pity

  2. It hurts when I don’t see so many Argentinian players(or always the same faces) in the starting 11 in champions league. Menotti got to do what he said, helping the local players having access to the national team. How exciting to see Lisandro Martinez, Saravia, Zaracho, Vargas, Dominguez playing with Messi.

  3. Nasri-Lanzini could be amazing. Let’s hope he can find back his level.

    I watched Barca game, even though Barca is no more the best team in the world but still strong, few teams can do that kind of short passing in opponent’s box surface. I think the team need to be renewed. I also believe that they should switch to 442 with a right winger playing next to Messi, that’s how make him comfortable, like 2 years ago. The same in the national team, with a traditional right winger(Angel Correa, Pussetto and especially Zaracho) and a left playmaker(Vargas, Pity, Lanzini or Di Maria). But in this case, you got to sacrifice either Paredes or Lo Celso because you really need at least 1 real DM in a 442. 442 has always been my favorite formation(also like 343). You put your best player as half-9/10 and he can have the total freedom. Bergkamp, Baggio and Totti were the best examples.

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