Nice coach Patrick VIERA claims Walter BENITEZ should be in the Argentina team


Nice coach Patrick VIERA has stated that Walter BENITEZ should be in the Argentina team.

The France legend knows a thing or two about football. A World Cup and European Cup winner, the Nice coach knows talent when he sees it. VIERA, currently coaching Walter BENITEZ at Nice, has stated that he would like to see his goalkeeper in the Argentina team.

“I hope BENITEZ gets called up to the Argentina national team. For what he has shown since the start of the season, he deserves to be seen. The Argentina national team is a goal, a dream for him.”

Here is a clip of BENITEZ pulling off some incredible saves against the likes of MBAPPE, NEYMAR and more.


  1. Barcelona is now become Argentina part 2 and Suarez is as good as higuain and Dembele another headless chicken like dimaria

  2. March friendlies should be
    lo celso/paredes/banega/lanzini/di maria/pity/angel/joaquin


    This is the song west ham fans
    Made for lanzini. They love him
    Whole staduim started charting
    Onice they saw him warming up.

    • I’m not sure if it’s only me, but…
      I like Messi, he’s the best player in the world and it’s a privilege to watch him play,
      but at the same time I am not a fan of Barcelona at the moment.
      They are too Messi-dependent, sort of how Argentina were during the past couple of years, and are very boring to watch as a team.

      – Dembele annoys me for some reason. Thinks he’s the s*** even tho he hasn’t done anything yet LOL
      – Suarez is one of the most annoying players to watch. Always diving, arguing with the refs, etc. You can easily see why he’s one of the most hated players in the world.
      – Pique, another overrated as hell defender. If it wasn’t for Messi sparring his blushes, Barcelona would be a Europa League team.
      – Busquets, slow as hell. And I thought Mascherano was lazy.
      – Valverde, thinks he’s a tactical genius when he’s just another Scaloni.

      Messi should go to Man City, as I don’t see Barcelona winning the Champions League any time soon.
      He shouldn’t waste the rest of his career winning the Copa Del Rey.
      He should play for Man City, build his relationship with Aguero (speaking in footballing terms).

        • Today a Real Madrid fan said: this little guy must be practicing witchcraft! astonishing performance that makes ME really sad. HOW THE F…K WE HAVE THIS TALENT ON OUR SIDE AND WE DO NOTHING BUT DESTROY HIM?

          • Yh bro exactly I was thinking same
            Not only him same for kun and
            Banega for me ever Banega is
            Very underrated player f…
            Those Argentina managers
            Whom consistently been underused
            Kun aguero and ever Banega.
            It’s unforgivable

          • i dont think so, if Suarez (still world-class on paper) and Dembele (supreme talent) grow up to Messi, and Arthur will play so good than before his injury (maybe the most important Barca midfielder atm, the new Xavi in my eyes) Barca can win UCL easily, they were the biggest favourite last year too, only one disatrous match with Valverde’s coward tactic and sleeping Barca (they beat themselves), but he is much better coach than Luis Enrique tactically

      • This is what I’m talking about again and again. It may looks impressive when Barcelona is winninig 4:2 with Sevilla thanks to his 3 goals and one assist, it may looks normal. They still may beat most of the strong teams in the world (thanks to Messi genius) but when it comes to the strongest opponents they will fail because of the Messi dependency. This is the case of Argentina. We may beat Ecuador or even stronger opponents, with Messi goals and assists, and still most people will think everything is ok but at some moment we will fail as Messi-dependent team is much predictable and even teams like Peru or Iceland might stop us. In such situation Messi is just temporary palliative that cover weakness of team.

        Problem of our players is that they can’t act on the pitch as if there weren’t Messi. I should dribble, I should shoot… but wait! There’s Someone next to me who has priority to dribble or shoot. Every player needs find right balance between altruism and egoism while our players are always looking for him. We need something radical in mentality and team DNA to change. If not the result will be still same.

        • This is bullshit again, it seems only “Messi dependency” when the others (world class players) play below their standards or the others are much weaker players than Messi (with whom impossible to win something big), when this is not the case no “Messi-dependency” rather the most balanced team, Xavi-Iniesta-Messi, Neymar-Suarez-Messi, Messi dependancy?, if the others do shit its Messi dependacy? Freaking bad logic, where was Messi dependency on 12 WCQ? Nowhere because some players grew up to world class Messi plus good balanced tactics, then injuries happened, most important midfielder Gago injured, Aguero injured, Di Maria injured, and the replecements were much weaker players without difference making ability on the highest level and voila Messi-dependency is instantly there, but in these cases Barca and Argentina only hope is Messi-dependency (if the team is shit, without this zero chance to win anything).

          • In the last 5 years Real Madrid were the best team of the world with the strongest midfield (Casemiro-Kroos-Modric-Isco) (like Busquets-Xavi-Iniesta-Messi) but Barca still won the Primeras because of “Messi dependency”, without him this Barca would have won shit home. (they were a way weaker team than Real Madrid)

          • “when this is not the case no “Messi-dependency” rather the most balanced team”

            So take a look at game against Bosnia on 2014 WC. Gago, Higuain, Di Maria (Aguero was not always starter) were there and the game still was similar to game against Iceland in 2018 but with more luck. Only Messi made difference. That tean was not balanced entire tournament. Take a look at 2015/16 Copa finals. The teams were not balanced and look how Messi was monopolizing the games.

        • > We need something radical in mentality and team DNA to change.

          Completely agreed and that solution is hiring a competent manager. if a player is just standing there watching Messi do his magic, the coach should bench his ass or command him to be more supportive. Its solely on the coach to ensure chemistry and players are attacking and staying close for 1-2s.

          Btw, even during Messi recent haitus, our players stood around not supporting each other in attack. I saw the same lack of involvement garbage under Training Wheels Scaloni when Messi wasn’t even on the pitch.

          It’s up to the coach to fix the heart of the issue. Unfortunately, its up to Training Wheels…

  4. Why ansaldi not selected for national team?after zaballeta he is the perfect replacement but none of our coach select him….he is better than Mercado…I think saravia and ansaldi is perfect for our national team..and if ansaldi is select then we have double option from him because he offers both side of the game like right and left back.. he must be selected for our national team..

  5. @gonzalo @ebo: it’s not that I want them immediately , look some of you are right , that they are barely teenagers , so they don’t have lot of experience , but did Tagliafico used to play in Europe before he was called up to NT , NT is the biggest stage for Argentine ‘s to pull the European markets towards themselves. And yeah at least these players ( even is they not play ), should train with them , or be in the reserve team , or at least can make sub appearance ( if the scaloni wants).
    But personally , I really want de la Vega to get called up to the NT , this kid has maturity beyond his tender age, such a elegant player , he really reminds me of young Messi ( according to his style very of play).

    • De la Vega reminds me a bit of the Belgium guy debruyne who play for city ..those type of players are you usually rare to find .tall,physical and still very gifted technically
      I hope he go to Europe soon

    • There is a point in introducing young fresh blood in any NT, the way it works is like this:
      Players grow into the senior NT by moving up through the ranks, ONLY gifted players from the younger ranks will have the opportunity to be part of the senior team, and often they are 1 or 2 players. But many here want the senior team to consist of young players mostly and drop the experience factor. Yes that could be done if WE are willing to sacrifice 3 or 4 years of being competitive, but remember WE are Argentina, we cannot risk the coming COPA and risk not qualifying for WC2022 while we are reconstructing our NT from the scratch, look at Holland, they could not qualify for EUFA Euro 2016 or WC2018 because they dropped most of their senior players while they are one of the biggest powerhouses in Europe, 3 times WC runner ups WHO FAILED TO QUALIFY FOR 2 CONSECUTIVE MAJOR FIFA TOURNAMENTS. Who wants Argentina to be like that?

      Some might accuse others of being ‘big name followers’ or ‘stars fan club’, The truth of the matter is, most fans were Argentina fans before any player became a star and will always be Argentina fan long after they are gone. and will support the players of each generation equally, too.

        • Ebo
          I’m one of those want to see
          Fresh players and fresh ideas
          Regardless thier age.
          But i never say bring under 20
          That is bit of the top my friend
          Plus under 20 are our future stars
          Some will reach to the top some
          Will fail that is normal . But I’m
          Saying there re some good young
          Players in the local league who
          Will benefits playing for Nt
          What is wrong is: some of us
          Believes those who playing in europe are only the Good ones and deserve to play Nt that is pure ignorant .

        • Ebo, how dare you question “PROGRESSSSSSSS”????

          its hilarious. not only that but we have a bunch of mini Sampaolis lurking. They want to see a different face every game. No wonder these people defend BatShit Kamikaze Sampaoli as they are cut from the same cloth!

          We have a tournament in a few months but fuck it, let’s keep the musical chairs of players going. Way to solidify the team..cause you know “PROGRESSSSSS”.

          Ass backwards progress really.

    • After U-20 WC and Copa will be right time to try those best out of youth WC team. So far De La Vega, Gaich (Maroni – I really don’t think so) looks promising when it comes to senior team but for sure not before Copa. ATM they have their own may challange in Poland.

    • De La Vega and Gaich may be useful for now, we don’t have these 2 types of players currently in attack. De La Vega so fast with the ball and Gaich is a strong forward that can be the fixing point like Diego Costa and Giroud. But again, there are only 23 places and most of them are taken

  6. Looks like neither Velez, Talleres nor Defensa are the youngest teams in Superliga currently as 9 starting eleven players of Crespo’s Banfield are more or less young. Most importantly he came and Banfield looks better now. Yesterday away win over Colon.

    • Velez is my favourite team but the problem with them is
      1)a good no.9 striker, I mean they signed someone now so lets see.
      2) the most important problem; their defence, specifically the individualistic errors and senseless fouls committed by them. Four red cards in five matches is unacceptable. Velez should have been in 3rd place if not for these mistakes but now they are struggling for cl spot.

  7. Benitez should be considered as the 1st GK if we compare his playing time and performance against other GKs playing in Europe. Based on the players characteristics, my favorite defense will be Benitez-Saravia, Funes Mori, Otamendi, Lisandro Martinez. The backup will be Romero-Gomez, Foyth, Mussachio, Tagliafico

    • Lisandro Martinez could be another solution. I see in the past in many successful teams there was always 1 fullback who can play fullback and center back, like Thuram in 98, Abidal in 2006, Ramos with Spain in 2008/2010, Boateng in 2014 and Lucas Hernandez with France in 2018. I am quite big fan of this. It allows the team to switch to 352 or 343 when the team attacks.

  8. Benitez definitely deserves a call up for the upcoming friendlies, statistically he’s one of the best GK in europe right now and Argentina doesn’t exactly have alot of convenient options in the GK department.
    Rulli showed a hell of a lot of talent in the past but his inconsistency is frightening, one match he’s yashin and the next he’s Bartez.

  9. Lanzini played some minutes today. Hopefully he rediscovers his form and stays healthy. The best version of him would be a tremendous asset to the NT.

  10. Rulli is one of the worst and highly error pronens goal keeper i have ever seen. I followed Rulli in last 2 years almost 70% matches.he did a lot of mistake or single mistake almost every matches.he is too much error pronens. 2/3 good match is not enough for Rulli

  11. Rulli performing much better than Benitez this season, Farmer league performance shouldn’t be count Armani best season hype already cost us, Rulli is the talented and on of the top GK where Romero is experienced and trusted

  12. Lanzini should take fitness tip from Banega and Higuain.I see them never injured they play throughout the year.We need Ever Banega in our team desperately look at his awareness of game he knows what every player is doing in the pitch his assist vs Nigeria and France shows that

    • “Lanzini should take fitness tip from Banega and Higuain.I see them never injured they play throughout the year”

      I think rather tip from Aguero. His incredible health improvement is something worth of insight into.

      Anyway I don’t think we need Banega anymore.

      • Banega should be used, at least for now, as a plan B guy.

        What I mean is say the midfield, assuming its a 4-3-3, is Lo Celso-Paredes-Lanzini/Palacios.

        You bring on Banega around the 60″-70″ for say Palacios/Lanzini to bring control to the midfield if the game is hectic.

        His experience cannot be overlooked.

      • We do not need Banega so what we need Pavon ,Meza.Superliga players are worst for NT until they are gone to Europe.If they had been any good they would have been in Europe already.

        • It’s easy to show single (like Saravia who is local league) example that rebut your arrogant and ignorant statemant.

  13. I think we need a specialist, a true destroyer type of a defensive midfielder to protect the back four or three, particularly against strong teams. As much as I like Paredes, I don’t think defending, interceptions and tackles are his strongest traits.

    Only Caseres and Ascacibar come to mind. Possibly Marcone of Boca


    Begin as a 4-4-2, and when in Possession shift to a 3-4-3 midfield diamond, with a CF occupying the two CB’s, wingers occupying the fullbacks, and a midfield of 4 overrunning opposing midfield of 3.

    With Messi in the team, always at least two players will mark him, so that leaves even more space for the midfield to work.

    What do you guys think?

    • If you use Paredes, you got to have a more defensive player with him, could be a box to box(Khedira, Matuidi type) in 433 or a destroyer(Kante, Casemiro type) in 442. Lo Celso is more an attacking midfielder. I don’t see him as defensive or central midfielder(even though he was used in this position in PSG in the past). So I would try either Nico Dominguez or Almendra in this position. It could also be Lisandro Martinez or Foyth as well, I see qualities on those players as DM. On the left, in 442, could be either Lanzini, Lo Celso or Vargas. On the right, Di Maria, Zaracho or Angel Correa. I slightly prefer Zaracho because of his defensive contribution. The last thing is CB, we need a taller guy, a more stopper profile, so I would moe Lisandro to DM and use a Balerdi or Kannemann or Pezzella along with Ota. But yes I totally agree that 442 is the way to go, with Messi as half 9, 4 midfielders who can defend and create and fullbacks who can participate.

  15. For Copa 19 and Copa 20, I think we should use completely different squads
    In this year, I would continue using players in great forms – Arguero, Di Maria, Banega, even they can’t make 2022.

    In next year, I would use completely young and promising players – Lautaro, Vargas, Foyth, Gaich, Ascacibar, Caseres.

    During the 2022 WC Qualifiers, I will use a mix of young and experienced players.

  16. Viera is absolutely right. Certainly Benitez should be considered over Marchesin who is somehow in contention but Benitez is not. Gazzaniga and Benitez are two goalkeepers I would personally like to see given opportunities.

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