Guido RODRIGUEZ of Club America in Mexico to make Argentina team


Guido RODRIGUEZ will be called up to the Argentina national team.

The Mexican based midfielder will reportedly be included in Lionel SCALONI’s team for this month’s matches. The 24 year old was previously capped under Jorge SAMPAOLI, playing once in Argentina’s 1-0 victory against Brazil.

RODRIGUEZ, along with goalkeeper Juan MUSSO of Udinese are expected to be two of the surprise inclusions in the squad.


  1. This is getting a little out of hand… are we calling 23 players like everyone else in the World or are going to call 30+ players and water down the Argentine National Team?!

    …Because we are wasting valuable time before the Copa trying to find a compatible 11

  2. I don’t know how he’s doing now, but really impressed in that short appearance against Brazil. Yeah, it’s a long time ago and things have changed but his introduction along with some tactical tweaks(in that match) calmed things down and we were able to see that match through comfortably from there on till the end. Played tidy football; calm and composed- something of a Thiago Motta style. Always wondered why he didn’t get selected from there on. Perfectly understand why he didn’t play against Singapore, but after that I honestly don’t know why.

    • Agree with you mate
      I was scared tata martino will
      Steal from us for Mexico
      He is capable to be regular for the Nt.
      he is kinda similar to thiago motta .
      I don’t Know why he didn’t get call up
      After Brazil game more
      especially after world cup.

  3. Tagliafico is energetic but he is more interested in going forward and totally forget his main responsibility in defending. He leaves lot of spaces which players like Mbappe exploits to maximum end. Why don’t we make Tagliafico a left side defensive midfielder as he don’t need to track back all the way and also contribute more in build ups. Not a fan of Funes Mori but one impressive attribute in him is he covers his place and position and more defense minded. Like lot of people had great hope in Dybala. Unfortunately he’s distracted by so many things. Sometimes get a feel he don’t take things seriously. Icardi..if he’s really committed to Argentina..he should have tolerated all the things with Inter at least till end of copa America. If Angel Correa plays more as a team player he will be much helpful but sometimes he seems missing that mentality. Our goal keeper and defensive midfielders may decide the outcome more than Messi..

    • Agreed on Tagliafico’s positioning.

      It seems like a 3-5-2 lineup would suit him well, playing as a left wing back, that has the cover of a 3 man cb defense.

  4. I think Ivan marcone and Guido Rodriguez both should be tried for NT as scaloni wants a proper DM who can defend well just like battaglia….we hv ascasicbar who is a tackler or energetic type DM and then we hv paredes we all know how he is…so I think in these 2 friendlies scaloni should solve this DM problem….
    Going into the tournament like copa America a coach must know his best 11 from the very first match IMO

  5. If true, Scaloni is still experimenting. The upside is that many overlooked players still have a chance to make Copa. The downside is that there is still no team, no patterns and little time for the team to gel, know and understand each other, test best tactics, train dead ball situations etc.

    IMHO, not a good sign for upcoming Copa.

  6. Who the hell is this guy? Jaja
    Never have heard of him in my life!

    People criticize Ligue 1, Superliga, Primeira Liga, MLS, etc, but not Liga MX?

    We should call the BEST, not just some random guy in a random league who is having a decent season!
    Salah had a decent season, and now he’s s*** again. Mourinho was right about him jaja.
    We don’t need guys like that!
    Consistency is key!

    • “Who the hell is this guy? Jaja
      Never have heard of him in my life!”

      And you’ve been supporting Argentina for years, right? Lol

      Go back to Sampa’s first game vs Brazil.

    • not too much choice in DM . Battaglia sufferEd injuries. Ascacibar is not that impressive this season. Ivan marcone is moderate i think.

      Perhaps Tomas belmonte ,Santiago COLOMBATTO are pretty decent .or even Juan foyth can be a solution but those players are very young . So number 5 must be paredes then we must select a substitute. Guido Rodriguez deserves a place in NT. Just let scaloni try something

    • Dontbethatguy

      this is why I say arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand. If you don’t know him would be better for you keep silence.

  7. Looks like a very solid and powerful player, quite comfortable with the ball. Always a pleasure to discover new player. He seems to be a more central defensive box to box, we need that kind of profile. Besides he looks stong in the air and could be a great added value as most of our players not so tall.

        • Amazing mascherano himself
          Said he should have gone after
          2014 final .
          Why re you not believing Argentina
          Are more than capable to replace
          Any player before we have champions and has been replaced.

          • Huh? I said “prime masche” not current masche. I understand he’s done now.

            Also, its not a matter of “believing” or doubting. Who right now has proven they are equivalent to 2014 masche? I dont care about fantasies or “what ifs” who do we have right now that is equal to prime masche?

            I personally don’t think we have one right now. It doesn’t mean there isn’t potential, I’m just highlighting today’s reality, that’s all.

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