Angel DI MARIA scores sensational free kick in PSG win


Angel DI MARIA socred a sensational free kick goal for PSG in their 5-1 win against Montpellier.

The Argentina and PSG man continues to do well this season. After assisting twice in PSG’s win against Manchester United last week, DI MARIA took it upon himself to score one of the free kicks of the season.

With the score at 1-1, PSG were awarded a free kick. Up stepped DI MARIA to score his sixth goal of the season in the league, goal number 10 in total.


  1. Dimaria has seldom disappointed his fans when playing club football but poor guy never got any credit for his hard work especially at Madrid. Ronaldo and Bale always took the limelight. No matter which club he played for, he has been the engine of the team(except ManU –not his fault). However when it comes to national team we all know he has been very disappointing. He seems to be more of a forward than a midfield player nowadays for the national team. His crosses and passes rarely results in goals and his fitness always betrays us all whenever we need him the most!! On the other hand, His replacement, Pavon has shown no signs of living up to the hype. Counting on Pavon sinked Sampaoli’s ship in the world cup. Palacios injury is a big big blow, Icardi and Dybala beside last friendly have been very disappointing. So I don’t think interim coach Scaloni can afford to drop him and Aguero from Copa squad. Both of them , have one last opportunity to win something for national team. After that , if they can maintain their form and fitness like Leo then they will have one last shot at the World Cup, but looking at their fitness history , chances of them featuring in the next world cup are slim.

    • sulav: i agree with what you are saying on d/m, for me pavon has gone backwards but in icardi’s defense its hard to score when no one is creating chances for him, in his last few games how many misses has he actually had? very few i can think of as again hes not been given the ball in dangerous areas to try to score.

      Dybala is a big problem and no one seems to be able to actually find a best position for him in the n/t-for me he has to play as he does at juv or not at all as he simple looks lost in other like positions.

      d/m is not the answer any more and has not been since mid 14 w/c-yes at club level fantastic but at n/t level he is a lost cause these days with some thing close to a zero footballing brain.
      pre 14 w.c he was a massive part of the team and deserved his spot but since the 14 w.c it is not at all the same player for us at all and its time to look else where. simply put he is not at all consistent these days for us and has little to offer the n/t, he seriously lacks constantly.
      we do have a big problem and that is wingers and it is some thing we are in very short supply of, players who can actually cross the ball and create chances as with out this the strikers, no matter who they are will have problems scoring if their is no good ball in that dangerous areas.

      • Nice to hear from you Pablo.d.
        I agree Icardi haven’t had much help from the midfield . His zero involvement in the build up plays, Scaloni’s ultra defensive tactics and our toothless midfield didn’t help his cause at all . I hope Messi’s return will change things for him!! But for Copa, Aguero should spearhead our attack unless Scaloni can find a way to start both Kun and Icardi.

        With Messi, Kun , Icardi and Lautaro in the team I am not sure if Dybala should even be selected in Copa squad. He , Pavon and Meza have been very disappointing so far and Meza should be dropped for good now!!

        • sulaV: like wise and its always good reading you posts.
          I just cant understand what has happened to our crossing, its simply lamentable and that is my polite version.

          im still not convinced on kun at n.t level but I will say in his last few matches he actually looks like he cares, hes running around and actually breaking into a sweat, their is no doubt he is a massive talent at club level and in my eyes this copa is his last chance, if he fails at this copa then hes gone for me but if he succeeds then another w.c could be for him.
          I hope he succeeds, also to have icardi and lart is all good news-my self I still like 4.4.2 for the n/t but I don’t believe we will see that at all.

  2. as i said in past i don t count anymore Di maria for national team BUT i will not let
    nobody speak without RESPECT for Di maria.

    i will not make tired myself to write long about what offer Di maria to the national team or not.

    i will remind only to friends here just 3 memorable things that Angel did in past among the other things.

    Di maria score against Switzerland and make us qualify to quarter finals of 2014 world cup.

    Di maria score against France and wake our players to fight against France. yes we lose but i don t forget that till Di maria scores we was Mpape “bitches”.
    everyone s moral was bellow zero.

    Di maria stand beside Messi against Ecuador in the game we qualify to last world cup.
    when Ecuador scored in first minute only Messi with support of Di maria stand up when everybody else was hide from the ball that was “burning”.

    Last Di maria s injury against Belgium in 2014 was huge blow to our attacking game. Messi was alone in front with little help from Lavezzi (as long Lavezzi had power run. when Lavezzi get tired Messi was alone ).

    we didn t pay it against Netherlands but we pay it heavy in final with Germans.

    i mention all this ONLY for remind to real Argentina fans to be respectful to one player that give everything he had for our team.

    for people here that are more fans of their opinion than real Argentina fans NO COMMENT.
    i don t care to teach anything to anybody.

    • “Di maria score against France and wake our players to fight against France. yes we lose but i don t forget that till Di maria scores we was Mpape “bitches”.
      everyone s moral was bellow zero”

      At that moment I felt that my heart jumped and DIMARIA’s goal revived me. I was really broken until that goal.

  3. Few matter of concern for arg are use of le celso as forward in betis ,use of messi as midfielder (cam) in barca which forces him to get marked by 3-4 players ,lack of decent fullbacks ,left footed cb and most importantly a good dm
    These are the things that are worrying me
    Hope that lanzini returns so that we can use him as left winger

  4. A very important thing about Di Maria, he has never played well in the left winger role in 433. His best year was when he played as left central midfielder in Ancelotti’s 433 but don’t expect that happens again because he doesn’t have the fresh legs anymore with age. Otherwise he is more comfortable when the team plays with 4 attacking players(4231) when he played at Mourinho’s Real, Argentina NT in 2014 and now at PSG as he is definitely better in a supporting role than the leader role, that’s why he failed with Man United(leader in attack and left winger in 433). This thing Scaloni need to take into consideration before selecting him. If Scaloni take him then he got to play in 4231, most likely on the left because using Messi as right winger would have been a waste and in the middle, he will need a right foot, hardworking style right winger to let him cut inside. Lavezzi used to do that before, I think now Zaracho can do the job too, more talented and smarter. Besides it also means that you got to sacrifice either Paredes or Lo Celso.

    • 4 2 3 1 is best attacking/defensive formation
      Solid in the back, strong in the front, with double pivot in the middle,
      easily switching to 4 3 3 or 4 4 2.

      We have plenty of attacking midfielders to play behind the striker and make use of inverted wingers who can shoot at goal after cutting in. PURE wingers who’s job is just to run wide and provide crosses is not part of modern football.
      The good thing about inverted wingers is they can create havoc on LB and RB of the opponent and they can keep the play narrow and compact.

  5. Lanzini as attacking midfielder and Lo Celso as central midfielder is a perfect recipe for Messi and Aguero.
    Lo celso has incredibly improved recently in Betis.Now I have no doubt for Lo celso.

  6. Matías Vargas

    Easily one of the most entertaining players to watch in Argentina, Monito’s eye-catching performances, cutting in off the left wing, were rightly rewarded with a debut for Scaloni’s new look national team & more should follow

    From: golazoargentina

    • It’s so obvious, just surprised no club in Europe asking about him. I guess his style is ok with EPL or Liga. Maybe the most complete player on the left, can be left winger in a 433 or left midfielder in a 442, comfortable to play in reduced space but also capable of playing fast transition football in counter attack. If Hazard leaves, then Chelsea should sign this guy. Otherwise Arsenal and Man United could also be a good option because they don’t have a player like him.

      • Velez wanted to keep him for one season more. England is not best place for him. Better go to Italy where football is not that physical.

          • Godin11: brother you support w.ham ,go streight to the bathroom and wash you mouth out with soap for daring to suggesting go to the ars, he needs to come to Tottenham under the great poch and you sir know its true!!! 🙂

          • Pablo.d 😂😂
            To be honest it’s only my local team
            Mate not same passionate as
            I have Argentina let me tell you
            Something my friend back
            2014 when we lose final I was
            So heartbroken I didn’t watch
            Football till 2015 It took me good
            Six months to be normal
            I didn’t want anything about
            Football . But الحمد لله
            My Lord guided me to the straight path .I mean I know what my real purpose is in this world it’s bigger than to be a football fan . I’m living in peace . At same time i enjoy watching football.

  7. Lanzini should play ahead of Di maria.If we have Messi Aguero and Lanzini as forward then these three are have exceptionally good sense of game.Di maria is not that good.We need intellectuals in our forward line,some clever players.

  8. Lucky goal……NOT.
    Say it as it is without reservation:
    If that was another ‘YOUNG’ player who scored this goal and assisted in 2 goals last week against one of the big six everyone would be calling for him to be a starter in the NT and yet claim that CLUB PERFORMANCE IS NOT IMPORTANT

    • Ebo,

      golazo in fact
      but you know what this goal and that scored against France have in common? A lot of space and time he got while Di Maria is getting his chicken brain everytime when game is closed, tight and crowded.

      “If that was another ‘YOUNG’ player who scored this goal and assisted in 2 goals last week against one of the big six everyone would be calling for him to be a starter in the NT”

      Yes, because young is young. Young = hope that tomorrow will be better than yestereday. Yesterday gave not us any title with Di Maria so youngsters have priority.

      • Bro are you stupid or are u stupid di maria is our best lw right now. Oh my name is gonzalo and i looove Matias vargas. Has vargas played in Europe top five leagues um no
        Has vargas ever played outside argentina um no. You were so happy when meza got picked for world cup and did he attract any intreset or play good no and no

        • First please leave your second account and then write to me. One of old members who have not enough guts to post always under the same account. Why? Many failed bets on Di Maria in past?

          Meza?! So what Di Maria did on last WC? How far we went with him? Oh, I know, it’s just all Sampaoli blame.

          With period like Di Maria had in last 2 years in NT every other LF will be better.

          • Gonzalo/outlaw should give a chance in the NT, he is better than Di maria in the LW (lame Writting)… LOL
            always current performance should give priority, & national interest is bigger than personal choice

          • > So what Di Maria did on last WC?

            Nothing but score a goal. That’s all. We had a plethora of goals scored. We really didn’t need that goal. Anyone could have done it anyway. Lucky.

            > How far we went with him? Oh, I know, it’s just all Sampaoli blame.

            Ummmm, yeah. That’s dead obvious. One would have to blind or have the futbol knowledge of 3 year old to not acknowledge Sampas role in the chaos. It was largely Batshit crazies fault. Followed by poor and defense and mid which Sampa also impacted.

          • I’ve never denied Sampaoli’s responsibility for last WC. But only for last 2 years Di Maria performed under 3 several coaches. Did they all were so bad to explain why Di Maria is such a irritating player long time and least 2 years dysfunctional on most of games?

      • Gonzalo
        You are losing objectivity. Your hatred for some players and love for some other is coming in your way of being objective.

        You almost make it sound like its Dimaria’s fault that he got space and time. I doubt how many of our players will take the opportunity of time and space allowed.

        Bottomline is at this point Dimaria is playing great or at least in a great club form. Its just a fact. I do not see any other young or old player playing at his level currently.

        • “Bottomline is at this point Dimaria is playing great or at least in a great club form”

          As you see in my comments I’m nowhere denying his club form is showy. I just want to say to some people it’s not really worth make big hype of his club feats because history learned us there’s no straight translation between “Di Maria in club” and “Di Maria in NT”.

          Very likely on Copa he will kicking the ball everywhere except the right place. People will curse claiming “enough”, “enough”, “enough”. Still I’m not that stupid to say that will happen certainly. But this is really likely to happen. They forgot so easy the reactions after his WC and qualifiers performances. Don’t expect much from him. It’s obvious the generation had their peak 5 years ago, in Brazil.

          • I see your point, not necessarily agree totally 🙂

            I am in the same boat as you, where I feel that his club form is not going to translate into NT form. I know the problem. Its the coach/manager. Whenever he has been uncertain of his place he comes back kicking ass. He needs a coach to direct him. Be tough on him and almost micromanage. He has to know his place in NT is not certain. That was the problem in the past. He comes to NT as a star and gets no direction or plan and becomes a headless chicken. He plays good for PSG because his place is not guaranteed.

            On another point, I just do not see anyone better than him. Sorry, our pipeline of young stars is poor. He is in better physical condition and skills compared to anyone else right now.

          • “He has to know his place in NT is not certain. That was the problem in the past. He comes to NT as a star and gets no direction or plan and becomes a headless chicken. He plays good for PSG because his place is not guaranteed”.

            This is it. For the reason I’m protesting so loudly when people count him as one of 3 players that have guaranteed starting 11 place. For me (after his september NT games and entire 2018 worth best SA player award year) Pity Martinez is first to check before Copa. If he will not show something promising we may always back to Di Maria as starte. Still Cervi and De Paul are not our of the pool.

      • “Success”?

        Once again? How long you support Argentina NT? In his case club form has not much to do with NT performances. That’s not narrative. That are facts. Rule you can find following Di Maria for years is that he shines for his clubs but is nothing special (or just poor as was in Russia and qualifiers) on NT tournaments. You may back yet to 2011 Copa to confirm that. So I’m not that naive (as bunch of newcomers here) to trust him just because he scored few goals for PSG. Maybe he will prove me wrong and the rule I wrote above will not be valid anymore after Copa. But so far only naive one beardless youth may draw far-reaching conclusions of his club games.

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