Giovani LO CELSO makes Real Betis history as he scores in Europa League


Giovani LO CELSO scored for Real Betis in their 3-1 loss to Rennes.

Despite losing and getting eliminated from the Europa League, Giovani LO CELSO continued to impress and made history for Betis. The Argentina man scored and with it, became the first Real Betis player to score 5 or more goals in a single UEFA Cup or Europa League season.


  1. We badly need a left footed central defender. Otamendi, pezzela, foyth,garay,musachio,mammana,perez, balardy all r right footed central defender. Otamendi can play left, buy that is not the solution. Left footed central defender like rojo,funes Mori, kahnman are not so much talented.

    Our another week point is defensive midfield role. Paredes, lo celso, Banega are super in central midfield role, but they are not defensively solid. Our only option is Battaglia(injured not classy), ascacibar (his improvement is very less), Casceres( passing ability good BUt Now bench warmer in his last 4 out of 5 match)

    Our another week point is full back. Tagliafico may be OK but not world class.
    Mercado also. Renjo saravia doing well vs Brazil BUt his One match performance is still doubtful for playing tournament like copa America. In next 4 matches scaling should use him properly and may find out other.

  2. If a coach build his team on ‘hope and expectations’ rather than solid current performance, better find another job.
    club level performance had been/will always be the criteria for calling players to national teams.
    If not, can you please explain why National team coaches travel to watch players playing for their clubs?

    A coach does not say : oh, let me call this guy or that guy because I HOPE HE WILL BE GOOD FOR THE NT.
    There must be a criteria in place to select players and a coach who can replicate a player’s performance at club level and get the best out of him at NT level. it’s really puzzling when some calling for the exclusion of a striker like Aguero(who is maybe best striker in the world TODAY) and say: club level don’t matter but let us call ICARDI because he scores often for his club, talk about double standard !

    • Ebo
      My friend you right the players must
      Perform very well in thier clubs
      Even than it may not be enough to get
      The player in the nt because some players
      May not suitable the tactics or the stlye Of the managers .
      In your arguement they ‘re players Who playing very good in thier clubs
      Who deserve a call up like matias ZarachoVargas Dominguez they are very good But they won’t get call up because they
      Are not playing Boca or River so thier chance is very slim.
      My point is most coachs are scare to give
      Chance the young players unless you
      ‘re pochettino: it’s really sad and unfortunately that today we still talking
      About Same players in last 12 years especially country like Argentina
      Who produce talants after talants I hope scaloni get gutts to take some
      Good young players to copa and play them.

      • ” I hope scaloni get gutts to take some
        Good young players to copa and play them.”

        Of course, He will have to do that to get progress moving. I expect half of the team- at least – to be new faces. But the main point is Not to replace a player in top form with another player in less form just because some players “had their chances” and we are sick of them “FAILING”.

        My friend, hoping and expecting is not any coache’s strategy, a coach will find it very difficult to ignore certain players who are in top form and replace them with others in less form. Dropping best while COPA is around the corner is not called progress, we are not looking for a team to win WC2026, we are looking for a team to win COPA get us through qualifications to 2022.

    • “…Luciano Spalletti has insisted that Mauro Icardi’s recent absence has not contributed to Inter’s run of positive results – their most recent being a 4-0 win over Rapid Wien in the Europa League…”

      Now Italian media is asking whether Icardi’s absence is good for Inter. Meanwhile, we are considering excluding Aguero because Icardi will solve all our midfield problems and score all the time standing inside the box.

      If Icardi is plan A, Aguero should be the plan B. Because they both possess different playing styles. Excluding Aguero because we’re seeing his face for a long time is plain stupid.


      With all due respect, since when The Sun Or facebook were a credible news source, like say AP or Reuters ?

      I bet those are the same sources that claim Messi dictates player selection and keep his friends in, and others out

    • Mr Pablo.d
      Agree with you my friend
      I’m so exciting for the new gen.
      I believe he will do well this boy
      Is so talant his movements
      Of the ball so good plus
      He has good pass in him
      He is also a ball carrier which
      Arg need right now .
      My only fear is when Messi comes
      Back all that boys will look at him
      They will pass to messi every ball
      And hope the best that will be jeopardise
      I know deep down messi want to see
      The team that doesn’t depend on him Cuse he got tired of carring Argentina on his Own. He need soldiers to win the war With him. Those soldiers are lanzini
      Lo celso parades palacios Vargas Foyth mammana taglafiaco l Martinez Gazzaniga pity list goes on

      • Coach should use messi wisely ,if he goes deep he will be get marked by 4 players like he always get in UCL and wc ,we should use him more as winger so that he can drag 3-4 players with him which will create space for others
        And we should create chances from midfield
        Bdw mammanna is not getting chance nowadays in zenit ,foyth is not yet ready for big tournaments like copa he gets nervous in 1vs 1 situation

        • Oh no bro really? If mammana
          Isn’t playing than it’s problem
          I really rate the guy curse to mancini
          He is the one who took him from Lyon To zenit .
          But I disagree with you about foyht
          He is ready also he is good 1v1
          He dealt so well one of the most
          Dangerous player in EPl in 1v1
          Zaha most defenders get embarrassed when they face him
          1v1 so please go check last fa cup
          Match spurs played against palace.

          • Lyon is a great club which has a big history of developing players , don’t know why he left for zenit and yes I am right about foyth he still needs a bit more time and experience of minimum 10 more caps in club , haven’t you seen how many error he committed against Dortmund

          • No problem bro it’s good that
            We can disagree and still can discuss
            In health way but I know that kid
            Foyth is hell of talant especially
            In modern day football which
            Is must the defanders have to
            Have ball skills they can bring out
            And make good passes to the midfielders. Anyway we will see.

      • Godin11: im hearing ya on l/c
        messi is a gift from the footballing gods but for to long so many n.t players are just happy to on the same pitch as messi instead of actually doing their job and working for the team not just rejoicing in the fact they passed messi the ball then they stand back to watch and hope he can do it all.

        Munawar Choudhury: foyth is ready, sure he can make mistakes but who does not and a lot gave foyth the motm for tottenham’s last champs lge game, foyth started with an error but after that was most impressive for the rest of the game, the 2 match ratings I saw had him a 8 and a 9

      • > My only fear is when Messi comes Back all that boys will look at him. They will pass to messi every ballAnd hope the best that will be jeopordy

        Under training wheels Scaloni, players did not support each other when attacking. They would just stand there watching. I saw the same God awful problem when Messi wanst even playing. It’s funny because many use that point as concern with Messi but I saw the same garbage when he wasn’t even on the pitch.

        Scaloni is just great horayy

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