Juan MUSSO of Udinese to be called to the Argentina team


The Udinese goalkeeper will reportedly get called to the Argentina team.

Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI appears to be looking at a few goalkeepers which will be included in his squad selection for this month’s friendly matches. Per a report by TyC Sports, the AFA have already sent in the demand to Udinese to release the goalkeeper for the matches against Venezuela and Morocco.

The 24 year old came through the Racing Club youth system before playing for the senior team.


  1. Tagliafico’s perfomance is not that impressive. IMO a good LB must be fast and skillful enough both in attack and defense.

    I really like Brazil’s LB Marcelo or sorin type LB but tagliafico is just moderate .not too fast ,not too skilfull,. Actually i think Alexis Soto and lisandro Martinez are more skilfull than tagliafico.

  2. Juan musso is better than Rulli and GAZZANIGA. Don’t forget arsenal’s Damian Martinez .

    Juan musso and Damian Martinez are my favorite goalkeepers.

    • At Bayern youth team. Has broken all German youth records. Was supposed to be promoted to Bayern first team this season, but only objection from his amateur club Amazon Atletico to FIFA has prevented Bayern in doing so. Amazon Atletico are demanding 50 thousand USD, which Bayern are refusing to play.

  3. very good selection

    Musso is a starter for Udinese

    W.Benitez is also good enough

    Rulli is our priority always but his form is discontinuous (he must be sepected)

    Gazzaniga should also opt for a new club where he can start if not Lyoris leaves Spurs…

  4. Kavindrs, this is what our legend Juan Pablo Sorin said about Tagliafico: “Me gusta mucho como juega Tagliafico, me parece que es un tres a la antigua” – “I really like how Tagliafico plays, I think he is an old-fashioned number 3”.

  5. IN GK department Rulli, Musso should be given more opportunity even protao too after copa

  6. I like Musso selection, when best striker in the world Aguero not getting opportunity then the goal is 2022 for this player selection must be bellow 26-27year range so that Argentina can make strong and experienced squad in 2022

  7. some are saying that Tagliafico was excellent against Real Madrid but I did not see him anywhere throughout the game.It was Yadic and David Neres who were doing amaging in left wing area where Tagliafico should have shined.It makes me sad that we have to settle for him on that spot in NT.He can not score goal on his own it is either the ball somehow drops at his feet or in second play where he scores goals.He is complete average left back.

    • Since when a full back has to score on his own?
      if the ball lands on his feet, then he knows how to position himself and how to anticipate play.
      I am sure the coach was satisfied with his contribution in the match.
      Tagi is the best option available,

      in few years he might be considered ‘old guard’ and fans will be asking for his head if Argentina fails to win trophies 🙂

      • He did nothing against real Madrid Tagliafico was lucky that most of attacking from Real Madrid came through right wing side of Ajax.He is not good assist provider too.

        • “He did nothing against real Madrid Tagliafico was lucky that most of attacking from Real Madrid came through right wing ”

          in other words you saying that Tagi defended and covered his area well because usually a team attacks their opponent from the weakest flank. and Real Madrid tried to avoid his area because they could not exploit Ajax left back 🙂

          • I think Vincinur Jr was the reason Real Madrid attacked Right Flank of Ajax.Ratings may be deceptive they have given 2 to 5 ratings to Madrid players who got 57% possession and 20 shot,8 of which on goal

        • Nicolas Tagliafico 7 – Touted as Marcelo’s replacement at Real Madrid and impressed again as he has throughout this Champions League campaign.
          From Mirror Sports

          Nicolas Tagliafico – 8 – Did well up against Carvajal both defensively and in attack, proving once again why he is highly-sought after
          From Squawka

          Ajax: Onana (7), Mazraoui (8), De Ligt (9), Blind (8), Tagliafico (8), Van de Beek (8), Schone (8), De Jong (8), Ziyech (8), Tadic (10), Neres (7) per Skysports

    • i don’t know. Accepted story is that maxi cheated on her many times and only until after she was separated, she hooked up with Icardi. Also, nothing wrong with the tattoos as it was a symbol of his relationship that he has with this kids. Cant stand when people hold that aainst him. Maxi threw his marriage and kid life in the toilette the minute he decided to fuck around. With this said, the youtbers general point though is that Icardi, whether it’s his own fault or not, has been mixed up in drama.

    • Romero was missed badly in the last world cup but how long a power house nation like Argentina stick with a club team’s back up keeper, right?

  8. All I can say about this is the following: Scaloni knows the goalkeeper position is a major issue and is trying to remedy it. i just HOPE that he finds a permanent solution to this problem once and for all and for once we get lucky and thats that, other nations get lucky with their selections so why can’t ARGENTINA?!

  9. Hope Scaloni knows better than us. Musso, Benitez, Gazzaniga, Andrada…or Rulli..I don’t know who’s best for us.
    Like to have atleast an above average option. Romero was ok but almost no playing time for years..!
    Rulli good but somany errors.
    Benitez looks good but not very good.
    May be Musso has good improvement and somuch time ahead..!
    Gazzaniga has to get regular playing time.

    • Football is unique in the sense that stats don’t tell the whole story but never the less stats are important and according to stats Benitez is the 2nd best GK in europe’s top flight, hence from that angle he looks very, VERY GOOD! Give him a chance!
      Musso isn’t exceptional but he’s definitely solid considering the fact that he plays for a struggling team in a strong league and still does well on regular basis, definitely deserves a chance.
      Gazzaniga is quite good but doesn’t get regular football, still I wouldn’t mind seeing him called up again to boost his confidence even further. Regardless of what happens in copa, Gazza must leave Spurs next season and get regular football action because I think he can develop into a capable keeper.
      Andrade is ok and gets regular football so I won’t object to him being selected over Gazzaniga even if I think the latter is more talented.
      Romero has always shown up for the NT and has tons of experience but leaving him out might be good message for him to get off his butt and play some regular football for a change.
      Last but not least Rulli, well once upon a time he was pure class but now he’s unreliable and until he proves his consistency I don’t think he should be even in the discussion.

      • Very well analysis of the goalkeepers dilemma
        except this point :
        “Andrade is ok and gets regular football so I won’t object to him being selected over Gazzaniga even if I think the latter is more talented.”

        I think Gazza should be selected ahead of Andrada

      • Stats show Benitez is very good. But still, he has allowed 3 or more goals three times in his last 10 games against French teams…! Isn’t it a concern?

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